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Man On Cruise Finds Dog On Deserted Island and Rescues Her | The Dodo

  • Published on: 2018-08-06
  • when she came running down the beach and all I could see was a skeletal form there's absolutely no way I was going to step away from this moment and not helpless BrewDog there is nothing anywhere this is a middle of the Amazon jungle basically it's this island is created when Amazon drops so when the water comes up again a probably doesn't even exist I do believe she was abandoned there today realizing I was looking across the water there was something something was moving it just wasn't right we got some food for her out of the freezer we're quite far away from civilization my moment Isis right this dog is not staying on the streets for more minute we are taking her back you ready to greet them ready for your dinner ready here we come in Kerala [Music] I'm lying in my pocket I never publicly [Music] I'd gone to bed and I heard the engines of the boat and we walked on the beach at this point and I was confused thinking what's happening here so I jumped up and as the book was now in the middle of the river I'm the greeted with the book got quite far before I got the owner of the boat I finally got him out of his bed I just said tough people back for this dog we have to after she got lost and I realized that I was quite annoyed and upset I thought you know that's that's obviously a bond there [Music] I managed at to one of the main city on the river and that one menu speak in person and the whole place told her the story the boat Negrita and she says ok then I will look after her until you take her home and I assumed it would be a few weeks and then five months later first day I saw her only that I used to had this slice in her ear I didn't recognize her as the same dog I was so excited her whole body was wiring and everything and I knew that was the moment that's where she felt that she was a bum sometimes I'm sitting there and I and I do look at her and I go can't believe she's from now Mazon and then I have a little memory of being on the book she absolutely was in a place where she could never recover and I just couldn't have that happen people bring back souvenirs I've brought back a living breathing dog [Music] [Music]
  • Runtime: 03:17
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  • The Dodo

    To help David and Negrita support more shelters, you can supply Play For Strays with an item from their Amazon Wishlist: https://thedo.do/plays. Follow them on Facebook for updates on their travels: https://www.facebook.com/PlayforStrays/.

  • Freya-Elli

    Wow hope those people bad luck for the rest of their life for dumping the dog out of boat

  • Natasza Dream

    Omg the passengers are monsters !! God bless u the man who saved her

  • Le Sarah

    just imagine how many abandoned dogs out there could not be saved...😥

  • Emily Adelia Whittle

    She’s so beautiful! This man is an animal saviour. Also, she seems like such a sweet dog, why would they leave her behind?

  • Lunar Prism

    I can't stand people that would do these kinds of things... I always find myself losing more and more respect for island countries and parts of asia.. These things always seem to happen there(Yes, Ik this was in South America, and I feel the same way about there too)

  • Mike Sands

    You Sir, are a scholar and a gentleman, may God bless you for all eternity. Please give Negrita a hug for me tonight.

  • Loving Asia

    I didn't cry! .... I really didn't...... idind't ok........ nnnoooo!!!!!! poor dog!!! but I'm very happy that she found her new family. ♥

  • GG GG

    after all they went thru Negrita and David bond will be unbreakable i bet that

  • aj jones

    Man on a cruise...you are an angel a saint a hero.💙💙💙💙💙

  • Aseya Soytan

    What a babe!! Love people like this 😭😭👏🏼

  • Ngablack2257

    The thousand people who disliked this video have no soul

  • ira2581

    Anyone know the breed? Thanks in advance!

  • Goga

    My dog look like this dog

  • Miyu Miyu

    . . . Darn if i saw that i'd be like A RAKE!!! and i'd probably run. . . nah i'd save it, rake or not lol.

  • fun gamer games

    That dog is so so lucky I feel really bad for what happened to her

  • Ian Macdonald

    “And I couldn’t just let that happen.” You’re a Hero Hearted man.

  • iCursedGTS Gamer

    1:35 The guy in the car was edited (Green screen) why? We all can see that the bushes behind the car didn't moving.

  • Phantom_Ninja

    my parents would not take the with us but maybe my brother i would take her back and would try to sneak her on bored if my parents said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • TheFallsCapone

    Hes from my neck of the woods , Good old northern irish man , best men on the planet ...

  • Nellie


  • Brad Thompson

    Was this dog sent to the UK? How long was she locked away in a quarantine center before being released? Rabies laws are too strict to just allow inbound pets free rein.

  • Darlene Lovre

    Thank You Sir What A REAL MAN. And to the people who wanted to leave the dog behind, are you really serious omg how could you be so cruel !!!!!!!

  • hop Scotch

    fck those people who originally left the dog and those assholes who tried to leave her behind again

  • Felecity knaak

    Poor girl I couldn’t imagine being left alone on that island I’m so glad you found her! She could have died and omg I hate the people who left the dog there again like 1. Who raised you 2.get a life 3.get a heart No offense?????

  • nunya bisnass

    Not even aggressive though she's literally starving. That's a true keeper.

  • Kgblast

    I’m the original owner, damn I fucked up. Anyway I can have it back?

  • no name

    Same happened to me in Brazil. I found my negrita the same way and brought to the US with me

  • AirFouly

    So cringy when animal owners get called mom and dad. It's so pathetic

  • Aida Dominguez

    God Bless you. You save her life and we can see how's her progress. God have mercy to those who abandoned her in that dessert island.

  • Cynthia Anderson

    awwwwwwww so sweet bless his heart💕💖💓❤️💗❣️❣️💟💝💞

  • Alexis Hamel

    Okay but why is no one talking about the guy who kept her for 5 months????

  • Albina Verbani

    First of All God bless to you! U are a person what this world need!

  • Olivia and baylee Sings or plays

    The disgusting people, who wanted to leave that amazing creature behind , are absolutely revolting i hope that when they got home they weren't happy for what they did cuz if i was on a boat with a dog i would just cuddle it as i habe a dog myself and i love her so much!

  • Jayanth Prasad

    may God bless u and ur family with health and wealth sir.hats off to you

  • Richard Aponte

    That's what we REAL HUMANS do!! Her name should be "AMAZONIA"..just a thought..

  • Ricardo Clarke

    I would personally kill the fucka who left the dog in the first place , and leave there body's in the sun to dry up

  • Good Bih

    Coolest story of how someone got their dog

  • Ollie Morgan

    The cunts who trying to leave her behind again I hope they get deserted on an island with no food or water

  • Nikolas Douglas

    These comments are so predictable hypocritical and like half of y'all are sitting there eating their $1 chicken nuggets and complaining about animal cruelty. Grow up. People in the Amazon have bigger worries than one of the stray dogs dying. Besides dogs don't belong there anyway, they're a problem for both, people and environment.

  • Brown Family

    Bless your heart. Sometimes I love and appreciate animals more cause humans can be so cruel to abandon animals so thank u and bless you

  • chris dillon

    save a homeless person, starving child, not a disease ridden dog. priorities are so fucking wrong

  • lifegoezon Obliedee

    He probably did the resue for another purpose. Sounds like a machismo type. They need those reminders and accolades....not ever comfortable just knowing it themselves.

  • Nehfarius

    Those other passengers that tried to leave Negrita behind again...why would they DO such a monstrous, barbaric thing? Here's this sweet, friendly, malnourished dog, and they just toss her back out?! What the hell is wrong with those people?!

  • Kayla Ortega 101

    I would’ve saved her, cared for her, give her my food, give her water, bond with her❤️😭 I’m literally crying 😭give this man around of applause 👏 ❤️😭 for saying this dog, I have a pure heart, and when I see someone suffering, I help❤️😭 yes I’m only 11 but when I’m older I’m gonna be just like this ❤️❤️😭😭 *wiping* *my* *tears* ❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️