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Pet Sematary (2019)- Official Trailer- Paramount Pictures


  • Nisha Shirodkar

    That Zelda bitch from original movie scared me to death ... still can't rewatch any scene of her ...

  • 1979timdog

    I've always wondered why Stephen King spelled cemetery wrong.

  • gary spencer

    I usually hate ramakes, but that 89 version was so-so-so lame (compare to the book) that i'm waiting this with open arms.

  • jay double u

    The kids with the pagan masks is a creepy touch. Was that in the book?- I never read it.

  • Jason Gmann

    All i ask is if the kids still gets hit by truck. Please dont show that... Lol. For some reason i still cant stomach watching fake movie kids die. But oh well if ya do. Great movies and will all ways be a fan!

  • Yan Aram

    I think that no remake can overcome the 1989 versión.

  • Blaze Gaming

    I may not have seen the new one yet but i bet you it is gonna suck nothing compares to old stephen king movies/Novels

  • Komal Sandhu

    I found Cat acting more scary and up to to the mark👍👍

  • Aaron Nantz

    This new one does look good but it wont beat out the original I'm still looking forward to it just not looking forward to seeing gage die again.

  • Tara Raynal

    That jason guy, perfect for any movie role. I think i'll check this one out

  • Rushikesh Shendge

    I saw old part classics part 1 and 2 that was better than this.and how can people stay this much of lonely places.and with our family ,kids.its dangerous.man should think about her family safety than stay with landscapes.its safer to stay with community not alone in a jungle especially when you have family.how stupidity is that.

  • Ramy Hanna

    Stop remaking movies. No originality. This movie is a waste of time

  • Полина Соцкова

    O no! I'm afraid of rereading the book, and now this movie. I hope, I will be able to avoid the sleepless nights.

  • Puja Damayani

    Hmm, So this is different from 1989 version? Well, Stephen King is back!

  • Angelina Vang

    Don’t you ever think that Stephan king with that imagination should at least be watch at?🤔 cause I don’t think a normal person has those kind of things in their head everyday

  • Jack W.

    WTF!!! whats going on with the animal masks???? come one Hollywood,,, just STOP THAT SHIT!!!! I love SK books and movies, but COME ONE!!!! this is so frustrating.

  • Michael Lambert

    Why are there so many remakes of classic movies out there?! The originals are always superior and remakes, well......suck! 😂😂😂😂

  • Jun Antipala

    Napanood ko un dating petcemetery nun elemntary p lng ako.. hehehe

  • marian el

    I just wana see the zombie mom mack out the dad at the end again👻🐧🐧🐧🐧😈

  • cynicalskunk8

    One of my favorite books. I do like the loon calls in the trailer.

  • Un Sinn Kim

    I doubt that the Zelda character in this version will look even half as horrifying as the on in the old version.

  • Chris L.

    This trailers. No longer work people. A change of style is way overdue.

  • Sweet & Hot

    all hollywood does is steal otger peoples great stories and destroy them.ENOUGH REMAKES AND REBOOTS ALREADY!COME UP WITH YOUR OWN SHIT!

  • Heather Cartwright

    I watch and read anything Stephen King. Some were horrible and some were really good. This looks like it could be really good. So I actually can’t wait to see this.

  • Grace Yoon

    My favorite CLASSIC horror film I hope they did justice

  • zavali7

    Leprechaun Return, It 2, Pet Samatery. I am happy, very wait 2019 years.

  • Daman Malone

    Why does it feel like Hollywood is saying "Hi movie lovers, we just fucked another one for ya......you're welcome"

  • mudgiemo

    OMG! I used to read Stephen's books before I went to bed. Pet Cemetary put a stop to that immediately. Daylight reading only now. This movie looks great and I love the cast.

  • nick levy

    Just red the whole script. What a load of shit. Ellie dies instead of gage and it totally sucks. Hope the script was fake or summin

  • BLoooDYSaBBaTH

    please use ramones song as soundtrack as it was in original.

  • Aisha FLOWERS

    It’s the age of remakes, just stick to the books and the original, just like Carrie, you can’t digitalise mood and tension, I like the fact that in older movies you don’t see al the gore but can experience the tension much more

  • Trit ian

    I hope they pretend that 'pet sematary two' ever exsisted.... and I really hope they get this readaptation of the novel RIGHT this time... the first one sucked and was so far away from the source...

  • SupremeDream _

    Scary movies haven’t been scary lately... I watched the possession of Hannah grace and that movie was ass I hope Stephen Kong can come through and make scary movies good again 💯

  • lämpthefollowing

    Hopefully they'll add Gage's lines from when he was talking to Jud in this one when he came back from the dead

  • Peppermint Pattie

    It doesn’t look as good as the original. I wonder who is going to play Zelda? She was always so creepy to me.

  • Helena Dan

    Уже бы одно то, что там так носятся грузовики, меня напрягло бы. Особенно с детьми!

  • Presten S. Papel

    Awesome. Definitely King’s most horrifying novel. Hopefully this movie version doesn’t suck like the first one did

  • Crow

    Looks bland and boring with same type of obvious cliches you find in most horror, It feels a little stupid if you ask me.

  • TheKnightDrag0n

    I dunno man tbh this looks like a generic jumpscare movie, if they are making a remake it need to me as good as the IT remake, that was a very good movie.

  • BlUeSpIdeRmAn00

    Lot of hate going on, the 2017 version if IT was really good so you should at least give this one a chance

  • Zach The Celtics Guy

    1:54 that animal noise is CREEPY af and gives me chills down my spine. This is why I freaking love Stephen King! His movies are amazing and gives me that spine chilling feeling. I love it. One word to describe that man: Talent.

  • John Little

    "METEOR SHIT"! .. Oops never mind, wrong King flick..

  • John Little

    Betcha King doesn't make a cameo appearance in this version...Timmy Baterman might though. I miss ole Boneyard Baterman. I wonder if he's still smoking?

  • C

    1:39 is where gage slashes up Judd and eats his throats

  • Latte Cat

    I hope the Wendigo is actually mentioned in this one or at least we get to hear its noises. That's some scary shit in the book! Also I don't want to see Gage die. It'll be gorier than the first, like Georgie in IT.

  • 2stepkilla

    Such a classic horror movie. Should've been left alone as is .l don't feel good about this .

  • Ken Wisdom

    I can never take this seriously cuz of Jenna marbles

  • Emg Emg

    i dislike with a passion all violent horror movies everyone one of them if I miss out on one I miss out it ain't worth it to go through HELL agian in my life from a omen even pet cemetery I'm done with it all yeah movies aren't life itself but it's based off of them and it if someone mentioned anything to me or mentiones anything to me I'm gonna say no I don't think so sorry Charlie those things may be for u but half the things I used to like I refuse to like anyone's it's not good for me I realise that now I shouldn'tve payed any attion to anybody or anything in any lifetimes or movies that were on tv at the time life is nothing but a big gigantic curse on my life and well being to this very day most people can take it all I can only pay attention or get outta so much then I gotta call it quits I have to sorry to any future people out there who like that kinda stuff but I have no choice but to stay away from anything that's bad or gives bad evil intentions off of life or towrds I shoulda long ago but sometimes comes down to either resist it or whatever is think about the long runs of life itself in the end what it'll make believe is true fact or make u fear or be terrified rest of ur natral born life itself it does come to that but what if it's inescapable and it attracts u or u to it what do u do avoid it would be the obvious answer

  • Johnny Campanella

    Nothing will be better than the original. The Zelda scene literally scared me so bad as a kid and I was TERRIFIED of getting Meningitis. Literally the same year I saw this, my uncle was in contact with a suspected meningitis diseased person, he was a Police Officer, and we had to be quarantined in his house until they knew for sure this girl he was in contact with didn’t have it. Let’s just say I had my first panic attack at age 11 and almost puked I was so scared. Thankfully, it was a false alarm.

  • RussRedCloud

    I bet Stephen King would’ve been a serial killer if his parents hadn’t bought him a typewriter

  • Milles Renquest

    Why ? Why do shitty remake of a great movie...... Why ? Stupid...... Very very stupid...

  • Marian Grata

    I've read the book. The first movie was so amazing and stayed very true to the book even with a few minor elements changed. I have no idea what they are doing with this movie and I am not happy with this at all. THE GROUND IS SOUR!

  • Sebastián !

    Pennywise was here And he’s jealous about Pet Sementary

  • suhijo

    0:21 just by that I know it's going to sucks

  • Grif Games N Stuff

    They need to at least keep the og song from the Ramones. Don't remake the song too. Lol

  • 3k 3k

    I just hope this remake will give justice to the this classic movie. I could still remember watching it with my siblings and cousins when we were younger.

  • Zoom Justin

    Pascow looked better in the original. I am not racist at all but the original fits his look better in my eyes. Only my opinion

  • rob

    Why is the America full of negative nancies . It’s like the grown men are women and the women are well you know ...

  • mrnaughtycat

    I hope that trucker gets killed in the movie in the origanal he dint and should ave

  • Fábio Takahashi

    Tem que colocar alguma música dos Ramones. É clássico que será remetido ao filme dos anos 80.

  • Amanda Delabrue

    Sweet Stephen. Corruptin the new generation just like he did ours. Stephen King is the King of horror! Bow bitches.

  • Hannah Koufos

    Guys, I hate to say it, but I'm seeing a lot of "truck goes by" jump scares in our future.

  • The Wrong Melon Farmer

    Remakes are like the premise of Pet Cemetery. Leave the old and buried alone. That being said they can have my money because I will watch this...Long love the S. King!

  • Little Raspberry

    They should have done a prequel instead of a remake. The prequel could have focused on the Native Americans using the cemetary.

  • Beverly nocluze

    Absolutely loved the first Pet Sematary by Steven King. I am looking forward to seeing this one as soon as it comes into theaters.

  • Juanita Foreman

    Some remakes are stupid and don't make any sense. The old fashioned versions are better then the new versions like the remake of Carrie how lame !

  • jeff plays Mobile

    My favorite movie no fair no fair I hope its good because I give the original 10 stars still watching it in 2018

  • Winston Smith

    yet another unorigional film. hollywood has run out of ideas. i guess, thats what pedophilia does to the brain.

  • Nat Lopez

    Don't venture into the comments. It's full of poison