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Pet Sematary (2019)- Official Trailer- Paramount Pictures


  • Clay3613

    Shot for shot remake of the original with terrible color-grading. No reason for this to exist!

  • Cutman3030

    old John Lithgow sounds SO much like Kurt Russel

  • Mark D

    Hmph. I want to be hopeful, but a man's heart is stonier, and you keep what you buy. With some of those shots at the end, I'm not buying this yet.

  • Wylie Coyote

    Before ANYone criticizes the casting choice of Lithgow, I strongly encourage you to watch Raising Cain (1992).

  • Jacob Serna

    Why remake this? Would it kill someone to make something new? Or just leave good movies alone.

  • DeathmetalIndian

    Here goes Hollywood making a great movie a shitty jumpscare garbage fest. Boooooooooo

  • Jen Jett’s channel

    Wtf?! A remake of the classic original..... NO WAY! This looks utterly terrible. Nothing can replace the original pet semetary of 1989.

  • G Jones

    Boooooo... this looks TERRIBLE. No ZELDA???!?! That was the freaking best part(s). Scared me so seriously bad, for YEARS. I was terrorized by my own bedroom, thinking that bitch was hiding in the corner, about to go "Raaaaachel?!?!" Secondly: Judd Crandell (who was played by the dude who played Herman Munster in the first one) HAS to have that Maine drawl/ accent. Another part that's terribly missing. C'mon, guys... How lame!!!

  • atomicbrain1

    There's just no replacing Fred Gwynne. I love his line with that touch of New England accent, "Sometimes, dead is better."

  • Edward Alvis

    Definitely should have ended the trailer with Gage saying "I want to play with you."

  • Merrin Guthrie

    So happy they’re re making this! I thought the original was too cheesy.

  • dangus

    Sematary... why is it spelled like this?

  • Lotisha Somersall

    Soo they really gone remake the movie and act like its knew 🙄wtf my grandparents have these things on them square big blak things that dont even zhow nomore

  • Rocky Curiel

    Man they better do as good or better than the original, the original was the best

  • Salty Sea Of Tears

    For fuck's sake. Another fucking remake? Really? Is it really so that Hollywood can't produce new stories? Nobody needed this remake. Hollywood is really killing itself with this bullshit.

  • Nick C

    The only Stephen King book I ever read, pumped for this

  • acesmitty

    Cool. Maybe in 2030 they can remake it again. Then in 2040 they can remake it again. Then in 2050 they can remake it again. Then in 2050 they can remake it again. Then in 2060 they can remake it again. Then in 2070 they can remake it again. Then in 2080 they can remake it again. Then in 2090 they can remake it again. And maybe sometime around 2100 someone will have an original idea?

  • Melvin Hunt

    Can't anybody come up with a movie that's not a Remake?????

  • Hunter Lamont

    I'm excited that another King classic is being remastered, but it sounds like the guy playing Jud does not have a Maine accent??? I think Lithgow is good but from this trailer the accent doesn't sound right. Assuming the setting is still in middle of nowhere Maine..

  • peglc legg

    As much as I love the original, I will watch this one too. Of course I'll be making comparisons in my head but when it comes to remakes, don't we all? lol

  • Rachel Chiusano

    Recently watched the original again, and it was not really worth the 3.99 on Netflix. The book was one of the scariest stories I read. The remake of IT, was surprisingly well done, so if they did the same for this, it will be good. The fact that it was an Indian burial ground was one of the most interesting things in the story, though, so if they changed that, I think it’s a huge mistake.

  • IThe AuthorityI

    For those complaining about that truck, speeding trucks actually are a part of original story. Or at least, they were told that speeding trucks frequently drove their road.

  • jane jan

    Hollywood died and got buried behind the pet cemetary. These old movies keep coming back, but they're not the same...

  • Frozen Yogurt

    Lol well at least it wont take much of an effort to do better than the version from the 80's. The book is pretty good, though.

  • Young Papi

    You old heads are mad annoying, how the fuck can you ruin a classic? If this flops it won’t change the original, y’all are supposed to be older but y’all are really fucking delusional & stupid.😂

  • J Fernandez

    I just hope they don’t come up with some crap not even near the original but for what we already see in this thriller i really got no confidence first of all those kids with halloween masks were not in the the 1989 movie second the house in the 1989 is way diferent you can see an open road clearly theres trees all over the place in this one and jud crandall house is in front didn’t see that. Also to take it to the twilight zone a “black guy” in the hospital were was that in the original also “the kids used to challenge each other to walk in the woods at nights myth” ohh come on. I hope they at least introduce the timmy baterman story in it. :im sory: maybe the black guy was black panther after his movie my bad.

  • MonaG

    Seen this movie at a drive in theater when I was a kid.... completely messed me up. I would not walk by the bed to get in. I had to run and jump. I didn’t want my heel cut! 🤭 lmbo

  • Travis Allen

    STOP REMAKING MOVIES... Make some original content... Holy balls, people!

  • Jamiepr3 Z

    Get real--You can only do the Horus and Set story so many times. It's clear that Hollywood is a sinking ship.

  • MR. S

    Sometimes dead is better.

  • Patty L

    We'll see how it is..don't think it can beat the first.

  • Sean Manogue

    If the Ramones are not doing the theme for the movie again, I DON'T CARE!

  • Ya Girl Kaya

    And yet R.L Stine still has nothing on him🤷🏽‍♀️👏🏾😂

  • Kevan Hudson

    I was 5 years old when I saw this. Scared me for a whole year

  • Louie Fillet

    YAAAAWN... So glad Hollywood has so many fresh, new, original stories to tell.

  • blfz70

    If I may have your attention for just a few seconds. This is not a remake. I repeat, it's NOT a remake. You don't remake a movie based on other source material, i.e., a book. Now, carry on with your lives.

  • O I T N B

    I have such high hopes for this movie. Please be as good as the classic. 😤

  • Nick Florest

    I just hope they keep the scene with the rat in the bathtub

  • Mr.Anomaly

    Was thinking this might be worth a quick look until I saw the kids in dog masks playing a snare in the woods. The fuck? This "creepy kids in masks" thing seems to be a big seller in critic reviews of the trailer too and to me it looks like some cliche stupid shit. Why can't it just be simple. These people always have to try and raise the bar or whatever and they end up ruining something that, in its simplicity was it great in its effectiveness. Now we have some "ooooh haunted mask wearing children in the woods...or a child cult oooooh..." cliche.

  • MsButterFlySting80

    Uh huh. It better be time worthy. Has no one at that studio thought that the Maine accent was a character alone in both the written word & film?

  • Foreigner

    I can't stand that actor. He's ugly af. Who is he? He's everywhere and yet I don't know his name.

  • GH 5580

    I'm thinking they're going to ruin the true terror Zelda brought to the original movie by making her character CGI in this remake. Having a real actor come from being crouched in a corner and then suddenly run at the camera still haunts me.

  • Christopher Hanna

    i want to see Firestarter not as a remake but set after the original as drew is an adult with the power. Where she has a kid with the same power she does

  • Ez Fuz

    They better not screw this up

  • Automaticstop1

    They always seem to overcomplicate remakes. Haven't seen it yet of course. But I bet my bottom dollar this too will suck.

  • James Smith, The Quiet Hiker

    This looks awful. The first PET SEMATARY book was not a great adaptation of the novel, but it wasn't bad. There is nothing in this trailer that would entice me to see this film.

  • Alex Dunham

    Pls come up with new movies and stop remaking films thank you

  • Kirsten Richards

    Yawn...yet another lazy un needed remake from dead hollyweird.Long has it been since their writers had an original idea in their heads.

  • Joshua

    Fuck Hollywood and Stephen King they ruined this country with their race baiting and other agendas

  • Lea-Anne

    Can't anyone in Hollywood come up with an original idea anymore..or at least make a film of a book that HASN'T already been done. I mean come on there must be some fucked up minds out there that could make a decent original horror!

  • Pillows Animations

    As a really huge Stephen King fan and a big fan of the book Pet Sematary I gotta day you have me intrigued

  • Agent Smith

    Again, one more proof that movie industry has gone to shit and they have no more ideas to make something new but reaching for old classics and making remakes which, btw, are not that good...

  • henry dboys88

    They fixing ruin a classic no way you can compare this one to the original

  • Richie Alvarado

    the book was good, the original movie is good, this looks like complete garbage

  • Anon Mouse

    Doesn’t Hollyweird have an original idea left? Sometimes the original is best left alone.

  • Frank Davis

    OMG can these imbetards come up with uh let's say originality in Hollywierd!

  • Matt Kelly

    Typical “sometimes dead is better”. I dunno about this film. It’s hard for me to get into horror films lately with all the copy’s and actually just “scare tactics” producers use. I find them corny.

  • Adam Cole

    I don’t think this is necessary. But I’ll still see it. Hopefully the sister, Zelda, is in it. That was truly scary

  • Desaraye Johnson

    I'm sorry I am not sold. This is Just my opinion but this trailer is exactly how a horror movie can go completely wrong quick, just a bunch of random shocking images tied together, one note characters and jump scares everywhere. as silly as the original pet sematary was at times at least they were creative. they took there time with the characters to make them likable. it was memorable and they didn't dump a hole bunch of shocking images together. The remake for IT Is probably one Stephan kings better remakes because it was smart. they took time with the characters and It wasn't stuffed with a whole bunch of crap just to shock the audience (can't wait for the sequel). I'll keep an open mind for this but from what I see here there's nothing that draws to this movie at all.

  • Oju1 Haulcy

    I still can’t believe there hasn’t been a remake of THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS!!! One of my all time favorite horror movies along with PET SEMATARY!!