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N.C. officials provide updates on Hurricane Florence


  • Khadijah Khadijah


  • Sewan & Sawen Creations

    I grew up in north Koreolina...they poison their own constituents, put all that toxic material they say their storing into the food and water so that north koreolinians get sick...then, they built all these medical research laboratories there to continue the experiments on the unsuspecting public...I had to flee north Koreolina because they let children flyndrones with sonic microwave weapons attached to them to give people cancer. North Koreolina has a very potent stainmaker

  • Louie J

    Dont disrespect the sign lady you bunch of devils

  • 44GlenCoCo

    Lol I'm fluent in sign and I'm an interpreter and it is so touching to see all of the people fascinated with the sign language! I encourage everyone to get involved in the deaf community and deaf culture!

  • papa. mozet

    The US is a fascist state. The US is a terrorist state. The US is the number one criminal in the World. There will be a real new Nurnberg Tribunal-II for the United States. By the level of lies, the usa surpassed its teacher, Goebbels. Lying, lying, lying and lying to usa citizens and citizens of the World is the reality of usa behavior. The United States destroyed the national population of the Indians, destroyed millions of citizens of Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine - this is genocide. The usa is a genocide of the population on the Planet. US crimes against humanity will be investigated, the verdict for the United States will be announced. The country of paranoia will commit suicide.

  • David amar

    You idiots this is not about the sign language lady it’s about the hurricane!

  • iant sorry

    Hurricane Florence please hit the bible belt

  • Daily Cheesy Facts

    Here is the truth, there is water, it’s a groundbreaking discovery I know,

  • Fry Lock

    *BREAKING NEWS* 500 US gangs gather in Albuquerque, New Mexico to figure what gang this woman is apart of.

  • 5’6 Tyler1

    Lol the storm can suck my dick I’m in the zone bitches!

  • Brian OBrien

    How many deaf people do you know. I know none but one handed me a note and wanted money and when he walked of I yell hey ! He was deaf ....


    SS guy: Mr president the storm’s causing a lot of trouble “ President Trump: “offer the same deal as Daniels “

  • Joj

    Bruh those waterbending moves she made caused Florence....

  • Jonathan Melena

    Came to see if the interpreter was actually using ASL and not just random hand movements.

  • Dj- Quadra

    It can’t only be me who was lost in her hands🤨🤔

  • Kevin Anderson

    this is the beginning of the judgment of you white devil's you wicked nation of people did all this wickedness in the earth to black people now the hand of the most high is coming down on you wicked race of people an it only gonna get worst for you devil's until all you devils go into slavery to serve black people like they served you, I beg the most high send more hurricanes to north an south Carolina an drown all those racist badtards

  • Nick B

    Is anyone fact checking this sign language lady

  • Bass fishing training

    I hope any kids that dies because there parents wouldn't leave the dangerous storm will be charged with man slaughter you offered free bus ride free bed free food

  • Adriana Barron

    Yo, I live right outside of Winston Salem. Not important but....

  • Fusion GPS Integrity

    Hurricane was downgraded, its like when they said Hillary would win by a landslide lol

  • CiaraxxxCira

    I low key came for the sign language lady! But I hope and pray that these people are okay! 😂👍🏾

  • Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel

    Prayers for these people. The Lord Yeshua is arriving soon, friends! The Lord loves you! The Word says that God so loved the world, He gave us His Only Begotten Son Yeshua, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16 paraphrased) The Lord is FOR us! Not against us! This is why He came down from heaven to die in our place on the cross, and assured us of our redemption when He arose again the 3rd day! I pray you all accept this Wonderful Gift from God today! All you need is faith as a mustard seed and sincere words from your heart. The Lord will hear you, forgive you, make you new, deliver you from your sins and from the judgement headed to this earth. For all those that call upon the Name of The Lord shall be saved! (Romans 10:13)

  • Andrew Adricatico

    Blame it on trump Washington post That’s what this bullshit news is for lol

  • Tec 2000

    I don’t trust a sign language interpreter anymore

  • Parampeet Singh

    99% of the comments are about the sign language lady 1% is other comments

  • 14freckles14

    I hope I can be as good of a interpreter as her one day :0

  • Temi Christine

    Is this sign language translator real or fake this time? 😂😂

  • Jj Mench

    Storm is FAKE NEWS! Words of wisdom from the Orange clown Trump.

  • Truth Hurts

    everyone was warned to evacuate and those that didn't evacuate if you die then you die you had it coming cuz you were giving fair warning and for you to stay and expect other people to risk their life to save yours you're a piece of s*** f*** you!!!

  • TheScopeo

    I clicked for interest and stayed for sign language

  • Walla Ned

    Thank god this Sign language interpreter is the real deal!!! Unlike that African American con artist

  • Ha HaHa

    America provides war so God provides hurricanes. No good deed goes unpunished, right?

  • Shelly Mazur

    Dear Carolinas, Please don’t take this storm lightly. I know you see us Floridians party and joke in the face of every storm that comes our way, but keep in mind we have been doing this for a long time. Also keep in mind that we are protected by the spirit of Florida Man that you hear about in the news so often. Only a person possessed by Florida Man can drink a kid, shoot at the storm in an attempt to scare it away, pass out in the yard and sleep through the storm safely. So please do not attempt to act in a mass as we do. God Speed. - Florida

  • Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans. In the words of The Joker from (The Dark Knight) ""Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can’t savor all the… little emotions...you see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are. So in a way, I know your friends better than you ever did. Would you like to know which of them were cowards?" ~ The Joker🤡 TERRANCE OUT

  • Toxix Bob

    Bruh she doing "Giant Hurricane summoning jutsu".... smh

  • T Mox

    Stop calling her a “sign lady”. Are Spanish interpreters “spanish lady” (sic)? Give us the respect we’ve earned. We are interpreters and ASL is a real language with a rich culture.

  • MrShelbyGTman

    Here's a thought... how about not denying climate change and refusing to prepare your coastline for rising sea levels and hurricane activity?

  • Elena Peeters

    Transfer display prohibit likely likely current insurance sell cabin Russian certain.

  • Stella Maris

    A tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center, a closed low-level atmospheric circulation, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain. Depending on its location and strength, a tropical cyclone is referred to by different names, including hurricane, typhoon, tropical storm, cyclonic storm, tropical depression, and simply cyclone. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone that occurs in the Atlantic Ocean and northeastern Pacific Ocean, and a typhoon occurs in the northwestern Pacific Ocean; while in the south Pacific or Indian Ocean, comparable storms are referred to simply as "tropical cyclones" or "severe cyclonic storms". "Tropical" refers to the geographical origin of these systems, which form almost exclusively over tropical seas. "Cyclone" refers to their winds moving in a circle, whirling round their central clear eye, with their winds blowing counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. The opposite direction of circulation is due to the Coriolis effect. Tropical cyclones typically form over large bodies of relatively warm water. They derive their energy through the evaporation of water from the ocean surface, which ultimately recondenses into clouds and rain when moist air rises and cools to saturation. This energy source differs from that of mid-latitude cyclonic storms, such as nor'easters and European windstorms, which are fueled primarily by horizontal temperature contrasts. Tropical cyclones are typically between 100 and 2,000 km (62 and 1,243 mi) in diameter. The strong rotating winds of a tropical cyclone are a result of the conservation of angular momentum imparted by the Earth's rotation as air flows inwards toward the axis of rotation. As a result, they rarely form within 5° of the equator. Tropical cyclones are almost unknown in the South Atlantic due to a consistently strong wind shear and a weak Intertropical Convergence Zone. Also, the African easterly jet and areas of atmospheric instability which give rise to cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, along with the Asian monsoon and Western Pacific Warm Pool, are features of the Northern Hemisphere and Australia. Coastal regions are particularly vulnerable to the impact of a tropical cyclone, compared to inland regions. The primary energy source for these storms is warm ocean waters, therefore these forms are typically strongest when over or near water, and weaken quite rapidly over land. Coastal damage may be caused by strong winds and rain, high waves (due to winds), storm surges (due to severe pressure changes), and the potential of spawning tornadoes. Tropical cyclones also draw in air from a large area—which can be a vast area for the most severe cyclones—and concentrate the precipitation of the water content in that air (made up from atmospheric moisture and moisture evaporated from water) into a much smaller area. This continual replacement of moisture-bearing air by new moisture-bearing air after its moisture has fallen as rain, may cause extremely heavy rain and river flooding up to 40 kilometres (25 mi) from the coastline, far beyond the amount of water that the local atmosphere holds at any one time. Though their effects on human populations are often devastating, tropical cyclones can relieve drought conditions. They also carry heat energy away from the tropics and transport it toward temperate latitudes, which may play an important role in modulating regional and global climate.

  • Old Chingu

    Wow. Sign language lady took the show. If only one person sees this it will make my day. I am a Korean American Rapper from Baltimore, MD currently focusing on music and my faith. Yes I'm very aware that people make these comments every day, but I honestly believe that you'll be excited to have found me. I'm a new artist and my monthly listeners are expanding. If just ONE PERSON could give this a thumbs up, you'll be much closer to helping me share my passion and art with those that need to hear it. I promise I actually make pretty good music and you'll be mad surprised. All I need is one chance (3 min). I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Wasif Rahman

    sassy sign lady is my new favorite person on the internet

  • Thac Mac

    And I am here to read comments about the sign language lady 😂 😂 😂

  • Ka

    The signer gets my attention ALL the freaking time!

  • Hemant Deshpande

    In the Florence Hurricane I just watched a new movie called The sign language lady & Youtube comments.

  • T A

    Sign lady should run for President:)! (Yep me too...i learned nothing about hurricane as ive been fascinated with the sign lady’s face expressions) interesting sign for ‘ocean surge’ and ‘rainfall’

  • David Lerosh

    I was so focused on them hands where I missed what they said for like half the video

  • Humfredo Browm

    They lady doing the sign language, is lit🔥🔥🔥she listening to tiger you can get a taste yeah ye yeah

  • J Bro

    sign language lady is so hot. damn!

  • NightCrizion

    I always thought the lady making hand signals were making fun of the person speaking but realized a few years ago that it was sign language

  • Everett Rowlett jr

    Hey? Some of you. You don't need make fun of an Interpreter for deaf community

  • jnucleo

    What did that guy say- I was watching the sign lady the whole time.

  • Prince Lara

    The sign langauage lady is hypnotizing me. 😵😶

  • Puck Fussy

    *Looks at sign language lady* Oh so what's good then? Square up ! 😤💪🏼

  • In it for the long haul long haul

    I have taken some of the best footage of this storm, unbelievable. Talk about dismal situation. Going to need help cleaning this one up. A little messy.

  • Au Tara

    Karma from red wave is coming to you,

  • Xiomara Santiago

    Heavenly father I ask you to protect us all let there be no such strong beg of you in Jesus name I ask you to make it disappear I strongly believe in you have faith in you in Jesus name Amen