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Ravens vs. Bengals Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2018

  • Published on: 2018-09-14
  • fumbled a moment ago and was saved by his teammate and they have an issue there here's a pic that's an issue out of the hand of plac going into the rookies arms Jesse Bates and an early take away for the Bengals defense on first down little shoulder fake endzone you know picked off no bounds and it was close during the break they overturned the call no surprise and so second down for Cincinnati with a ball at the 1613 linebackers CJ Moseley just got taken off in a car trouble looking at his left knee they want to get a better look inside they said his return is questionable the leap over Tyler Boyd on that previous third down throw the first time Cincinnati had the ball and so the three-time Pro boy who get looked at big toss Dalton to his right end zone touchdown AJ Green on 3rd down and 7 Flacco income close to Crabtree covered by Kirkpatrick [Applause] play-action donkey dumps it off to the tight end and that's you Zama CJ you Zama who primarily was in there to block last week good for 29 [Applause] third down and two here's a blitz pass says caught quick catch AJ Green footrace his second of the game touchdown Bengals the wasa he's going to come on the Blitz and then AJ Green gets the inside release and when you open up the middle of the field like that if you're able to set up and outside the Bengals come with a blitz Ravens break down and down as Flacco Atkins was in there got expect to see some of that here real soon make the handoff good protection wide up as Boyd inside the 35 a defensive front and we started season creases another one for Mixon what a move and just tripped up by Avon young [Applause] good protection panel says put a touchdown guess who number three agent green third down here third and 15 Flacco unloads down the middle pass is caught somehow by John Brown 45 yards in a first down well as two deep safeties hardy Nickerson trying to run one of the ball hung in the air and Jesse Bates who's got unbelievable range he just gets the snap keeps it and takes it down to the eighth Marty morning wake within that system with Lamar Jackson in the office they're down here and Zell pass is broken up put a flag Andrews the rookie tight end the target and dark Wes Denard plowed into him pass interference number 21 defense first down at the one-yard line really don't think they needed to call that so a first down from the 1 here's buck Allen trying to get into the end zone and he does touchdown Ravens and the second of the year for Alan Baltimore's on the board here in the second quarter out of my thanks free play pastor boy great adjustment in the catch [Applause] and to mix in another first down for the Bengals and a flag at the end he drafted the four to speed gap ankles have converted their last five third down boy it is having a great have to first and goal a second ago boy touchdown Bengals was awfully good so he's now you're back there's first down Flacco over the middle I bet pacifist caught and Snead takes it down inside the 45 the former New Orleans Saints third down and four blitz again Ravens picking up back throw and off the hands of Crabtree and incomplete you'll go try that throw incomplete and the Bengals takeover blitz off the edge dalton throws in the pass incomplete with three timeouts down the field for brown contact and a pet and now the ball comes down out of the arms of Dre Kirkpatrick who can't believe when he's going to be thinking about that all night so got second down from the 19 Pass is caught by Collins as Collins gets a nice block and makes a couple of nice moves out across the 40 and a timeout taken by John Harbaugh side a Flacco on first down two timeouts left Pass is caught Crabtree he takes it into Cincinnati territory three times over the course of his Jeep general manager ship black [Applause] and flag in a pass interference call pass interference number 27 defense courts down at the one-yard line black goes in trouble finds his man for the touchdown and that's Andrews and what a time for Mark Andrews no rookie with 8 seconds left in the half all those dunlap off the edge and Flacco immediately has to dodge him and thank goodness a little differently certainly than what Buffalo did Bengals still without the rookie Billy price at center nice toss to Joe Mixon but a flag is down holding number 62 offense 10-yard penalty still second down [Applause] first play from scrimmage the second half for that's the tight end max Williams they try to utilize those guys and they've got a few of 4-foot play-action pass throw again from Flacco for the tight end Boyle he was open and Flacco threw it behind him stunt up front this one's batted down at the line is a weapon start in the slot they hand to mix it and the play is made by the rookie again Kinney yarn risk coverage on AG green at the top dog looks to his left up for grabs and nearly hits one second and seven play action from flacco drops it off to Collins and breaks two tackles Collins is out of bounds out across the 45 curtain two play-action pass broken up buck Allen was the target [Applause] pass is caught locality and what the stretch we'll see where they put it looks to be short it's Cincinnati ball and a number of guys have to exit this ballgame second down and one and Bernards got first down inside the 40 to the 39 just outside field goal range in the moment passes incomplete and a bigot on Hyper's most of this game second down at before Flacco bangs it and finds his man the tight end Boyle a lot of traffic around Joe Flacco and Boyle is on the receiving end of a 17 yard pass approach in midfield was second down and five black L protection breaks down again he finds a receiver and puck allen able to get up and get a first down the action again Flacco hit as he let it go not the brats impact intercepted by Shawn Williams laughter that Colonel [Applause] second and 11 is quite good protection and the throw off the hands of Tyler Boyd who was wide open it's fourth down motion fake it to him throw it too high for Nick Coyle who was wide open [Applause] to the sideline and their catch by brown for the first down and yet is when they had Brett Favre and that they didn't like that either here's one of the sideline Crabtree with a diving catch of beauty Flacco rolling right he will take it and slide for the first down burden less than one they give it to the up back who was the tight end Williams and big 87 max Williams why they went out signed two times this year Oh slings it passes caught inside the 20 by buck Allen second and 14 to the end zone pass is caught for the touchdown John Brown great coverage by Drake announcer outstanding coverage and where the ball is relative who is armed his arms right in the middle of it backing up as he throws at its tip but a flag is thrown where the flag came in joy I'm not sure holding number 25 defense five-yard penalty automatic first down Hazama good move and a big tight end rumbles across the 50 for 13 yards in another first day vixen bounces back tries the other side first down and more big one Jill Mixon [Applause] Nexen again and he swallowed up in the backfield record who plays defensive end caught there's Ross and lost spins down just inside the ten [Applause] you're dry drill blitz flak go out to his right gets hit ball is hell Bengals have it knocked out by Shawn Williams -3 tonight drills it from 40 and the lead is back to 11 Smith for the first down catch but that will do it and for the second straight week Cincinnati wins a game 34:23
  • Runtime: 13:35
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  • NFL Coholnite

    When AJ has the same amount of touchdowns in one half that Julio has all last year 😆🤭

  • Tre H

    I dont see how you can blame this loss on the defense when the offense kept turning the ball over at the 50 or closer toward our own end zone. They were going up against a very tough offense and gave our guys a chance to come back but flacco and the offensive line didnt play well enough! Gotta do better.

  • xterryxbogardx

    I love the comments of the paper fans. The ravens have lost one game and yall talking trash

  • Jean Pierre Castro

    This is just the beginning of the end of John Harbugh and Joe Flacco. The team will lose the next three games, and it will end up 1-4. The team will fail to make the playoffs again, and major changes will be make...

  • Jake Dapper

    Two terrible pass interference calls that put the ravens at the 1 defiantly because they didn’t want Thursday night football to be a blowout

  • nicholas paino

    Yeah that's cool and all but the Panthers are going to get the W this weekend because they know the Earth is flat ya dig

  • Joe Batimore

    jimmy smith is the reason Marlon Humphries got scored on 3 times

  • Joe Batimore

    too Bengals fans man we got 2 Superbowl wins yall havent even won a playoff game since 1990

  • Farias

    Subscribe to my channel I make soccer training videos and games. Help grow staff and reciprocate 👍

  • Trepp

    Used to love this sport until it got so political and spoiled players just disregard The United States Of America's flag. Now,I don't support the NFL,I encourage others to follow!

  • StormrReaper

    would love to see Andy Dalton win a ring he's a great qb if cincinnati wants to get rid of him the jets would happily take him xD

  • yehezkiel hutagalung

    OMG flaco drunk as hell.. Many times many times. Who the heck was the guys he wanted to throw to????

  • Carbon 7

    Should i add John Brown or Antonio Callaway off the waiver this week


    "It's a jungle out here!" #whodey https://youtu.be/DELTaV6npZg

  • 2Face Nay

    Omg how do you lose to the bengals, throw my whole team away.. 🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Andre Howard

    The messed up thing is I'm from Cincinnati from Cincinnati but I'm a Saints fan Saints fan and I have to say Bengals look a lot different than they have ever been in the last 5 to 7 years you can't hate on the team improving you just can't they really made Baltimore look like a regular teen I mean they put up 21 points on Baltimore in the first quarter damn near like Anna points that Baltimore dig it Bengals game and it's like the referees with all the flags and all they let Baltimore come back it was the referees they let Baltimore come back let's be honest Bengals cut out of blue Baltimore out bye 21 points or more for real and I'm not a Cincinnati fan I'm a Saints fan saw all Baltimore fans remember that the referees let y'all come back in this game to make it close Bengals could have blue y'all out by 21 points or more I mean I don't even think by the way it's looking y'all not beat the Browns

  • Joel Session

    offense was trash and defense was trash special teams pretty good joe flacco is joe flacco and we will do better nextime... I hope.

  • Ziggmanster

    >tf when the Bengals are tied for first in the entire NFL

  • Nobody Nobody2

    that holding call against Boyd.....the Bengals got lucky there. Boyd didn't really even hold him...just barely. Even if he didnt I doubt it would of been caught. I think the refs made a bad call there.

  • Maria Clayborne

    Roses are red voilits are blue Bengals are good how good are you i don't have a clue

  • Preston Mcalhany

    I love my Bengals, but I know this ain't about to happen in playoff season

  • yee boiii

    What happened to the invincible Ravens? After beating up on the Bills and saying how you guys belonged in the playoffs instead of them, well Cincy surely calmed your horses down. Oh and uh...go Buckeyes!

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  • Collin Cummings

    The Ravens could have won this game. They made too many mistake on offense and defense. It shows how the defense hurts a bit with the absence of Jimmy Smith and CJ Mosley. Joe Flacco need to quit being so anxious and John and the coaching staff needs to call better plays. Go, Ravens!

  • Raul Martinez

    Really Joe? Second strait week someone was going to win back to back.

  • Who Dey News

    The pass is... caught by guess who number 3 aj green no I think hes 18

  • ArlinMema Gaming

    Idk why lamar jackson was not put in hes such a beast and flacco made so many mistakes


    What happened to Thursday night color rush Uniforms

  • Jean Leimkuhler

    Bengles look good. They are a tough team with a good quarterback

  • Hamza 505ta

    Senior quarterback Joe Flacco very good quarterback he Cost them the game if you’re not sure do not throw the ball

  • Creamy Vision

    Yo that ravens half back was a beast but didn’t get the ball much...he was running through people

  • fizzle mygrizzle

    Why is it that the refs always seem to be making critical penalty calls in favor of the losing team? It's almost as if someone is telling them to try and make the games closer than they actually should be for good ratings...who would do such a thing???

  • msdogooder

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  • Rolands

    anyone else hearing a ringing sound?????

  • Jody Powell

    The owners woke up because he took a knee during the national anthem!!! Good and gone.

  • Jon Hauirae

    5:28 when you realised you were not the greatest quarterback in the NFL

  • Edwin Garcia

    Bengals starting 2-0 and people out here talking about how they're playoff contenders but that road schedule is gonna say other wise

  • help

    Welp time for Lamar to step up. Lamar > flaco

  • MrScott3060

    Did anyone kneel?? I wont watch any NFL until all Kneelers are cut or fired.

  • Shaung1231

    Is Buck Allen droppable or worth holding..I have Collins.

  • Christopher white

    Mark Andrews will be the Ravens best tight end Hayden hurst is already injury prone

  • Karl Golden Jr

    From what I saw Bengals played fantastic. This is a complete team and they should be able to win in the Playoffs!

  • CD-i Link

    Flaco is officially the best quarterback in the NFL.

  • Mighty Minxx

    Still mind blowing that people consider flaco and elite qb

  • Gus McWilliams

    6:21. Why? why have crabtree working inside with 4 seconds on the clock. Get outside or get across the field. at least give the guy a chance to get out of bounds

  • Black And Gold

    If I said it once I said it a trillion times Joe Flacco is a disaster

  • zipzies

    i think the best time in my generations NFL was when Ray Lewis was getting to his point to retire because we had such great players now we don’t have anyone but like Joe Flacco

  • Wicker Billy

    "Norm MacDonald has a show" on Netflix and Bengals fans are pillow biters!

  • Roscoe  Green

    Looking at Flacco as this is what 22 million a year gets you...refund