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iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr!

  • Published on: 2018-09-13
  • this is it this is the iPhone 10's max this is in the beautiful gold version and holding this up next to my previous version of the iPhone 10 you guys can see the size is so much bigger and the color is it's the most perfect gold color that I could have ever asked for at the beginning I was like I really want a nice rose gold and this is it and I can't wait to go see the watch too but you guys can see the size difference here it is I mean is displayed so good just getting back to my hotel from the Apple event if you guys watched it online I'm sure you already know everything that was announced but today I want to go through some of the highlights last year was the first event they'd ever held at the Steve Jobs theater when they launched the iPhone 10 and this was the second year thank you I appreciate it guys he just called me the mother of YouTube this is exciting little doesn't know I'm probably the grandmother at this point it is such a beautiful theater it really does embody everything that Apple represents it's just so incredible to see in person so as soon as I got there I ran into a bunch of my youtuber friends so it's always great to see them with these events these techy youtubers as a movie hardest working people on this platform the best part about this is Marc has brought his entire iMac I thought you were joking I had to so it takes a long time to render these videos and what better way to speed that up then a little extra horsepower anyway let's go briefly through some of the highlights they announced three new phones today there's the iPhone 10s the iPhone 10s Macs and the iPhone 10 are the iPhone 10 art comes in six different colors and it was really surprised at how vibrant these colors were some of the leaks and the rumors that we had seen they were kind of like these dog down colors but when you see these in person and if you can see here you're some b-roll that I shot of them in they're really really beautiful if I had to pick I would probably go for the coral one the 10r isn't going to be available immediately if those will be available later in October so what's great is a starting price for these are 749 will come in a 64 128 and 256 gig model now why this phone is less expensive than the 10s and the tennis max is because first of all the screen is LCD not OLED like the 10s and 10's max and the band around it is aluminum instead of stainless steel the 10 are also only has one camera as opposed to two like the 10s and 10's max but it still has the capability to give you portrait mode photos front and back now while the 10r is pretty awesome a great price point to this 10s and 10's max Wow this phone looks so good in the new gold color it is the gold that I have always wanted one of the things I feel like in the past they've called their phones gold they've called them rose gold they've either been not gold enough or too pink but this color so it actually matched this is a row gold bracelet that I have and this gold almost matches that gold perfectly so the 10s comes in two sizes like I said there's the tennis the tennis max the 10s max is a 6.5 inch OLED and the S just regular no max I wish they would have called it mini maybe there will be a 10s mini it'll be even smaller sidetracked 10s five point eight inch OLED HD are super Retina displays these things look super crisp but one of the things I thought was interesting even just holding up the 10 R and the 10s max the LCD display in the 10 are still looks really really good so this is gonna make it really difficult for people to decide of which phone and do I want because the 10 are still has so many capabilities that you're going to want but yet that price point is just so good because the 10s and 10's max are a little bit more expensive and by a little bit I mean a lot because if you want to be 512 maxed out 10s max maxed out oh gosh mm-hmm the 512 configuration is 1449 I just had to look at it just to make sure that's a lot obviously most people are probably not going to need the 512 gigs of storage I make a lot of youtube videos I transfer so much footage onto my phone I do a lot of editing I do a lot of things on my phone and I haven't even filled up this phone yet let's just double check and see how much storage I actually have left I've only used 96 gigs of my 256 gigs used which is kind of crazy because I do put a lot of stuff on my phone so that's kind of shocking that leads me to believe that most people are not going to need a 512 giggle because the 256 will run you at 12:49 and the base model 64 is $10.99 if you opt for just the 10s which is the smaller version that starts at 999 the 256 is 11:49 and the 512 is 1349 these come in three colors the gold the silver and the space grace so both the silver and the Space Gray look almost identical to the previous versions of the ten but this gold I just can't stress enough how beautiful it is it is such a great color I'm also extremely excited because the gold matches the new gold Apple watch too if you decide to do nice matching combo they finally match because this white I mean it sort of does but this is like a mirrored finish whereas this is kind of not as reflective but these golds match perfectly much like the iPhone 10 it also has dual cameras both of the back cameras are 12 megapixel whereas the front in 7 megapixels but you can now shoot 1080 60 frames a second on your front facing camera which is really really cool one of my favorite camera features is this adjustable aperture so what that means is you can adjust the background blur after you take a photo as you can see in this little demo you can turn it up turn it down so depending upon your creative choice you don't have to worry about if the photo is perfect when you took it you can adjust things afterwards adds a new age fold Bionic chip which means processes will be much much faster they say that you can open apps 30% faster than the 2017 iPhones I love this photo that they kept using for the demos we saw this so many times throughout this entire event normally most of the photos that you take like this like something is not gonna be right either the background is gonna be completely blown out because it's super bright or you're gonna completely lose your subject because it's gonna be way too contrasted I'm just wondering how many takes did it take them to get this shot either way it's incredible and I cannot wait to get my hands on this thing to be able to really test out the photos they also showed some really fun video demos and the bike ones specifically they showed in the event I got to see it on the actual phone that video was shot on the iPhone and it also records stereos so as the bikes were kind of like cruising past the stereo on the iPhone actually picked that up they also announced dual sim support this is gonna be kind of interesting for people that travel especially if you travel a lot internationally they're gonna have an e sim and then a regular sim card so I'm not a hundred percent sure how that is all going to work but that is something that I think if you do travel a lot it's gonna be something that you're definitely gonna want it's now water-resistant up to two meters and for 30 minutes so that now gives an IP 68 water-resistant rating they also mentioned that it has been tested against other types of liquids not just clean water but like salt water they mentioned beer and I think they might have said coffee I'm not sure but I know I've definitely tested out my iPhone pet and coffee and you know what it's it's fine it's still here this is the only foam that I have never shattered out of all of the phones that I've ever owned this iPhone 10 has made it and it actually looks really good although I have a very small little chip just got this two days ago when we were flying drones I had set the controller down and it just kind of just took a little slip and it hit around it's so so small but I can't believe that that is the only small piece of damage that I have done to this phone so considering this is the only iPhone that I've never shattered this is really great news because the new iPhone is even more durable they said that the glass on the front and the back is more resistant than the previous version I still can't stop thinking about how excited I am to try out some of the new video features because all of the video that they shot and showed in the demo looked incredible they showed a bunch of slides about how the smart HDR works because of the faster processor they're able to take more photos in such a short amount of time so they're able to pull out the highlights the lowlights the shadows everything that you would want in a photo and kind of merge it all into one and then magically a beautiful perfect photo appears and I'll tell you what there's so many times that my sister and I will go out to shoot some photos or video and we have expensive lenses and cameras and half the time I'm like just take them just take a picture on your phone just take it on the phone it adds up just looking better and it's instant we haven't even talked about the Apple watch yet series 4 was announced today and I'll tell you what I am so excited for watching was 5 I have yet to try the beta but one of the things that I'm most excited about other than the walkie talkie feature is that you can now track yoga and hiking and those are pretty much two of my favorite fitness activities and I've never actually been able to accurately track those before but now we can I never realized before that the edges of this Apple watch are square I mean obviously I realized it but I didn't realize how prominent it was until holding it next to the new Apple watch they now increase the screen size they have rounded edges that go so much closer to the watch face and 40 millimeters and you guys can see them besides differences pretty significant and it definitely feel much heavier than the previous version so here is my ceramic 38 millimeter and up next to here it looks so good so if you have small wrists I definitely wouldn't recommend getting the bigger version it is well actually it looks incredible but I think that the smaller one might fit better I am also left-handed that's why I put my watch on the other hand [Music] they said the overall surface space of the Apple watch is smaller but yet the size is a little tall a little bit wider but it's thinner and it's also great news because you can still use all of the previous versions of Apple watch bands so you won't have to upgrade unless you're like me it went from the 42 millimeter the 38 and then you had to get all new watch bands they also have some new Apple watch faces they have water fire they have liquid metal they also have some new breathing sequences so if you are a fan of the breathing app they have watch faces now to match they also have these really advanced complications too so if you want to add more data which it's super overwhelming when you first look at it but I feel like this is probably the watch face that I would want to set up if I wanted to have all of the information that I could ever possibly need it's there it now has haptic feedback in the digital crown so if you're scrolling through photos or whatever it is that you're scrolling through it'll be giving you the appropriate haptic feedback as you turn the dial another highlight for me on the new Apple watch is the new heart rate monitoring features before they would tell you if your heart rate was too high but they also have something now that will tell you if your heart rate is too low it will also look for irregular heart rhythms so if there is some sort of thing going on that you can't really see your Apple watch will see it before you will even know about it the digital crown will also be able to give you an ECG reading so using the ECG app you just place your finger right here on the crown and you hold it for 30 seconds this will be one of the first times that an ECG device will be available to consumers just over the counter usually I feel like that's something that doctors will have to prescribe to you or it's super expensive it'll then take that data send it to your phone you can then email send it to your doctors text message it to your friends whatever it is that you want to do with it you will have that information another feature that ended up just being thick most craziest memes all over Twitter but this is fall detection so the Apple watch will now be able to detect if you've had a fall and if you don't report back and say that you're ok with in a minute and your watch is completely still it'll then contact your emergency contacts and will call for help so I think that's something that's really important and yeah I know a lot of people are making jokes about it but I think for elderly people even for me who knows I'm always hiking and doing crazy things and I find myself in situations where yeah it could be potentially dangerous and I just feel like this watch has already saved so many people's lives alerting them of when they potentially are having a heart attack but this is just something else that is seemingly a very small thing but I feel like after this is implemented and people start wearing this and using it and actually having to unfortunately put it to the test I think that it will save lives or at least prevent some serious injuries so that's something that I'm excited to test out I'm actually a really good fake caller is that is that a talent a skill definitely is because I used to trip and fall in high school all the time and I would get in so much trouble I didn't get in trouble at first but then they realized that I was doing it over and over again and not hurting myself and it just turned into a whole joke that's a whole nother story I'm really good at falling although I'm a lot older now so I probably will hurt myself at least I'll know if I have an injury I could tell my watch yes I need help they also moved the speaker in the microphone to opposite sides on the Apple watch so the microphone is now placed by the digital crown and the speaker is on the opposite side and the speakers are now 50% louder another highlight which is not really that big of a highlight but for me it is the home pod will now finally get an update and you'll be able to add multiple timers I know I'm sure with that is just a few highlights here from the Apple event I had such a great time and I hope that you guys enjoyed this video I'm sure a bunch of my friends will also have amazing Apple content out very very soon as you guys know it's Apple season it's gaming season there's gonna be so much fun stuff coming out and I look forward to checking it out with you you guys haven't already subscribed to my channel make sure you do so by hitting subscribe and be sure to hit the bell looks like this and you'll be notified when I good videos you can also follow me everywhere else on social as iJustine and definitely leave me some comments because I really love hearing from you guys and I love hearing what you actually think of the events which phones are you gonna get which color is your favorite which advil watch do you like which phone do you have currently are you not an Apple fan do you have an Android all of these questions you can answer below I'll see you guys later bye we're now inside the Steve Jobs theater it is such a beautiful theater it's so crazy because no one can really figure out how is this thing standing finally what is up I just think that's a lot for Dubai [Music]
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