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  • Published on: 2018-08-05
  • ba-ba-ba-ba-bom censored please that's a cat butthole did you want to move so we can film ern no you say there you good can you move would you consider moving thank you hey guys what's up welcome to my channel today's video is going to be my cat's pic my makeup now I saw youtubers using a lot of their animals mostly dog will just dogs really to pick their makeup and then I was like oh my god such a genius all up I can't speak my makeup before I have a good idea I always look it up to see if it's been done before on YouTube and lo and behold it's been done about 50,000 times so you can also check out their videos if you type in cat pics and make up all these videos pop up and a lot of people have done it I thought I had a good idea I saw nikkietutorials and her dog do it you guys know I have three cats this is my craziest cat right here so also I'm just going to take this moment really quickly to shout out shelter animals all three of my cats are shelter cats if you are looking for a pet please consider shelter animals they're the best animals you can get full breed is out of style and uncool but a shelter animals are where it's at and you're saving an animal's life from being euthanized so our shelter cats in there the best they like to chew on my feet at night they like a cup of hairballs they should in my backyard even though I have two litter boxes born trust me you're going to want to get a shelter and also people misunderstand cats and they think that they're stupid animals but they're actually very intelligent animals cats just don't give a about what you're saying or what you're doing I just want to explain that on behalf of all cats out there they're very intelligent creatures they just have a lack of give up okay so let's go ahead and sing that good old thankful subscribe song and then we'll jump right in subscribe to channel also I have a giveaway going on my back to school video so if you haven't enjoyed that girl I'll hop the video link down the description box be sure to enter that giveaway girl I'm my macbook plus ten other boxes full of good stuff now let's jump right into the video my name is Lou and I am I got a so this is Lou Lou is a beautiful black cow we got him when he was a kitten out of the shelter and he hates everybody but he loves me look at this pretty feet beautiful he would never let another human do this Lou is 2 years old something's kind of young still he is probably not gonna partake a lot in this video but we can try and make him do excuse me for waking you up so this is Princess Peach we call her pica pica pop pizza she has all kinds of names that she responds to this is my youngest baby I got her in October she is not even a year old so she is very much so akin and she is very feisty and very bad she gets into everything wake up don't you bite mommy okay I'm sorry we'll come back don't be rude this is Yoshi she is our first cat we got when we were living in California we got her out the shelter when she was an adult so we don't know her exact age but she is an old lady we think she's around seven or eight years old and she is stunning look at that face she's very sweet but she has an attitude with the other cats in the house she's very territorial she'll probably cooperate if she doesn't lay down the whole time if you see a flakes of grass around the product we had to because I have extra lazy cats who won't even get up unless there's something to entice them so we sprinkled catnip equally around the product it's kind of all over so they would kind of walk through and pit here we go the princess has arrived all right so maybe we let peach go first because I think it's gonna be pure chaos with all three she doesn't even want me to put her down I'm ready not holding he loves to be carried around like a princess we have action she's picking makeup okay I think she really like this dosa pillars palette so I think it's turning into more of a catnip they should I have put this down probably not great okay so she's clearly picked the morphe blush oh okay and I think oh yeah Bellamy lashes we had a quite a sheen you said no oh she's going hard on the Bellamy humans do you want to look through what do you want to do here oh yeah Bobbie Brown baby this is a psycho cat later video I know gosh they're all going for Karen's palette I really feel like that's the hot ticket if she can do not lay down for two minutes can you just stand for like two minutes don't lay down do not let how it's done man so again the third cat went right at the UM Karen's palette so I think we're gonna have to go with this huh what do you think man the level I'm interested that he is is frightening take one dude you're definitely shoving Laura Lee Los Angeles Mike look at Lou no he's laying down this is impossible love we see painted oh she definitely paid this color for morphe yeah placed bronzers in front of you would you mind just these are highlighters Laura these are bronzers okay can we just simply just nudge no couldn't even knock one over like this over she it was blurry but this is the final decision is she ready Selene angel push up oh okay I think we have our decision thank you oh she's thinking powder don't you look I'm literally sweating from wrestling you guys never see him but is this not the most beautiful cat you've ever seen and this is a shelter cat right here he looks like toothless off of How to Train Your Dragon if there were a cat pageant he would win it okay now that is I am so sorry your she come here baby come here honey this is a local baby right here very upset right now Yoshi's everybody's favorite cat because Lou doesn't mess with anyone peach is really rowdy and attacks people but Yoshi just is nothing but love people okay let's look at the makeup they pet you guys pretty much saw it all it looks like there's not a lot of makeup here but they picked this blow palette which I was pretty excited about because I never have tried it and it's from glam glow or Glenn Close making makeup that popping up in the game I'm here for it they picked my favorite Laura Mercier powder they picked this you a bronzer hmm then I've never used before so go this about being first impressions I've never used this Bobby Brown thing they picked one of my favorite lippies the BH Cosmetics concealer NARS foundation mascara from Maybelline I'm morpheus my code blush and they also picked the dose of colors I should have palette I have swatched this but I have not got to use this yet they pick Bellamy lashes and pencil definer first all we need a big ol mirror so I can see my face okay actually like fix my hair and washed my hair today so I would like a thumbs up on this video for not having greasy cow licked hair Laura's doing good okay sir first product is the Bobbi Brown this is a primer puff mattifier and it says it can't rose can chose the old controls Jesus I need your help today please controls the OL & Shine blares the pool or questions this in wow I really prove to the internet what an idiot I am in that spelling bee video a manís channel and now i am proving to you guys that i don't know how to read so what else do i have to prove to you so we're gonna try this out it's kind of interesting actually as a primer because it feels kind of moisturizing but a little bit of silicone II at the same time so it's definitely a mixture and I think I'm gonna like this primer next this is one of my favorite foundations this is the natural radiant long wear foundations this foundation is full coverage but quite dewy at the same time so you don't look like a matte like okay so I like that about it if you're very Olli skin I don't know if you're gonna like this if you've normal to dry skin and you like a little doing this to it you're gonna love this so I am using this shade 3.5 if it looks a little dark on me that's because my face is light then my ball take on Utah so I'm using my y6 brush from morphe use my coat Laura Lee if you purchase anything at more because you'll save a whopping 10% Lord yes and who doesn't want to save money honestly whenever you guys buy something do you ever like girl like you know batha Motorworks got a coupon so every time I'm like retell me not where's the concealer oh here we go so they picked this BH Cosmetics total cover concealer and I felt like it was really nice that they did that because I feel like they notice they were picking a lot of high-end products so wow it scraped my eyeball they were picking a lot of high-end products so I felt like they wanted to mix affordability in with high in and that is the best way to go and just because something is affordable does not mean that it does not perform well it sounds like I'm talking about a prostitute right now but I swear to god I'm talking about makeup okay so I'm just gonna blend that out by dabbing this little kabuki brush from morphe that it did create with them and I say I did create with them every time because the brush doesn't have a number on it so I don't have a specific number to give you guys cuz you guys be like okay girl both brushes and that's why I always say that I'm not trying to be like stroke my ego but like I create it was like it ain't even like that's this so peach specifically really went in and chose this Laura Mercier powder add quite a few powders out that I was really excited to test out like the Marc Jacobs one but she chose my tried-and-true one that I always use some just like okay girl we just really weren't switching it up today so I'm just gonna pack that on sometimes I'm like don't want to bake because it really can dry out your face and it's just like a little bit too much so whenever I don't want to bake which I'm baking right now I take like a little wispy brush and I'll kind of like brush the powder all over my face and I'll take a smaller maybe even an eyeshadow brush and I'll just to the under eye and it provides a little bit of setting but not so much baking where you're like cooking or makeup into your skin for 12 hours I feel like I could use a little bit more of a full coverage concealer today because that that circle is not playing games today she's like Hello she's tired letting everyone know that today I'm really excited to try out this new a bronzer this one seems a bit darker but it does have a little bit of shimmer this one's more matte so I think I'll just mix just a touch up each and I like to move my hair and I'll start start at the top of my ear and in tiny circular motions I'll just really buff this in that's typically how I like to do my bronzer and if I ever bring it too low I'll just bake a little and it will really clean that up if you like setting powder loose setting powder sometimes can be like the eraser of makeup mistakes this bronzer is gorgeous it has like the tiniest sheen in it but it looks really natural and beautiful Thank You Kate are you guys cats people are you dog people comment down below I would love to know I know there are probably more dog people and cat people but I grew up my whole life with like cats everywhere so I literally have no choice I was destined to be a crazy cat lady and that I am people asked me if I would get more cats I'm kind of at max capacity right now now a lot of people also ask me why I ever get a dog I'm definitely not opposed to getting a dog but it does make it a little more difficult to get a dog when you have three cats because the cats were here first this is their home that I provided for them have to live happy together I'm not gonna bring in an animal and like destroy their lives I do notice that cats don't really mind smaller dogs as much but a bigger dog they're kind of like enhanced is you can back it right on up out of this house so I'm gonna finish off the face in just a second but I'm gonna go ahead and fill in my brows with this brow definer in soft brown girl brows are check on fleek I'm really excited about this pal several my cats walk near it it was between this in the nor vena abh palette which I'm really excited and it will use out on my channel as well at some point so this is Karen's collab with dose of colors it is a six pan palette and you got a pretty blue black with sparkles a gold like champagne a pretty light shade a warm tone Brown and a peach I think I'm gonna have to use that blue because it's literally like calling my name so I'm gonna go on with the peach shade first as my girl I did not even put down a primer lord help me Jesus I do like to leave in my mistakes whenever I do make them on my channel because I feel like sometimes you guys have the perception that we don't make mistakes in our makeup and that we're not editing out all the times we screwed it up but girl you make mistakes beauty bloggers make just as many mistakes it's just edited out you don't see us tugging on our face or wiping away with our finger or blending harder or taking a makeup wipe and rubbing it all off but it happens all the time so don't feel like you're making a mistake you're just not good at makeup that is not the truth honey the truth is we all make mistakes I leave a lot of my mistakes in and complain I'm like oh I don't like that I did that or I don't like the way they came out so you guys will understand that we're both humans and we both make mistakes and make up so now we're gonna try again I'm gonna go back in with the peach shade and just use this kind of like a transition and I'm just really blending this into the crease you're on let me zoom the camera in so you can actually see what's happening hello next I'm going to tap into a little bit this really warm tone brownish undertone ready color and they using our 39 brush to do so we're gonna spice up the life just like the Spice Girls would do with this color and I'm mostly keeping it in the crease go just down next I'm going to go ahead and pop that blue shade right onto my eyelid the blue shade is so pigmented it's kind of like a pressed pigment I personally would recommend giving it a little spritz of something to wet it so that way you have less fallout and you get like max pigmentation boo mama yes hunty that is absolutely stunning is so gorgeous next up I am going to apply my lashes so they pick these Bellamy lashes I'm never leave these before these are in twitch awesome mascara which we have to add that as well they like falsies push-up by Maybelline this one this one is a little weird I don't go for this mascara because of that but I don't not like this mascara that's why I still have it my joy it's actually pretty good mascara the one it's just got a weird girl you kidding me first up I'm gonna curl my little crusty crust is is there one thing I could change about me I don't really have a lot I could change because like they do love myself I mean there are definitely days where I look in the mirror and scare myself but I mean I think I do have self a little bit I would change the amount of hair that's on my brows and lashes that's one thing I would just be like without hesitation yes God please give me more hair on my lashes liberals Realty I'd probably still put on false lashes and Jesus would be like girl I thought you said you were done I will say the little comb on the mascara worked very well to like spread out the lashes so if your lashes are clumpy like orc mine were I would definitely go back in with that cult me to skip it at all and like spread out the lashes okay so we're just applying this I'm gonna go in with the peach shade for the lower lash line and just blend that with connecting it to the outer corner and blend it all the way from the inner to the outer corner next I'm gonna go in with the reddish color and I'm just gonna blend that right on top I'm gonna grab a little bit of the lightest shade and pop it right in my inner corners to get them a little bit of a we did not add our blush so my cat's pick the morphe blush palette I love the shade creator this peach shade it's like everything so I'm just gonna take an A for blush brush and warm up this spice and then they picked this really cute glow palette from glam glow so I'm gonna go in with the middle shade right here oh wow that's gorgeous now I've just got to add a little mascara to these lower lashes and then I find this sort of a guy I have hot shot from morphe which is gonna be a little aggressive color with this blue eyeshadow so drew Carey lady here we come baby I'm coming for your bronze alright guys this is the final look I lips are a little bit aggressive but I think like I look look is gorgeous I probably would have went with the gold eyeshadow if I had remembered let the lip was gonna be this color but I didn't remember sure here we are what do you guys think my cat's like did this to me so means not really what I did it's more so this is their work not mine thank you guys so much for being your watching don't forget to enter my back-to-school giveaway if you haven't already and then you guys show Marsh you know see my next video see you later see you later this summer heat is about to make me pop ahh SmartWater for us mark this is how you drink whenever you have on it bright lip and you don't want to ruin your lipstick what is dad he did a beautiful man oh so handsome who loves you so much okay that's all that's all for today
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