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Hurricane Florence, the storm's first strike


  • saiful hashim


  • Clawo

    This Hurricane is artificially manipulated (like so many others too) !!! Hurricane Florence, Geoengineering Mass Destruction And Distraction ( Dane Wigington ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj6KKBIlSz0 ---------------------------- Are NEXRAD Radars Steering Hurricane Florence? (Jim Lee) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQX6dNI0iNo ---------------------------- https://climateviewer.com/ http://climateviewer.org/ https://weathermodificationhistory.com/ climateviewer videos https://www.youtube.com/user/R3zn8D/videos

  • jeff howard

    Fraud. CIA fear porn. it's just a hurricane, not the end of the world. The Light has already WON! Puuuraise God!

  • Meng four

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  • Braedan Kennett

    +tigerass Alison Funny since you don’t really know how to write

  • Richard Garza

    Hey merica....did you know there is a more severe storm landing in the Philippines? Do you care? No.....that's obvious, cause your media is all about you, yourself, and nobody else. EVER.

  • Frost Roxie

    I’m surprised they know how to report with out slamming Trump.... I’m sure it’s the 1st non Fake News that’s been reported by them in years!!!! MAGA!!!!!

  • Mario1611

    Lol. Americans are so dramatic. In the Caribbean we're just like "Bring it Oooooon!"

  • Isabella Stephens

    By the way I live across the world from this the worst storm we’ve had was 100 miles per hour and it caused chaos for days maybe a week

  • Iris Lange

    1:40, let me Just stand in Florence and don’t look for a shelter, um ok

  • nate

    God punishing the south. Smh

  • Daveyboy _

    Why do Americans build Nuclear power plants in storm paths and earthquake zones ?

  • Ben Friar

    How do I watch this moron. Hes so disconcerting! Its like constant panic!Ahhahhhaha

  • Flower Power

    i was thinking " these people had enough warning. please dont let them leave their animals behind". i watched the first footage of this storm and what do I see? a man going from house to house to help people and rescuing a dog and kitten from an empty house...bastards!!!! good man who rescued them but BASTARDS that left them behind..thank god karma did her job...2 black men doing what they do best: looting, stealing, taking advantage of people's misfortune, stealing from that same house..anyone ever hear of black people actually doing good in time of need? no they steal..

  • Anataro

    Sorry but this is the biggest nothing this year.

  • Drag AJ

    I think it'll increase in chances per year due to global warming.

  • dawg 1

    All the flat earthers are headed to the ice wall

  • Meme planet

    Why is everyone saying its fake? People are dying and you're blabbing out bullshit

  • capotillo 28


  • Normiecide

    This storm isn’t exactly as worrisome as it’s portrayed to be. A lot of our friends in Charleston aren’t even moving.

  • Bing

    That’s the best cgi I’ve ever seen

  • i have head lice

    Idea... They need to build high concrete walls around the towns. I wouldn't stay their though hope everyone evacuated

  • Steven Rodriguez

    But it's only a category 3 , I can't even imagine how a category 5 will be

  • phily jr

    Massive hurricane. less than 50 mile an hour winds. The media just can't tell the truth once,can they. Could you see the massive ripples Under the Pier. Surprised they don't have David Hogg out there talking about hurricane control.

  • Noàh Yusuf

    Sincerely wish everyone well. Don't get cocky and just get to safety. Still many more years ahead. Peace. 💜💜💜

  • Mia Vegan

    I always feel so bad for those reporters. I wonder if there is a good enough reason why they need to be filmed out there..

  • sebastian

    Well, I wonder why no one is talking about the typhoon Mangkhut that's in Philippines and is stronger and wider than Florence. Don't get all the attention and think about other people who are in danger. It's not all about people from America.

  • Solomon Greatness

    A good song to listen to now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpE0BR5MZQg

  • XStrawBerryIceX

    They way over hyped this, it was hilarious when it was categorized as a tropical storm, after watching the same guy tell me this was going to be like the end of the worl

  • nessa m

    This entire hurricane was a lie to get people to spend money.

  • Ari Nelson

    All that hype for a tropical storm? That’s a joke...

  • Sergio Reynoso

    That reporter so brave trying to say what's happening near that water. Hope everyone safe up in the east coast.

  • rochelimit's hangout

    I lived in Japan. There's a very different kind of news on the television when a typhoon struck. When a typhoon struck, Japanese news are mainly calm news with instructions and tips to buy grocery at certain places, display of available grocery stores, not to drink tap water, etc. kind of boring non-typhoon information but very helpful. In America, the news are "monstrous", "ocean surge all coming in", "hurricane staying and sucking all heat and throwing water at you", all drama but not really helpful information.

  • Mon Mi

    "massive waves".....haha easy queen

  • O B

    Prayers to all the people who weren’t able to make it out. Please god watch over them and keep them safe.

  • Shari Parkin

    Somehow I ended up on a Fox News site; EVERY comment accusing Hurricane Florence of being, "fake." Disgusting!!!!

  • eleven

    Why couldn't this happen in California! We need water over here ! Lol nah fr tho, I rlly hope everyone stays ok. Looks rlly scary

  • Pootrifaction

    news stations are just....so dramatic for nothing, it's absolutely pathetic - looking for those clicks and votes. Absolute zero respect for the people affected - posting pictures of shelters with zero fks given - have a downvote abc, you're garbage.

  • Dakota Jones

    thing is will internet stay on or not need play fortnite plz dont go off neerly completed challengs

  • Just another mind

    Did someone say hurricane? let me comment "thoughts and prayers" that should slow down the hurricane

  • EmersonKey

    Praying for everyone effected by this storm.

  • Ideoform Sun

    People need to stop building close to the shore. This storm will clear the way of unstable housing, and buildings that are going to be underwater soon. The place where ocean meets the land should be a protected buffer where people and creatures can freely access it.

  • droid4D


  • Fortnite Galaxy

    Pray for all the animals that are being affected by this storm 🙏🏻

  • A Hayek

    Y'all better go back and get them pigs y'all left to die there! Absolutely disgusting! Animals have rights too!

  • Tongu Esama

    The warmth in this comment section is beautiful. This is humanity ❤️

  • Aziz Akbiyik

    *_Thousands of people have died in Central Asia due to American dirty games, and thousands have been homeless. America! Now is the time for accountability God will punish all of you, great America can not prevent it. God's punishment is very severe. Now you will think of the children who died under Usa bombs._*