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NBA 2K19 - Take the Crown

  • Published on: 2018-08-07
  • [Music] [Applause] now you stay inside Johnny big Redemption life you either with me [Applause] just too real packy [Applause] [Music] my xbox one get NBA 2k 19 [Music] [Applause]
  • Runtime: 01:11


  • JPS 35

    Why is this song not in the actual soundtrack it’s fire

  • Glo Boy


  • Simon Yihdego

    The trailer is making me wanna destroy some mother fuckers in 2K

  • Allen Canadilla

    How can you put up with all these microtransaction shit? it's literally FULL of microtransactions. It's like a free to play mobile game for the full $60 price?! I don't understand, it's like you want them to take your money.

  • Myerz

    Once again 2k managed to fuck up. Your online gameplay is shittier than ever with some of the worst matchmaking in history, in MyTeam specifically it is ridiculous how you have to play both triple threat online and unlimited, two game modes that no one wanted and no one wants, just to get the action house, and with the shitty ass matchmaking and online servers/overall experience this makes getting the action house damn near impossible and ruins any rep you wanted to give those two modes

  • Wi Fi

    Fake! It's NBA 2k15. 5 year in the row the same game... I hope NBA live will make something good in the future

  • JTP 24

    what song is this, please tell me

  • xStrykar

    This music is nice and the game is gonna be lit too

  • AJC

    Am I the only one who thinks there is a conspiracy going on

  • ARS

    Looks exactly like every other NBA 2K ever......

  • williecatch9

    This might be the last year I buy 2K. I’m just waiting for NBA live to tweek certain things on their game because they’re not far from making a nice comeback. Adding the WNBA players was definitely a dope feature. That “My Player” mode has to be MY PLAYER. Not some story you crafted and can’t go though the scenes. Seriously?! Like people have time or patience to want to do that. Smh. #LastChance

  • David Jones

    Like for Jay Rock getting the top promo track for this album. I said he should and would. Respect for that. However, still won't be buying this game.

  • Hofni Amwaalwa

    2k court lighting remains inferior to live's..but gameplay is tops

  • TChemp 2kNbaCurry

    No joke madden is shit but what else do you want from 2k with graphics they look realistic and that’s how the nba players look like u want them to change how they look when that’s how they look no hate on anyone tho and the only trying I hated last year was the career and park and they look like they will change that this year soo chill all people who are salty about the game and saying it’s finna be trash

  • Senu

    Giannis is going to be one of the greatest for sure

  • kod2600

    Fuck 2k. Jay Rock brought me here.

  • Jay Zabat

    Why does the arm sleeve and knee sleeves still dont have the nike logo? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • ModernWorld Expert

    I’ve been playing 2k since 2k6 all the way to 2k18, I defend 2k every year and sometimes I could be biased too, but after looking at this trailer and some gameplays, shit looks exactly like 2k18. I can’t defend them anymore because it’s the same shit over and over. Give it a year guys, let’s not buy 2k. They don’t even care about us anymore.

  • sha money

    But did they fix the help side defense tho??

  • Trxppy_David

    Its basically 2k18 with updated rosters and different trailer music

  • Gay bears

    *THE NUMBERS MASON* Anyone besides the joke 2k made this song better

  • Raicher Sikkiller

    I dont understand that of 20 years in the making Becose its more than the first nba


    I don't understand why everyone talks so much shit about 2k every year... You still gonna choose 2k over that garbage nba live so why front? 2k is the most realistic basketball franchise of all time!

  • JavTV

    Watch this shit be the same as 2k18

  • zTremonti

    120 bucks to have a 70 ovr without badges. 2k is a worse ripoff than ea nowadays

  • globoi carti

    this is as good as the graphics gonna get..stop bitching about it..

  • Chris

    Who's trying to be my center on 2k19

  • Marco Funke

    Too bad there is Spider Man (on PS4) at the 07. and Tomb Raider at the 14.. :P

  • DrkShdw 1110

    Hows the cover athletes always leaving their team? 2k14-LeBron leaves Heat 2k15-Durant leaves OKC 2k17-PG leaves Pacers 2k18-Kyrie leaves Cavs And now 2k19 with LeBron joining the LAL

  • x6King6x

    10th year anniversary was Kobe and the 20th is LeBron, who will be 30th?

  • Dj Ender

    Will NBA 2k19 have mascots back in the game again?

  • RadicILL

    If they just add the 2K14 lighting with these graphics it'll be the best looking one so far...


    If this game az I'm not getting no more nba 2k games. Fuck that shit

  • Bo C

    Anybody notice them making KD block CJ shot 😂😂

  • Atelier.si

    This is Simple Rick waffer cookie for black people

  • June

    Playing jay rocks worst ever song, not a good start

  • SB Swagger #99

    Get out the way get out the way get out the way ya !!!!!! WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN !!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Memphis Hog

    Think it's funny they had Kd block CJ after the little...scuffle they had...