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Dean Ambrose and his personal SWAT team subdue Seth Rollins: Raw, Dec. 3, 2018


  • Jojo Rose


  • Sho Co

    What is wrong with dean he is such moron

  • Sam Edsall

    I’d rather see this than watch The Dark Knight Rises, honestly.

  • James Miles

    Lol okayso can someone let me in on what in the hell ia going on because i haven't been watching for a month now and im lost😂 when did Ambrose go heel?

  • Nobody

    It's good to hear it from Rene 🤣

  • Mannat Khan.

    I requested to wwe please update your script.......👏

  • Nish Bravo

    By looking dean I think about game PUBG...😊

  • Omega Hyper

    What! How did Dean Ambrose became weaker then Seth hmm

  • Jr Isaka

    Ahhh rollins will never win 😭😔


    I really don't like Dean ambrose's new persona I think it's stupid WWE what are you doing

  • amanda grothmann

    another reason i don't think it was goin to be just ambrose or only him before the announcement of reigns' s cancer that reigns was suppose to turn heel or join ambrose and turn on rollins is because this storyline doesn't make sense. ever since ambrose returned fans speculated ambrose would turn heel. yet this feels like it was unplanned and feels like something they just decided to go with ambrose. if his heel turn was planned the writers suck and be fired. raw is on a downward spiral. i think they should combine the brands again

  • Dndneneje Eehehehe

    And we thought Roman was the worst thing to come out of the Shield... 🤦‍♀️

  • Lakshya Jangra

    Aree bhaiyoo shield kabhi bni he nhi thi dean chahta tha ki jaise h roman reings jaye waise he woo shield todh daye abhi usko pta nhi h kii jb roman reings wapas aayega to kya hal kr dega uska

  • Psychotic -Gamer

    Dean u cant make rollins cold ...coz he will burn it down ....believe it

  • Shiftyx God

    That's it every sheild member been heel now form the team bacc. PS they all been out and hurt as well

  • Wong Hong

    I can't hear you ugly Dean Ambrose what?

  • T. T

    'Everyone cared who I was until I put on the mask.'

  • MRR Rzl

    Dean should brings back his debut pink hair with this jacket suits him

  • James Davis

    It doesn’t matter who we are. What matters is our plan.

  • MVazer

    Just saying, making seth lose every week in these brawls aint good for his character

  • MVazer

    Making dean run away isnt a good thing for his character

  • Russel Gawa

    The bane ambrose and batrollins is pretty good they just need to fix the rest of the show nxt has the availability to be different i think adding DIY with dean could be something great if done right

  • jin sav

    when the shield break up make dean crazy now😂😂


    dean ambrose deserves to be ic title, Seth Rollins he looks like roman raings when he is triggered

  • Chris Story

    Man, someone please confine vince to his limo or hotel room and yank his laptop or tablet away from him because he can't write jack spit.

  • igig Jdbs

    He's different. He's not the Dean Ambrose i knew.

  • Nick ant

    That theme song tho dean keep that alarm alert sound

  • Michael R

    What the hell has WWE become? Hire new writers, right now, immediately. Their writing is almost as bad as the acting in most of the roster and the way they cut promos. Botches moves, terrible matches that are so predictable you can easily make money on, dwindling live audience attendance, angry, frustrated and disappointed fans and ratings dropping maybe as fast as their stock? Hell, Vince just sold a crapton of stock so that should be at least 1 major warning sign, possibly. What else do you need as motivation to fix this WWE?!

  • Arguillio Chin

    Dean looks like captain boomerang from suicide squad😅😅

  • Jimshady06

    His heel turn has turned into a manager heel turn/ managers and heel commentators speak of smelly city’s etc! This is terrible

  • Alex w

    Since when was dean Ambrose scared of germs his hair used to be greasy enough

  • The Wrestler

    0:18 I'm 99.9 percent positive that's Cedric Alexander.

  • HeinzNattamas

    I was gone for 3 months and the Shield is already broken up again.

  • Jason Busch

    This whole segment would have been so much better if dean wasn't wearing the mask

  • Florin Herlea

    the villans in WWE have zero motivation they are bad guys because the stupid script says so especially The Riott Squad also Nia Jax ,Tamina,Dana Brooke also Dean Ambrose

  • azaeuzer 507

    the team of dean ambrose make me remember nexus team ^_^

  • Jamiir Laroda

    Dean is trash he lost like hundreds of matches Seth Rollins is better than dean

  • DCS tv

    Ok thats it i dont like wwe somebody come get me when they fire those writers

  • Tennindo

    A batman vs bane story huh! Original as it comes wwe

  • Vladimir McBlyat

    Ahh yes, a wrestler is stronger AND better in combat than an Swat team. Correct