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Sotheby's, October 5th 2018

  • Published on: 2018-10-06
  • [Music] okay is the pricey yellow with family members having the practice room is operating in 100 150 200 thousand I have already [Music] [Applause] agenda wherever we go here so I'm going to be retention
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  • Abdullah Wazir

    I have one old radio I think this was first radio in world if you want I send his picture

  • Wewearglitter

    How did Banksy slip right in with these Stuffy art collectors and not look out of place, unless hes one of them...smh

  • Wewearglitter

    But why didn't the entire thing shred, why only half? Flaw or purposely??

  • Asc4r

    What's the name of the picture behind the auctioneer?

  • Jo Lisa Dukarić

    Fucking legend. A troll for the history books! Banksy never disappoints. Genius. I can't take it.

  • Derek Simon

    This is an artist's work come to complete fruition of it's original inception.

  • djmeltdown65

    This is retarded. The painting sucks and anyone that bid that much is also retarded. Also the artist should be charged with destruction of property as the gentleman clearly bought the painting before he "decided" to shred it. LOCK HIM UP!

  • K-sis

    I think now that half shredded art piece is priceless, at least doubled. Good investment.

  • Der Coor

    I hope you added a bomb there to avoid selling it again shreddered

  • Yugan Dali

    What's wrong with people, spending that kind of money for a mediocre work? There are tons of much more talented artists. I know that buying junk like that can be used to launder money, but at least, if you're laundering money, support talent!

  • F0_0LY

    *Girl With Balloon has left the group chat*

  • SupaChicNic

    Genius. Love the idea of a self destructing artwork.

  • dicbyrd

    I researched this. It had a modified clapper in it . Instead of it listening for hands clapping it listens for the sound of a gavel hitting the table.

  • Mr Wolf

    I'm amazed by how that mechanism still worked after so many years (even if perhaps it eventually got stuck). ...But the funniest thing of this is that the buyer now has a unique and much more valuable "work of art" (???). ... 3:)

  • Yoices Brox

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  • Herkimer Snodgrass

    Why is the paper bright white in the frame, but dull white or brownish when it comes through the shredder? i.e, the intact part in the frame and the shredded part outside the frame look like different pieces of paper. (Not saying they are, but it looks strange.)

  • Mark Travis

    Why would someone so this. Is there a reason did this?

  • goozlo

    What battery did you use and how many years ago and it didn't lost it's charge? I guess you activated it by remote control, but the receiver consumes too much energy not to drain the battery after weeks, not years. If you managed to do that , you are not an artist , you are the new Tesla and you will get a Nobel price for solving the biggest problem of batteries.

  • Fabien Cazeau

    De la merde. C'est de la merde. Calculée, téléphonée, de bourges et pour bourges. Boboksy.

  • Ed Jack

    Ironically since this is Art the painting should be worth more now, I would definitely buy that painting after, since it has been everywhere on the internet and on the news! #troll #backfired

  • jamnjam

    He hates that people like his art that much? I don't know how to feel about this.

  • Hilary Little


  • Peter M

    I love it, stick to those inflated auction houses!!!

  • Erin Helgerman

    My art teacher thought this was amazing so she showed it to my class. Ur a legend 😂 but actually tho great job! Ur art is incredible!

  • Mild Autism

    I don’t see how people are saying this is illegal, it’s his painting right?

  • Julio Villeda

    We watched this in my art class and apparently not that this was shredded it's actually worth more he hated it when his art would be auctioned off it was meant for the people

  • Albert Garden

    Black banksy injured his right ring finger when he ordered the cutters. Camera banksy has no knowledge of shredder. Gray lady banksy is too conspicuous. Pink asian beauty banksy turned around too early. Picture girl banksy is alright.

  • 787brx8

    One should always be willing to destroy their own work! As A ghostwriter...I ruined the Disney Star Wars B version screenplays. However I still have the higher quality originals that need to be destroyed as well. Let "Er rip!

  • Andrew Sani

    0:20 Is that SpongeBob SquarePants on the top screen?!?!

  • The Main Man Ray

    Alright YouTube, that’s enough...a week on my recommendations is enough. You win 😭.

  • WuzWutz

    FBI: we have no evidence that he did this man under investigation: hold my beer

  • Invalid Input

    I think this is punishment for spending money on a painting when you could’ve spent all that somewhere more important...art is to be admired and appreciated, not to be owned and forgotten

  • RN Kim

    sure seems like a see through attempt for publicity stunt...it worked...the world is chattering away about some piece of crap painting, made by a Warhol knock off piece of crap artist, sold for gobs of piece of crap fiat dollars, in an elitist piece of crap market place

  • Zman Gaming

    Just like how the girl’s balloon is flying away, the buyer can no longer have the painting. The girl can still see the balloon and the buyer can still see the painting, but neither of them can get want they want; it’s out of reach.

  • Starr love

    the lady at 0:56 in the blue she clapped she probably was like good thing I didn't buy that

  • Angelina Cruz

    I can't help but think that Mr. T.O.P. would have loved this 🤠

  • You You

    Ahhh the retardation of America...

  • Some Person

    Best performance piece yet, fine art is very over valued for something that can be destroyed in seconds.

  • Aesha

    Why do you not want it up for auction?

  • woo hoo

    You sir are the ultimate stunt queen.

  • Hush Whisper

    Since 2010 no one has proved this fake > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYD2irfjc38

  • LegendArySayain

    You mean to tell me all I had to do to make 880,000 pounds was paint a kid with a heart shaped ballon and then shred it?

  • Maddy Z

    My art teacher showed this in class today 😱😂

  • Celos

    Bruh! I just realized that's the girl with the balloon that you spray paint on a wall in Infamous: Second Son

  • Ado B

    Makes the painting even more epic to be honest

  • James Wang

    The real story here: Banksy created a battery that could hold its charge for LONGER THAN A YEAR and power a shredder! OMG, the secret of having my Apple Watch last longer than a day is with Banksy all along!!

  • James Wang

    So, Banksy created a battery that held its charge to power a shredder for more than a year... Dear Banksy, can you please go and work for Apple instead? Clearly, your advanced knowledge of batteries will help them to finally create an iPhone and Apple Watch that could last longer than a day!!

  • Vinson

    Hey, was that Pierce Brosnan heading for the door?