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Hozier - Nina Cried Power ft. Mavis Staples


  • Emo Kid

    Oh man just oh man a lot of people need to hear this song....amazing

  • PayaM Sh

    Great song ❤️🙏🏻 thank you for this

  • Ella Janus

    I freaking love the description for this song...the whole thing just makes me so happy to see...

  • clo ger

    i fell in love with the smile by the black girl, simply beautiful, a smile that means hope and joy

  • cigarette and pills

    thank you Hozier for continuously gracing us with the melodious voice you were given

  • Owen Williams

    Ireland went too far; rape victims and people who need to not be pregnant should be allowed it but nobody who consents and then gets pregnant or gets someone pregnant should be allowed to throw away a developing human that they created and then walk away.

  • Ágnes Gyebnár

    Kérem még többször, szenzációs,HOZIER ÓRIÁSI VAGY! Mentem!

  • Luck Affe

    Its ok to cry. I've did it the whole time I listen this epic song the first time...

  • JE

    Hey guys, I'm an alternative artist looking to connect with others and share music. If you like this kind of music than I think you'd like some of the stuff I'm working on. I just released a single and would love if you went over to my page to check it out! (peace and love)

  • Eamon Ahern

    I liked this song already but when I followed the lyrics on Deezer it became so much more than just a good song. It's especially powerful now in the time of the Trump presidency over in the US and people promoting tolerance, social change and progressive politics like president of the Our Revolution movement Nina Turner. Edit: having the woman with the Repeal t shirt was a lovely touch. Hadn't seen the video 'til now.

  • Flo

    This is such a beautiful song.

  • AlexanderMccarthey87

    Thank you, Nina. When she cried power, the world shook. Here is the song that inspired this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vDZsABHUbQ

  • clo ger

    ...and I could cry POWER POWER POWER Lord Mavis cries POWER Hozier cries POWER Everyone cries POWER!!!

  • Shareka Jones



    Err - minimally featuring Mavis Staples it sounded to me. Mistake !!

  • tulip19710226

    Such a powerful song !!! Love even more now the story behind the people in the video.

  • Ke-Jaun Browne

    When I die I will not miss the world. I will miss music like this. 1B views.

  • Arty Ficial

    My soulllllllllllll has been STRUCK ON THIS DAY!

  • clo ger

    I wish they was filming me the first time i heard this...think I had a very stunned expression on my face!!! Beautiful music and words, Hozier is magical

  • Neeraj Kunder

    It's the heat that drives the light It's the fire it ignites It's not the wakin' It's the risin' *Goosebumps*

  • Rambl3On

    This song is so good! Damn is it powerful!

  • Fra Renna

    Hozier, please, marry me (or, at least, my ears) <3

  • Dj Munchie

    This Song Moves me to do nothing....lol Mavis cried Menthol.....😁

  • Just CrunchY

    Holy shit so take me to church was my fav song till now from hozier n havnt listen to his receng few but dis hoooweee Bombs guys.

  • d john

    Wow...when you figure out the roots of this song and how it is so wonderfully written..thats power...what a tribute and what a song! The video is stunning. Just wow!

  • slowSEVENTEENmotion

    I'm not really sure why there are so many gays waving flags with "RESIST" written on them. Trump was the first president to enter office while supporting gay marriage. As a gay man myself, I'm also old enough to remember it was the democrats who sold us out and gave us DOMA/DADT. For years, republicans were pandering to the religious base--and they fought against our rights. However, democrats weren't much better. Now, republicans accept us without much issue and democrats are obsessed with our innate identity, reducing us to only our unchanging characteristics. Resist? I'd rather embrace the people who view me as a three dimensional individual--and that doesn't mean embracing the democrats.

  • DJane redlilly

    Apsolute fantastic song, full of cry and power, i love it...

  • April Beson

    For some reason this song brings tears in my eyes. It is not even sad. On the contrary, there is something so uplifting, pure and otherwordly that moves me in every note and every verse

  • sbranagh1

    I think the intentions of your post are extremely well intentioned but "But to see the activists from Ireland fighting for many thing we have"...well, something wrong ! Infant mortality, maternal mortality, childhood poverty astronomic better than the USA. Access to education, largely free, 3rd level a world high! Every UN index of Human Development meters high over the USA. I could detail things in Ireland that are really terrible, totally unacceptable, but I'm restricting my reply to your post. Let me add, almost one in five of our population born outside Ireland but generally a broad acceptance for what we call our "New Irish". Not bad I think, but we must not relax. Racism is like Ebola, it can erupt anywhere, especially when there are vulnerabilities!

  • Brittany Robertson

    This is beautiful. Here in America we take things for granted. We drown in cnn and fast food. But to see the activists from Ireland fighting for many thing we have. Knowing that they are still fighting everyday I admire their strength to fight but i also weep for them having to. Progress is slow but it is being made.

  • event horizon

    Speechless ,the music,the amazing lyrics,real music for real people!!!!

  • WhyItsMimi

    Chills, all up and down my body, head to toe

  • Gabriela Lemos

    Eventhough this song was meant for Ireland situation, in Brazil I feel ur words and I feel the pain. It is not the waking, it's the rising indeed!!!!!!!!!!!

  • booggie995

    Oh my fucking god !!! This is a fucking POWERFUL Song

  • Nina P

    I'm interested in learning more about the inspiration and decision to use the names used in this song.

  • K

    Yay diversity!

  • A.J. Hakim

    I like the song a lot but it needs one more instrument, violin maybe, and a breakdown solo. “More cowbell

  • sbranagh1

    @Padraig Cosgrove Yeah! Self entitlement! Lynch mobs - tens of thousands hanged, burned, dismembered. I think not. You're an elfin miserable defecation! What a horror! Vile racist excrement. That this racist horror show flourishes a name Padraig, Irish, even more horrible!

  • Stefania Scutelnicu

    The worst part of this song is that it has an end. Such a great song, so inspiring and it really gives you power

  • Shawnee Deen

    "Nina Cried Power" (feat. Mavis Staples) It's not the waking, it's the rising It is the grounding of a foot uncompromising It's not forgoing of the lie It's not the opening of eyes It's not the waking, it's the rising It's not the shade, we should be past it It's the light and it's the obstacle that casts it It's the heat that drives the light It's the fire it ignites It's not the waking, it's the rising It's not the song, it’s the singing It's the heaven of the human spirit ringing It is the bringing of the line It is the baring of the rhyme It's not the waking, it's the rising And I could cry power (power) Power (power) Power (power) Nina cried power Billie cried power Mavis cried power And I could cry power Power (power) Power (power) Power Curtis cried power Patti cried power Nina cried power It's not the wall but what's behind it Oh, the fear of fellow man, his mere assignment And everything that we're denied by keeping the divide It's not the waking, it's the rising And I could cry power (power) Power (power) Oh, power Nina cried power Lennon cried power James Brown cried power And I could cry power Power (power) Power (power) Power, lord B.B. cried power Joni cried power Nina cried power And I could cry power Power has been cried by those stronger than me Straight into the face that tells you To rattle your chains if you love being free I could cry power (power) And power is my love when my love reaches to me James Brown cried power Seeger cried power Marvin cried power Yeah ah, power James cried power Lennon cried power Patti cried power Billie, power Dylan, power Woody, power Nina cried power

  • mati mati

    Love it 😍 so much power in 5 moment's

  • Chloe Rose Tyler

    Here is a list of all the activists who appeared in this music video. https://hozier.com/ninacriedpowercast/

  • TT box

    This song makes me feel like I'm flying

  • Clinton Noell

    Jesus cried Power! I wrote the damn song, man. It's Jesus cried Power. Every Artist I've given my songs'to, they sing them word for word. Is it too much to ask you to do the same?

  • Maria Dincheva

    Thank you, Andrew! Thank you for your divine music..., lyrics, you...

  • Amir Soltany

    Some musicians are like light in our dark age. like Massive attack, Roger Waters and Hozier.

  • Orlagh Gavin

    It's not often Ireland gets mentioned in things, were a small country, after all. But this is one of the most important and moving songs I've heard in a long time. Ireland has come a long way, but still has a long way to go, every person who lives in or near the north knows this, every LGBT rights supporter knows this. But sometimes it's good to look back and see how far we've come.

  • Oana Grigor

    It is an amazing song, i've been listening it on repeat and i still can't get enough of it.