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Hozier - Nina Cried Power ft. Mavis Staples


  • Abigail Divino

    I was wondering where i could hear a song that was not about love and this song gave me power

  • Gloria Domingo Cristobal

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  • Girl Maxwell

    The U2 soul has been born anew and fresh in this kid. Well done Hozi for putting Victory of Human Spirit in song..

  • nicole0991

    FINALLY a 2018 ep/album that didn't disappoint me. Thank you.

  • Kellie Cronogue

    I am so glad that music that serves a greater purpose and makes you think still exists. Not only is it beautiful to listen to, it teaches us all something.

  • WorldOfKaroo

    omg Hozier and Dan from NSP need to do something together. o.O

  • Kiana Azadi

    I think i waited for this moment for about two years and now i see why.loved it as always 👍👍👍

  • Brandi Free2LivLafLuv

    Dear God please don't let this man ever go mainstream! He's too important for that kinda' tainting.

  • Apple dumpling Gang

    Thank you Hozier! Thank you for staying true to what made us all love you to begin with. And thank you for this Amazing music! Absolutely brilliant.

  • Pablo V

    This song deserves a better videoclip!

  • Eyosyas Kebede

    What does he mean when he says "It's not the wakin', it's the risin" ??

  • Зёма

    Hozier. Thank you. You made an incredibly strong product.

  • RiwenX

    No Surrender & God Save the Queen.

  • Jane

    Wow, this is amazing...

  • Athira Raj

    Everything is poetical. The song's description, the song itself, the people in the video, the rawness of feelings the song evokes. I'm not Irish. But can feel it all. And I love to read comment section of every song/ video of Hozier. It's grateful to know that there are people who share such an unfathomable passion for music.

  • Gage The Navigator

    Activists are featured in the video! Wow I did not know any of this honestly! Thank you Hozier!

  • Lawrence Greene

    I don't know why I have such an emotional reaction to this song.

  • Amarist34

    Amazing. What a powerful voice. Gives me the chills. Beautiful

  • Isabela H

    Okay, this is a beautiful song, but I deadass thought it was called ‘ninja called power’ until 30 seconds ago

  • Kace face

    This video is awesome. I hope the people were actually reacting to the actual song

  • elad smada


  • elad smada

    Tears fell about the same time as the listeners in the video when i listened to just the audio...HOZIER IS FREAKING HUMAN!!!!!! HIS SOUL PROBABLY TASTE LIKE CRISPED BUTTERY TOAST...OF FRESH BAKED BREAD...WITH CINNAMON SUGAR DUST...

  • mike20mc

    He strikes again! Genius is a word often bandied about and rarely justified in today’s culture but I think most would agree that Hozier is just that! Self effacing, eloquent and socially aware. His importance as a wonderful writer, musician and storyteller should be revered. His music brings attention to things often overlooked by the general public. It’s a great time to be Irish we aren’t perfect and we have a long way to go but we are becoming the benchmark for tolerant society worldwide, shaking off the shackles of an often dark and misguided past. Here’s to a wonderful inclusive future

  • PandaTV62

    Power beyond words! So proud of this great Irish Artist 💛 POWER!

  • Magi Lena

    This man is the best of his era!. So much soul, spirit, love in his music and lyrics. It's overwhelming.

  • _ _

    Is this Stephen Rea?

  • Lucie Jones

    I'm glad that hozier put himself in this video because he definetly deserves to be there

  • Elizka Buczynska

    REWELACJA!!! Brakuje mi słów, piękny utwór. Wielki powrót Hozier'a.

  • EllieJayden

    Loooooove this. Our country has come so far. Xxx

  • Pasha

    Song is nice. Decently done.its also good to know he's capable of writing and compositing different styled of music - respect for that. But this kind of music and lyrics is not the reason I like Hozier.

  • Waleah Sagt

    This song is so overwhelmingly beautiful. I can't stop listening.

  • Keyshawn Tindal

    When faced with a moment where I may risk something of my own, while standing for whats right, this comes to mind and I feel no fear

  • Phelan K.C.

    so different from the songs in the first album ... but i still love it nonetheless.

  • Dark Boy

    Mississippi Goddame Hozier......what a Powerful song!

  • Cosmic Merman

    This video brought me to hideous tears. Beautiful. #POWER

  • Farida Audu

    A song that actually teaches you. thanks Hozier!

  • Ruele Okeyo

    after playing it for the first time, I didn't stop

  • Serafina Accetta

    Ah this is what I’ve been waiting for, a real anthem that makes me feel empowered

  • foiv1

    best meaningful song of 2018

  • Natalia a

    I missed you so much. I’m glad, you came back with such a beautiful music. Can’t wait to hear all album.

  • 1586brittc

    Such a talent. So happy I've had the pleasure to meet and see him live!

  • Devy

    For anyone interested the in order of mention follows: Nina Simone Billie Holliday Mavis Staples Curtis Mayfield Patti LaBelle John Lennon James Brown B.B. King Joni Mitchell Pete Seeger Marvin Gaye Millie Jackson Bob Dylan Woody Guthrie

  • Oumaima Fathi

    I can't stop listening to this. EP of the year y'all! #ninacriedpower

  • yupyupbts

    Such a powerful and moving song that makes me so proud of how far Ireland has come, even if we still have some way to go. An-mhaith, Hozier, táimid bródúil as tú 💚

  • RequiemBeatz

    He got it all wrong, everyone knows Nina cried "Big brother Ed"

  • Wililjam

    Dysfunctional chills detected, the chills have now left my body and entered the fifth dimension. Holy shit.

  • Naomi Hassan

    love that you acknowledged the work of Joe Caslin, an amazing artist!! great song too!

  • Khara H.

    I absolutely love Hozier's political or civil rights songs - Andrew's vocals and bring so much emotional power to the lyrics It's powerful and emotionally moving! Bravo to another beautiful message in song!