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10 Magic Products Magicians Don't Want You To See!

  • Published on: 2018-10-06
  • what we're gonna do is kind of like hold it up like that and then Tanner puts his arm in it don't put your arm in it Tanner what's going on guys welcome to dope or nope as you can see by our lovely hats today we're doing a very special episode all having to do with magic but before we begin we want to get a big THANK YOU to Magic the Gathering for sponsoring this video we're going to tell you more about Magic the Gathering and their new fall set guilds of Ravnica a little later on the video so make sure you stick around I opened some and I have a holographic one today's video is 10 of magic products magicians don't want you to see so we're gonna deconstruct some of these famous and maybe not so famous expensive magic products and demonstrate them for you are gonna be doing a special way inspired by Magic the Gathering we each have two lives if the product that you review gets a note that's one life missing oh no whoever is eliminated first has to tweet something that the other people make up oh so stay to the end to find out who loses this simple fun yet exciting challenge just like Magic the Gathering has power ups here no no what are they named are you just looking at them all the powerup that I got is skip your turn to review before seeing the product so before I know the product I can skip just in case I'm worried that it's a nope if I'm like missing a life mine is the audience votes so if I ever feel like Matt and Michael are gonna vote against me and I can always choose to have on cush Liz and Dave all vote instead mine is a trade so if I don't like what product I have I can trade with Matt or Tanner but the trick is they will know what product they're getting but I won't know what product I'm getting from them so let's begin who's first me you want to see something disappear No and I for you head dagger chest illusion stage magic trick box swords kid children safe fun all caps on say sorry presumably what the point of this is that you're going to be stabbing knives to the box and this is going to be going over someone's head oh there's the knives in it look at the price though oh my two hundred and fifty dollars to buy this thing we're gonna right now so I've done extensive analysis and looks like these panels you can remove out this way and that's how you show don't don't give away the magic trick just do it first put this box on your head sees in my head yeah I won't fit Mykel right open the front hey everybody it's Michael now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna close it and I'm gonna use my assortment of knives I don't trust an ER in this you know if this hurts this is scary whoa these are metal I thought these were plastic this is safe right now you open the front I open the front Hey finally Michael's not as pretty as we are I'll now reveal to you guys how I've done this magical trick can you just let me do that one has blood on it now take a look everybody so here's what happens everybody when I put this one in it pushes out a mirror Michael do you want your turn at stabbing Tanner yeah we have a beautiful magic trick for you all today I'm going to put my head inside of this box and Michael is gonna pierce tag swords through it let it begin don't touch okay you guys aren't like surprised shut it down they don't appreciate it come on dude we'll take the knife when we get back okay I think it's cool so I voted oh it's a joke I'm gonna save it though for sure and this I don't lose any we go oh your mama cool hi mama that's a magic trick stage magic props fired from Plus boy magician before we progress it looks like this person just is lighting their hand on fire but that's not the concerning part to me right now the concerning part is the fact that there's one star part is that it's probably sixteen dollars not what it seems these cotton gloves that come with a video link telling you to put lighter fluid on them and light them it their cotton ah that's so flammable I can't wait I told you use a light in magic but you also lose alive in reality it's a decay can we just maybe try to light it on fire first not evil just without the lighter fluid yo there's not to make me feel like Michael Jackson I know do you soon we got a problem I'm really about to be a tan boy but what lives is pretty much saying is if you have the first glove soaked in water when you go to quench the other one you mean squelch quench squelches to put out quenches took some water wench means to extinguish a fire 500 IQ tenon oh well might not work anymore you just put a little bit of lighter fluid right there no I'm not lighting my hand on fire you guys fine I'll do it there's nothing under my hand right here whoa yo that oh cool do not do this at home I'm gonna say straight up that's a dope did you have fire in the palm of ya I'm gonna be honest if it didn't work that was gonna be an easy no but the fact that it paid off yeah dope I will say nope it'll matter anyways because it is here to Michael Jackson me another dope because it's too dangerous to play and they're just selling on the internet to kids so even though I rated it a nope there are still two dopes so you get to keep your life oh dissect oh arm chopper buy premium magic okay the name of the company is dissect oh it's Spanish for dissect it's tough it's just coffee and Spanish okay so it's like it's a magic trick that supposedly doesn't cut off your hands these are some risky magic tricks you got you know okay so it's not super sharp but I think it could still get through a cucumber oh I see your arm in that's the sleight of hand okay so do we have any fruits or oblong shaped things to sever there you go oh yeah there you go what we're gonna do is kind of like hold it up like that and then Tanner puts his arm in it I don't want it put your arm in it Tanner and then I'm like huh you do this so quickly that would actually fool people Oh sing Patrick come here I'm gonna use you as a test too bad demonstrate now what I want you to do is put your Patrick's reaction was genuine and golden it's a dope for sure we got some good reactions out of it go I get to eat both my lives suck it now before we get into the next product we're gonna be bringing back like to buy however we're gonna be making sure when you guys hit those light goals we actually buy it and we deliver it to you fast and if you're not familiar with what I like to buy is it means if you guys hit the like goal we will buy it or do it so the first one we have this crazy idea of buying an abandoned storage unit going to it and finding if there's any crazy products inside it so guys 50,000 likes and we will do that I really hope you guys can hit this goal because that sounds like something that's super super fun comment down below squelch if you want us to do it as well I just want to see a lot of squelches magic red silk scarf through phone by close-up Street magic trick show prop to losers so what it's looking like is that you can pull a magic silk scarf through your phone and it's kind of like an illusion the instructions first drill hole into your phone from anyone seems a little gimmicky let's go ahead and test it out by now so yeah there's no instructions on this a little bit sad it's pretty much nylon like they were saying it just looks super off so now I'm gonna put the phone between these two I'm guessing this is gonna be how it works when the actual phone is on you barely see this like plastic stuff all right and then pretty much what you do is you just go ahead Matt look nope so Jake I think the problem is the plastic is just it's too flimsy it's like it was a little bit sturdier then you would actually able to flow the nylon if it was actually silk this has a great point that this would just work super well because it would slide along it be very sleight of hand but I do know that other people in this room know it's potential more you too and so I'm going to use powerup card which allows Liz on cushion Dave to vote to say how good this is but wait doesn't Magic the Gathering have cards similar yeah Matt's The Gathering have spells if you guys want to see that stuff make sure you click the link in the description down below and go to Magic the Gathering not get Havering gathering punkest Dave you guys have seen this behind the scenes do you think it's a dough hopefully one day I said no it's a note from me didn't just get to know I got you RINO you lost light power up failure life lost nice to lose a new chin close-up magic tricks from what I'm seeing here we have two white dice and a black dice hey we don't see color you know oh my gosh unlisted video Chad he's here can we talk about the lady back here in shot getting the top-down angle she's just like okay the white dies but it's showing a black so something about this the way why wow she's having a reaction so let's buy it would you roll mirror plate I just see regular reflections ah see there the dice is white and then it appears black in the mir I think I'm intrigued by this is Patrick they hid the color in the top groove of it so when you look at it like this like you can't see it but you can if you're kid and you want to start magic tricks this isn't bad I say starting a fire yeah I was going to I know from what these guys are telling us about these dice here that it's gonna be a note I'm using my trade powerup card and I'm taking on Friday don't do it why don't you take mine y'all literally eliminate him and you will both be safe but also you've been unboxing a little bit longer than me so you might have some tricks ever seen how to really twist a product alright so before we move on you still have to rate it and then that'll tell us if it's an Oprah dumb how this is my product yes yes I think it's fantastic I bet I really you were voting it to be good I was in-between I was 5050 all right just give it a rating no no by the way hey guys check out our new addition to the set we have a no trash can so originally all their property throw away we now have a beautiful basketball hoop that we can try to Kobe swish it into it and that's what I'm throwing all your mean comments about me right in the hoop we're back on Amazon and we have magic makers crystal silk cylinder illusion magic kit magically make silks disappear reappear and transform I'm assuming you put them into this too and then they appear and disappear look at my collection all right Mike you've given me me what this is not what we ordered though it's not what we ordered they send it to us anyway it was a magic trick from them put this on top of this guy this guy's sucks and then you're gonna put all the balls matching the colors you didn't see that one inside is all you put red in first you see nothing I put green I put red and then yellow [Laughter] pretty much the trick to this whole gimmick is that there's a safety guard right here from a friend who's sitting in front of you you're supposed to put a ball without them seeing it there and then you place the colors accordingly into it and then when you take him out then it's supposed to come out in the correct and the last one supposed to be saved up at the top right so that you were doing that wrong this is how it's supposed to be right you do this alright see there's nothing in there I can't tell and then have your hand covering the top no there's nothing in there there's nothing there's nothing look at this green goes first you're pretty cautious about show me what's inside of that - yeah what would be hiding oh he had to get far in there this was a hundred and twenty dollars oh I just lost life it's a cool concept [Laughter] life lost magic makers Street hotrod magic trick by Rob Steph what it's looking like is one side of this rod is full of colors and the other side is all red I don't know necessarily what its gonna do so we're gonna watch the video Oh No let's watch it oh no everything's gonna go down he's gonna save it with this rod is that a DVR wait hold on clap for production Utley so now I get it if they slided a hand trick to where you wave it around and then you flip it and people do how did you do the app but then it's broken this product is so small that you have to do it in front of someone so then they're gonna be like let me see it no you don't show them it's your magic then they're just gonna be like okay it's on both sides then I'm not an idiot a good magician never reveals his secrets okay you wanna bet we'll go down and do it to someone guarantee you they'll be like let me see it that'll be like no it's on both sides then all right we go to one person go back if they don't do exact what you said though okay I'll give you a dough pad to the spectator chooses a number between one and six the performer counts to that number and arrives at their color pretty much you're saying you make sure they always count to red for no matter what okay so that's not what he was doing there that's a different trick you got one chance now tanner I get to pick the participant it's Connor Connor pick it up between one six [Laughter] one two three four so you get the color up I'm going to magically turn this into the color all right okay all right how about one more try okay that's two out of three that's two out of three goners not here but Pat is Patrick let's do this take a number between one and six five okay five-0 now I'm going to turn all these colors to the color red okay okay wait oh okay no you all right Chuck I have a magic bar now August imagine far there's all these colors now I'm gonna be picking over between one and six and whatever color you picked through that number I'm going to turn this entire bar into okay for four perfect one-two sorry kind of the wrong way and by the bar and very strict and how he gets counted one two three four mmm the color red now let's see if I can get this bar to turn to the color red not too shabby right cool that's cool do you believe it though you believe can you believe I did it no how do you think I did it do you think I just like yeah Chuck I'm reading an obvious note because it worked on all three only Pat someone I wanted to see the bar the other two were just confused they were like wow 10 is magician Matt you got that went up to two out of three yeah I'll give it a go perfect that's two dopes Michael what do you think I'm still gonna nope but after a working three times on people I think it's still dumb but it worked three dopes kids that is how you defend your lives I have one life still no one can tell me oh yeah I forgot that's why I was shaking during all this I was like they're like you want to yo'self bending fork upgraded version magic trick mentalism illusion gimmick prop accessories oh my god that surprise this baby is 218 buckaroos so with the power of your mind you're supposed to be able to reconstruct its physical properties right like the matrix activates on body heat so I'm assuming you put this in the freezer something you get like super super cold and then no it's normal cold in the freezer and I'm guessing when you use body heat better it bends it see how it goes all right let's bring it out and see if so look the fork looks fine did you're good at this try eating something I wondered I'm looking too good this is really slim for me guys if you had a crowd they would be disappointed wow I'm bored this is great it's so slow that I feel like I didn't get a good look earlier I got way more body Ethan Michael yeah Tanner's really bending it and you got to wave it a little bit you know what is the interesting factor about that bending like why is that supposed to blow my mind like I've been for all the time oh it's still really cold right here I don't know it's just really boring you said it yourself that seemed in the matrix when like that yeah but I thought it was gonna I thought it's gonna be like now what if I got a normal fork you know just like I can bend this with my mind bends it with your hands like my mind told my hands to do that so pretty cool no you're a dead sir at the end of this video we will decide what you shall tweets finally it's my turn oh I still have a card you can't look at what your product is if you want to do it I didn't look if this one's better than the next one I'll do this one forget it I thought I was gonna be able to skip my turn and then you just go twice lota bull aluminum color buy Magic Mike that's a lot of bull huh here's a video of how it works what he just keeps boring no no there's a cut and then they could've just put more water in it big cut again are they just playing the same clip the idea is that it's never-ending water and okay is this the instruction Yanis yeah okay I understand now okay so I need some water and another bucket okay so what I'm gonna first do is I'm gonna put water in it Thank You magic now I'm gonna pour all the water out of this base vapor okay Wow there's no way there's all that much water in that whole thing what do you mean you poured like barely any out you're right maybe there's more oh there is more oh now I feel yeah I feel good enough look that's it I even played a log actually just a visual representation of my bladder how do I have to go pee again I haven't drinking anything since so it works so the I read they just doesn't have any actual purpose and you know magic what do you mean I keep porn don't point a water man you got me beat what do you think oh it is nope that's pretty cool yeah as a celebratory flagrant cell grill gimmick auto trick magician battery power motor thread gag it seemed like they have this wrapped around a card for some reason he's like I'm milking it so pretty much you're attaching a card so the card flies with it whoa crazy oh I see so you can have a car fly across the room yes or a ribbon can you pour some that in my hat no $32 that seems pretty unreasonably priced glad that one's straight to the floor I know that was blessed we're just gonna see if I can get this thing to magically fly across the room and in a way that is pretty sneaky that no one else will see all right hey pal Japanese or Chinese I'm not sure there's you want oh I love this thing but you do it's a bit uh so the way this works is it wraps around tightly there's also a button right here which acts as the trigger so when you press it it winds it up I am like oh do you have to sneeze it's begging first like I think we need to try it what would make this a No if somebody doesn't want to reach down and grab it that's uh I gotta get out for tea because it's a little bit yeah told you yeah what imagine you want magic what a magic he didn't even know it's a No past tense so it was a dope yes I mean it was a hell it was a no it was a no no so that means your last place your second place which means I'm the winner and I get to dictate what you both tweet okay tweet at Mathias I am is the best boss ever and I will do whatever he says from now to the end of time cuz I love him please follow him alright what's out there your debt has now been paid the kids are eating it up Matt what did you do hi Matt more handouts question mark literally no waiter actually tweeted this somebody gets it yeah Tanner read twice if you need help thanks again to match the gathering for sponsoring this video we had a ton of fun making this video whether you're a labs player or a seasoned veteran magic pre-release is a great place to be among the first to get your hands on the latest set and meet new friends brush up on your skills and redeem special promotions Magic the Gathering is a fun and approachable game for people ages 13 and up so if you want to cast spells and have fun with your friends just like I did make sure you guys check out Magic the Gathering and their new fall set guilds of rod nikka by clicking the link down below this video right here is a video that youtube thinks you specifically will enjoy and this video right here is a throwback to literally one of the first magic videos i've ever done and one of the first product videos i've ever done click it and we'll see you over there you
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