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I Bought A Box Of Amazon Customer Returns

  • Published on: 2018-09-12
  • [Music] this is Sophia's near me [Music] hello friends and welcome to another video today I'm gonna be buying and opening an Amazon return box so I'm guessing that most of you guys have probably bought something from Amazon before and at least some of you have also returned something to Amazon now I've done both of those things and to be honest I always assumed that when you return something they just juice it up and then sell it again but supposedly unless it's a hundred percent unopened like new new Amazon actually sends their customer returns to a liquidation facility where they are bundled with other returned items and auctioned off to the highest bidder so we found this website actually named Wai quotation com which amongst other things auctions off these Amazon return packages and it seems like from the looks of it you can get a lot of returned merchandise for a fraction of what it would altogether sell for at retail price like thousands of dollars worth of items for like a hundred bucks which sounds good maybe too good so I figured it would be fun to bid on and buy a return box and when it gets here see if it's actually a really great deal or if these items are a little further away from almost-new than we had hoped all right let's start bidding so I'm gonna open up liquidation calm and liquidation calm doesn't only service like Amazon returns but you can search specifically for them and when you look at just the Amazon returns you see a lot of different packages that are up for auction in the next day or so like housewares air conditioners apparel health and beauty X boxes you name it they may have it so let's take a look at this apparel bundle just so you guys can kind of see how these listings are laid out so for this one specifically you get 61 items with a suggested retail price of $2,000 and right now the top bid is $100 usually there are a couple of photos that oftentimes aren't like very helpful they're sort of taken at close up angle so you don't get a good view of the whole package but you can see everything that's supposed to be in the package because they have this manifest where they list every that's in there the only trickery that might be afoot is maybe if the items are in bad condition I wouldn't be able to tell because the photo is just of a Timex watch really close up you can also see on the manifest that even though each bundle is categorized like this one is supposed to be apparel there are still some random throw ins in each package like for items called Bed Bath home and closet as well as a thermos and an American Kennel Club anti-anxiety calming coat for dogs which I guess is apparel but it's just dog apparel so there is like some elements of an ebay mystery box it's not a mystery but it's a box of a lot of different things alright so now that we've kind of like walked through a listing let's just like take a look at some of the ones that are available in the next day or so I'm mostly interested in apparel and health and beauty packages because I want to get something that we can try on or put on our face my face my singular face so on this first page there are a few of here'll listings it looks like this is like an ugly Christmas sweater right here with some pentagrams on it it's a little early for Christmas but I guess for like satanic Christmas it's just it's just a year-round affair there's also something called aqua dance in here it says the ultimate shower experience so this listing has a hundred and ten items in it and it's retail value is said to be two thousand and seventy three dollars with a current bid of a hundred and ten dollars in general I think a lot of these listings are marketed towards people who are opening up stores who might want to like buy a lot of things to have inventory to sell so I feel like maybe with this listing they're hoping for like a satanic shower shop owner I'm really intrigued by this category a sorted bed bath home in closet because it seems like a lot of these listings just have like a bunch of those thrown in I'm pretty interested in this box so I'm gonna call it option one but we're gonna keep scrolling and see if we can't find some other options as well this sounds kind of interesting this is a health and beauty package and one of the marquee items is a bran epilator I think epilator is like a hair removal device I dress it Tylar usually waxes my mustache so this package has 50 items in it and the retail value is supposed to be $1,500 and the current bid is a hundred and fifty dollars but in one of these photos it looks like something is very broken or torn up that's a very revealing photo I'm surprised they included that so it actually looks like there are two different kind of epilator x' which are electric hair removers besides that we also have a couple of water flossers a white noise sound machine I wonder if that's the thing that's broken here as well as a lot of like hair styling tools and a few mystery health and beauty items so that's the general gist of this package so we'll keep this one in the running and I'll keep looking around for a couple more options ooh interesting so this is a housewares bundle but it says there is a teacup set in it and that piques my interest right away so there are 57 items in this bundle and the suggested retail value is one thousand seven hundred and seventy dollars and the current bid is 83 bucks it's pretty good it's a pretty good one so in this manifest it looks like the most expensive item is a royal quality fur felt hat after that it seems like there's actually just a lot of apparel items before we get to any home goods but there is a removable plate to grill and panini press now that's intriguing oh and at the bottom we've got a bunch of mugs this one actually does sound kind of promising even though I'm not really big into like fur things so I'm gonna put this to the side as option number three and let's just see if we can find one more possible option and then we'll decide between our four so this listing has a ping-pong table I don't know if we have space for it but it does sound exciting in this same listing they're also selling a cage and a crib so I don't really know what's going on there it's a little bit strange ooh this one says Ray Ban sunglasses that looks interesting all right so this is another apparel bundle and it says that it has 55 items in it and it suggested retail value is seventeen hundred and fifty dollars and it's current bid is a hundred bucks so it looks like the most expensive item is a Dona Morgan pay Tinh down but it is a size two so I would not fit into that but then the second most expensive item is our pair of ray-bans sunglasses which are worth a hundred and eighty-seven dollars besides that it looks like most of the other apparel is like athletic apparel oh wow and then we also further down have a Naughty by Nature faux leather garter slip and thong set this one seems to have a little less logic as to how they pieced everything together but you know I feel like all four of these packages have just some strange items thrown in alright so I think we have our four options of course we have our first slot which is the sort of like a cult Christmas sweater lot and then our second option is our hair bundle as in there are a lot of hair removers and also hair style errs our third option has the tea cup set panini press and fur hat and our fourth option has a very expensive pair of ray-bans sunglasses and then a lot of extra fun stuff thrown in as well now I feel like usually when people buy these packages they're looking for like the best resale value but I'm more looking for products we can test so I am actually leaning towards the hair removers and stylers bundle just because I've never tried an epilator before and also because there are a lot of electronics in there and I'm interested to see if maybe they were returned because they're defective or something so there's six hours left in this auction so I'm gonna start bidding on this guy and hopefully win it and once it's finally here we'll test some of these things out okay so I'm up about six hours later and I just swooped in and got the winning bid on our listing turns out that while I was sleeping a lot of people bid on our broad epilator so the price got jacked up like all the way to 261 dollars which is still a good deal but like not as good of a deal as it looked like before so we also have to pay for shipping which I knew beforehand wasn't going to be cheap but it's not cheap shipping is actually about $200 so the entire price of the which comes out closer to $500 and I think that's probably because we got like a package that's so far away ours was in Indiana so it was closer it'd probably be cheaper and if it was even closer you could just go pick it up in person but regardless it's on its way now so next time you see me I'll have my haul alright so it's been about 10 days and our packages have arrived so as you can see we have four packages three boxes which are like pretty intact looking and then this box oh yeah I remember seeing something kind of smashed up in the photos on the listing but I don't remember this specifically so I'm gonna drag all of our boxes into the garage oh man this one's heavy all this long heavy so we can unbox everything and make sure we got all of our items and see what condition they're in oh alright so here's how we're gonna do this so we're supposed to have 50 items in here so I don't remember every single item specifically and there were also some mystery items on the manifest so we'll see what that means but in general I'm just gonna take everything out and categorize them into different piles all right here's box number one ooh looks like there's a hairbrush oh oh and there's a hair in something it's not a cake we can just take the hair off of it music right yeah we could like um sanitize it ah so this looks like the broken product from the thumbnail photo which I believe is the aroma diffusor it actually doesn't look super broken I just put them on the ground this is an oil diffuser and this is a hairbrush now let's see what other things we have like those so this looks like a giant like toiletry caddy doesn't it oh but it's a guitar case I don't think I have a pile for that yet next up we've got a couple of electric razors one of which was on the manifest as an assorted home and bath product as well as another hairbrush couldn't see any hair on that one ah this is like a box of syringes looking at the manifest it turns out that this product was actually listed as a stove gap cover which is what it says on the jar so whoever returned this just kept the stove gap cover and replaced it with these random syringe so now we have them ah here's one of the marks the items the water pail those things are expensive looks a little beat up but I guess we'll see yeah it's a good Christmas present for my boss next up we have a water proof leg protector it looks like it goes over a cast in case you want to swim shall I put the leg protector with the guitar case why because they're like cases oh that's good all right and then we only have a couple of things left in here like some unopened of soap head tube and ear plugs electric toothbrush heads and this compression leg massager is this real alright so that is box number one empty so there were 14 items in the first box and at least one hair ready for box to slice away oh so right at the top there are some flushable wipes and then we've got nitrile finger cots for Tyler they're like tiny condoms for your fingers what is that for it says for medical examination use oh if you need to examine something with only your finger okay I don't know what we're gonna do with these well we're gonna do with them you know we don't have to use them all right I'm just gonna put these with the syringes and we're just gonna leave them there moving forward we have some Beauty vitamins a diva shower cap this is a good box another water pick and some hair styling tools now this is the true marki item the Brawn wet and dry epilator I did grow my mustache out just for this occasion we went to Australia I let my moustache hairs grow as wild as the Australian bush and we've returned we've also got a scale where should this go maybe like medical instruments this is just kind of like things we don't want and then we have our white noise machine some Clinique cleanser more toothbrush heads some foundation and a ton of men's deodorant that's a good vibe do you like that kind Tyler well you like it now we also have this this is a vibrator which is actually just another electric hair remover but it looks kind of suspicious now there is a lot of stuff in this box which kind of appeases some of my anxiety of wondering if we even got all of the 50 things we ordered and some of that stuff has been kind of surprising like body lubricant what does that mean it's for NSFW purposes yeah Wow it says squeeze proper amount of the product on the fingers and spread it the bottle neck can be directly into the which is more concise more health and more convenient I'm gonna put this with the medical supplies all right so to finish off box number two we have a memory foam wedge cushion for some wedge and I've also got a knee brace so after box number two we have 39 items so there must only be 11 items in the last two boxes maybe the destroyed box is just like one giant carton of Lube all right box number three okay so we've got this he'll guide compression stocking aid it's like if you can't bend down to like put on your socks you can use this and we've also got another scale let's put that with the Lube aside from those I have this DS Beauty kind like Deez Nuts but bees Beauty which is our other expensive hair removal device we also have this shower bench as well as this haphazardly repackaged hair curler and this box of lens cleaning cloths that like totally exploded down there in fact I'm just gonna leave them in the box for the time being but with that we've got 45 items and only one box left alright here we go oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god wheat this is why it's so heavy it's a single 15 pound weight ah sort of shockingly the rest of the stuff in here looks pretty intact oh this is heavy too it says everyone lotion to pack coconut oh this could be this could be what we're waiting for oh yeah this is some like sold at Whole Foods lotion oh is it that is nice I'm pleased with that so with our fancy-schmancy lotion it looks like we do have 50 items maybe not all the items we or the manifest expected but there's 50 I think personally I'm the most excited about like the face and bath products but I'm also excited about the number of electronic devices that we have which definitely like ups the value of our entire haul but I guess the big remaining question about the electronic specifically is do they work so let's try and just see if they turn on I'm basically just gonna be plugging everything into this outlet that also is plugged into our ADT system just ignore it but also don't break into our house so I started by plugging in all of the heated hair stylers I don't know how this works it looks like a medieval torture device but it's on and it's warming it looks like you could maybe cook a hot dog in there alright this is the same item again see you got a pair of them you can cook two hot dogs they did all turn on and become hot though I don't really know how to use any of them besides the normal hair dryer look at my sideburns blowing in the wind and the straightening brush which seems straightforward enough but I still don't know if I did it right do I look like Eva Longoria yet then I plugged in a few assorted items starting with our aroma vapor diffuser Oh which amazingly does work despite its smushed packaging mmm smells like h2o our white noise machine also worked though it wasn't quite what I thought it would be oh it's just one noise it's just a little fan in there that's making a little white noise in regards to our two water picks which are pretty high value items one came out of the box looking pretty good oh yeah this looks nice and new almost too good but once we got it under control it seemed to work pretty well oh oh the other one however was missing quite a few pieces that has any Waterpik heads yeah what the heck this one doesn't even have the water thing this one is incomplete after that we ran into a few more duds including our compression leg a massager which I still don't quite understand did I do it wrong these are new batteries right and apparently I never will I'm very sad to say I don't think this works our scales went 2 for 3 they all turned on but the one in the middle is reading like almost a full a hundred pounds more so I guess it's either 2 for 3 or 1 for 3 depending on which one's right we also had this pair of sleeping headphones which were more of a design dud the speakers are like right here so they're way behind my ears so I could barely hear anything which isn't usually ideal for headphones and that's like the right orientation I think so what should it be in front of my eyes I don't think so after that we took on our mountain of electric razors which all turned on but most of which had other people's shavings still on them except for this one which thankfully came freshly sealed afterwards we finally arrived at our marquee hair removers the titular braun epilator and the d's beauty hair remover we decided to epilate first oh oh my god I just saw my life flash before my eyes which works by grasping multiple hairs at once and pulling them out at the root so the effects last longer than shaving all right the time is nigh to release the Beast so we put on the facial cap to the epilator which didn't really make it look any less terrifying and took a stab at it turns out it's way more painful than waxing no one hurt and for some reason Tyler also wanted to try it out and he confirmed it is painful in terms of results I didn't really see much but I know that's probably because I haven't built up the pain tolerance to actually use it I'm sad this hurts me alright so we do have our other mustache removal alternative which is deez nutz so after looking at the box it turns out it's actually a straight-up laser that's like a mini version of one you might use at a laser hair removal clinic oh yeah they gave me sunglasses all right this is what I've found so the instructions actually say to not go straight to using it on your face and to do a patch test on your arm in case the laserdisc colors your skin I'm okay with my arm being discolored but like the mustache is the moneymaker so we got to keep that area fresh so without further ado we got to zapping you feel that yes now for actual laser use you usually have to shave first and then laser but for the patch test I didn't do that oh do you smell my singed hairs oh my god I do and after a few more cursory zaps I think we deemed this product a success in that it does zap this is straight up a laser hair remover dude this is awesome so those were all of the electronics which mostly worked or at least turned on and I think just with the electronics alone we had already earned our initial money back now for the remaining items you can pretty much just eyeball their condition and besides a few hairs they all look pretty usable there were a couple of boxed products that we opened out of curiosity though like the memory foam cushion oh is it for your butt yeah oh yeah oh my god I'm gonna sit on this right now take a good look at it cuz you'll never see this again oh yes this works we also opened the stocking applicator which required some assembly I don't want to read instructions but after some sock finagling it ended up working just fine oh oh my god it's magic oh all right so that was our Amazon return box haul overall I'm pretty impressed with all of it and I feel like we did get some good bang for our buck I think my main complaint with the whole thing is that it's a pretty involved process and you do get a lot of random stuff so I'm not sure how practical it is for like an individual person to buy and I think if you're someone who's trying to buy and then resell these items even though most of this stuff works almost all of it came used so you wouldn't be able to resell it for like a hundred percent retail value I think the ideal consumer for this box specifically might be someone who's trying to open up like a hair salon or something and I think more generally these boxes might make since for someone who's trying to acquire equipment for a business or maybe stock a dorm room or hallway or entire freshman dorm as for me there are definitely some things that I'm excited about and I want to keep but I think we're probably gonna donate the extra hair tools to a beauty school or something and maybe donate the Lube and the finger cops to a doctor I guess maybe one that likes to party or not I don't know thank you guys so much for watching if you liked that video make sure to smash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to shamash that subscribe button a big shout out to itself for watching thanks for watching itself and I will see you guys next time
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