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Browns vs. Giants Highlights | NFL 2018 Preseason Week 1

  • Published on: 2018-08-10
  • you barking against the first touch blankly makes a few miss that's why he was second overall out across the 50 you'll see he's there in the hall he reads a good stutter step good balance and vision on the roster 42-yard grosses Kanak slur the quarterback called brown [Music] [Applause] old virgin horas Jenkins caught a catch made by Jarvis Landry the former dolphin a gain of 32 at some pressure in the air to throw the ball off his back foot but he's very accurate he put it up there and Landry such a good athlete went up and got it now there's a flag on the play when the officials has his hat off their friends for Murtagh nation they often number 80 of the offense 15-yard penalty from the end of the run first down that penalty is the first in the category the baby does the same penalty in that same category he also will be ejected third seven but he does the slide before taking a hit at the giant 49 picks up to effort in motion Garrett [Applause] the big hit for miles Garrett but there was a flag on the play and that'll be a neutral zone infraction against the brown eye and again that last snapshot diets pick it up man how to get rid of it sterling Shepard Brown bring pressure man it goes down and just takes the sack third one Browns go with Higgins turned a pillar on has got the first down to the giant 35 Apple after a good rookie year at a loss second a jumper with the catch and he's in for the touchdown in the first round of 2017 with the touchdown from Cedar Grove New Jersey there he is coming out on a little wheel route they drafted him number one first complete with 50 quality overthrows Russell Shepherd who had a step on his band name chop-chop connect with Higgins so Higgins has been a master of the back shoulder throw in it is apparent that Todd Haley is teaching this to its quarterbacks and receivers because they get the corners running and they just slow down a little bit and the bogs right there underthrown about three minutes in Higgins emotion flag on the place thank you to Callaway but looks like there's going to be a hold against the Browns as the Giants are getting pressured not the only thing nearby Maupin losing the number six and 610 our penalty third down you got a penalty here on 66 but Mayfield look at the footwork he slides in eyes down the field finds an open receiver [Applause] over the middle it has the first doubt of the giant 30-yard line from a field at the grounds [Applause] suppression to the outside I'll keep it again yes forth and to form a as an escape route right [Applause] corners got the first down the boys contact and he waits was received at a clear that's David and joking with his second touchdown catch of the ball game once he wants jump in the flat against a linebacker not there look at his eyes in his footwork finds a guy in the back of the endzone nice wheels zip them to Callaway particularly Botha makes the catch gets a feel that gets the first down that's like he takes big hit his cross has been filled by two grilled peppers with mayfield top two picks in the NFL Draft perform Mayfield will throw up first out avoid some pressure [Applause] - Hagan Barkley the number one selling Jersey a field [Applause] had tools but that's just not enough to play NFL quarterback third and ten to dial up some pressure it passes high over the middle attendant for Adams and through his hands Giants bring pressure Mayfield can't complete it a nice job by Leonard Johnson eighteen seconds to go in the half reps gonna take shot holy how to receiver can't reel it in MetLife Stadium first offensive possession for the Giants here in the second half Davis Webb hands it off to Jalen Simmons nice move that he picks up 10 very good fundamental guy because he's on the shorter side for offensive lineman big boy he really had good technique board on the return [Applause] Clyde Tombaugh beyond third and inches and put the touchdown we alone third and seven they feel under pressure nips it downfield and did he get his feet and what a throw by they put to me let's say though drags his feet but does he have the ball at the time [Applause] around a little bit to get it to him Mayfield shipped this one on the scene and completes it dealt with injury third and 13 Carter got some pressure shove underneath near the first down fourth and inches for the Browns [Applause] Mayfield keeps it he's got the first down they're going to get slammed down by Robert Thomas they're starting their own 9 yard line Simmons offended of ten almond let up under pressure completes his first past on the Simonson and they get five on the play third and four shows up on tape Mayfield with a bullet Calloway in the open and the touchdown there's a flag right at the point of the catch 54 yards Mayfield with a bullet to Antonio Callaway good timing throw balls out of his hands a great boom there's the ball there's the penalty and then some missed tackles and Callaway was gone and the thing about this slant he didn't throw it behind them he threw it in front away from the defender right in stride he catches it and off he goes
  • Runtime: 08:50
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  • Tsm_ Savage

    If they get rid of Eli it over giants winning every game

  • Likes&Favorites

    I don't like that they make fun of them in the commericals...they don't do that to any other team. This is supposed to be professional.

  • Typaxian Destron

    Who else doesn't like how jarvis landry is now on the browns, I liked him better on the Dolphins

  • mkdzr72

    Browns offence great this year, but now our defense sucks. So many missed tackles. Just way too many.

  • bc is the name

    Gossip that the Giants are going to be good there trash still

  • Andrew Wooten

    Browns only winning games that don’t count lol, when it comes to actual season the curse will come back like always

  • Kyle Lee

    Thank you for the defensive highlights NFL!

  • Jon Davis

    Tyrod is not good QB people are fukin smoking

  • M Chaney

    they might be over due for a decent season.

  • Trigger Man95

    The Cleveland Browns Defeat The New York Giants In Week 1 Of The NFL Preseason.

  • Lou Agui

    Browns n 49ers will be their division leaders this season 😉

  • MarloSoBalJr

    I think it's high time we quit mocking the Browns. This team is dangerous in the coming "year"... From a Ravens fan right here!

  • Corrie Nye

    Not gonna lie the browns are look good so far

  • DoubleD

    Mayfield is the truth and with him and Tyrod Taylor, throwing bullets to Callaway the Browns have a good chance of doing well this season. Speed, speed and more speed.

  • jeronimo sanchez

    former panther players were making plays for giants...leonard johnson,jalen simmons,Scott simonson

  • Bape V

    Damn saquon Barkley on fire already🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • d morris


  • NHL Vids

    Who thinks the browns are a playoff team

  • Cam Pimpy

    I feel as though some of these plays aren’t highlights

  • Moood Medo

    اَْلّيِ وگٍعتٍ عيِنَهً ع تٍعلّيِقيِ اَْنَشاَْلّلّهًهً يِتٍحًحًقق اَْلّيِ أاَْباَْلّهً اَْشتٍرگٍوواَْاَْ بقنَاَْتٍيِيِ مٌردودهًهًμوؤاَْلّرب اَْعرفُ عدد مٌشتٍرگٍيِنَيِ گٍمٌ اَْحًمٌ يِعنَيِ مٌحًد يِجُذٍب اَْوگٍ خلّيِنَيِ اَْشوفُ گٍمٌ واَْحًد رحً يِشتٍرگٍ وردهًهً

  • Kyle Groce

    Browns are at least winning three to four games this year

  • Kyle Lerie

    Anyone else just here for saquon and mayfeild?

  • Tha Gip

    Mayfield is more of a threat than Dak right now. Wish we had picked him up. Where ever Dez go he'll be in good hands

  • Adam Fisk

    The Browns looked significantly better than last year, but I think if the Giants' secondary had been a little tighter and Webb had completed that one pass to the end zone that he overthrew, the Giants would have won. Overall, New York definitely looked very impressive.

  • Dewey Tahkeal

    Dam Taylor looks not so good, but dam for Baker dude looks like he's ready to get down. Think the browns actually found a winner

  • Alex Dan

    Why the Bbc number 13 for NY is not paying 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Sinister 1

    Kinda sucks that Joe Thomas isn't around to experience this. I can't think of anyone more deserving of a ring than him.

  • Alan Senzaki

    After all these years and quarterbacks maybe they have finally found a winner. Mayfield looked good. Great mechanics- footwork,arm,vision,movement .

  • King B Ent


  • FONNIE Gaming

    I’m not one for the browns but with there wide receivers and quarterback they can get the ball down the field fast

  • Sk8great08

    No offense to Johnny who had a phenomenal college career, but if you watch mayfield's pocket presence, this is what you want on your team Browns.

  • MrStrongBro

    Let's all admire 6:39... That's absolute talent.

  • Frank

    Its a wake up call for the Team. Better come prepared

  • Altraxxx

    If the browns make the Superbowl ill give everyone that replies to this comment 5 bucks

  • Andrew Horner

    I think the browns are starting there big rebuild there a good team but not anything like a playoff team maybe in like five years when Baker Mayfield Myles Garrett and David njoku get a little more experience and getting Jarvis Landry was a great add to there passing game

  • Oldmanfunky

    It would be nice for the Browns to get to a bowl other then the toilet. I wish them luck this season.