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5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test - Part 3

  • Published on: 2018-08-05
  • what's up everybody welcome back to Malibu to over safety is number one priority and today we're going to put to the test hot dog gadgets let's see what I got first of all we'll have to cook the hot dog well guess what what is the easiest way to cook stuff obviously microwave this is why I order a microwave hot dog cooker 6 step instruction whoa no way looks like you put it with the bun that's awesome I hope the bird does not get soggy inside of the microwave this is why we put them to the test open it up see what it's all about one two and three Oh looks like the hot dog gonna go inside here step one you get your hot dog put it inside there boom then step two you cover it up like this step T you get a bun wow this is actually better than I expected they go this is a pretty good one we're going to put the bun all right like this step 4 all we have to do is just cover it up there's a plug in or just slides in I have no idea that's it I guess they're just a little cover like that place in the microwave it cook for 55 60 seconds we'll do one minute stick it in there and my biggest question about this microwave cooker will the bird actually will be crispy or will it be soggy because every time you microwave bird it's gets a really mushy and kind of wet ok put for 6 minutes by mistakes but they go they're 60 seconds one buy take it off it was awkward for me to see but let's see what happens such zoom in on it ok let's open it up and while the bird actually stuck to this thing a little bit so it is a little bit soggy I can feel the moisture on it like I expected because specially hot dog produces a lot of moisture but Wow hot dog this is cooked all the way looks like boil help hot dogs I like it and it's shares in there so that way when you going to put ketchup or toppings it's goes inside of your hot dog that's awesome I like that option I wish the bird young get soggy but on the outside it's actually pretty crispy let's demonstrate how it gonna go inside there put your ketchup and put your toppings you're hot dogger need to go okay guys quick taste test it's delicious but the bird is definitely a little bit soggy you can even taste how it's like become very chewy but anyways let's check out the next gadget for this gadget I got here hot dog taunts for you girls who does not love grill out hot dogs is probably one of the easiest things to grill there's a rubber band there you go and check this out it's a grill spatula here and it's very perfect for the hot dogs let's fire up the grill and cook couple hot dogs that seep actually works look at that we can go up couple hot dogs put it out here perfect start to go up another one right out of the package look at that it grabs it so good I like it we're gonna do like at least four hot dogs boom beautiful okay guys as you can see our hotdogs almost done so what you gonna do is flip one in maybe flip a second one in and that way look you can fold them really nicely that way they're not going to slip out because if you go up the top one it might slip out the middle one put them in the plate okay there is couple more lift them up clem it and then you can go up another one boom just like that very unnecessary but I think it's still unique that's funny that they made a spatula just for hotdogs we have all these cook hotdogs now we need to put it in a bun well I prefer buns like that let me show you how I'm making my hot dogs you got yourself a bun like that and with the help of this gadget what you're gonna do you can actually cut off the top and eat it and that way it's easier to go through like this and you just want to spin it not push it but spin it all the way down you can feel it it's almost to the bottom you got here born with a hole inside there that the hotdog go perfectly will go inside into the bread boom but first of all I would put my type inside ketchup on - or whatever you like it in there you put your ketchup in there you can add some of this stuff it's up to you what you want ahead and then you stick your hotdog and it's just gonna bait inside of that ketchup - master whatever and that way you can eat your hot dog mess fee let me show you they go mess very hard that what you're gonna do is can just bite into it I know that ketchup does not fall out from the other side or the hotdog you know that's Illinois mmm this is how everybody should eat hot dogs definitely very way less messy with each bite all the ketchup actually pushed into the bond even more so if anything your hot dog bun Gideon even more juicer let me demonstrate for you one more time this is again the best way you can a poke the top grab one of these gadgets and spiral it too like this that's what you want to do and go all the way to the bottom but you don't want to poke a hole to this and here because it's gonna be a perfect pocket for all your toppings then again you can add your toppings whatever you like we're gonna put everything all the way to with the hot dog later and then there's ketchup look how much ketchup we can hold then you can get your hot dog and push everything - look at that oh yeah that's a juicy hot dog right here again the best way to eat hot dogs next time you're doing a cookout go ahead and surprise your friends and family with this kind of hot dogs we're gonna love it because it's mess-free and you really can load it up and if you want to add more toppings all you have to do is buy bigger buns and make bigger force and if you have a bigger bun you can actually make a double hotdog you make a bigger hole and you can stick two hot dogs in there and more toppings this thing is amazing this is like a light heart not everybody likes hot dog this is why we're going to put to the test this gadget what it is it's makes a bullion meat into a hot dog so you can get meat like that any kind and make a sausage shuttle I guess what you will do is grab a piece of meat and stuff it like this oh wait this is actually a stopper boom like that Wow easy and the God makes it into a hot dog and you just add on a little bit by little bit and stuff like boom you have another hot dog out here just stick in the meat and I have one more piece yeah and once again it'll just shake it like that this one a little bit bent I guess it got bent in a ship in a wall I can just use my hands I guess okay you see it's liftable this is what it looks like okay next you can put it in the oven or in a grill obviously I would love to cook art with this so I'm gonna put it in a grill instead in the last hot dog videos I have put to the test something like that this gadget actually looks the best at this it looks like it let's see if actually going to walk and cook it well okay let's check on them whoa looking up pretty fast and this is on a real announcer looks like they're gonna stick together no problem okay okay that looks nice and crispy Wow look how much they have shocked yeah this thing will be hot beautiful okay then we supposed to be able to live this whole thing up and boom all the grease station here that's very nice first I can do it very simple video I go up on like this and see we're gonna get this small one out first wow that looks delicious don't you think all you have to do is just I don't happens and then this one we're gonna grab our gadget and put it to like this so that way there is lots of space this bad even better look at that perfect hole okay let's see if it fits now there you go just squish it in and boom you got here an amazing hotdog on here just get on ketchup and everything by the way this gadget is fixable I bent it back not so straight again well the next gadget I got here hotdog slicer let's see what it's all about you got yourself a hotdog and it's supposed to slice to the hotdog looks like it's not going to work with every single hotdog as you can see this hotdogs a little bit too big let's see if we can make it work anyway kind of not early stir this one more time again it's just falling apart I don't have the smaller hot dogs but kind of makes sense that it's supposed to slice up your hot dog and a different pieces but now we know that it does not work with every hot dogs only with the tiny hot dogs oh well well guys that's pretty much it let me know in comments below which Gajic was your favorite honestly this one definitely my favorite because making hot dogs like that is definitely mess-free and way more delicious because you can actually make a bigger bite without worrying like everything gonna spill out how many of you have done up like all the toppings or the whole hotdog out of your bun I have at least all the Titans don't remember if I have lost the hotdog out of the bun but definitely lots of Titans because I like to load up my phone very big so this is the best way to do it in my opinion but let me know in comments below what do you think don't forget to thumbs up this video subscribe and I'll see you next time
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