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iPhone XR Impressions: All of the Colors!

  • Published on: 2018-09-13
  • hey what is up guys I'm cabby HD here and as promised this is a first look in impressions of the all new iPhone 10 R I have a sneaky feeling this is gonna be the way to go for a lot of people this year so in case you missed it Apple just announced three new iPhones iPhone 10s iPhone 10s Macs and iPhone 10 are my full video detailing the 10s and 10's max is live it's linked below those are the more familiar phones that we were expecting but a little bit of a curious new look that's different is this are so iPhone 10 R has the same a 12 Bionic chip as the other two phones the same RAM the same new upgraded internal specs the same face ID the same notch the same iOS 12 the same speaker as the same lightning so what's different what makes it the are also I don't really know what the R stands for there could be a couple things but there's a couple things that make this phone the are first off it's an LCD display instead of the OLED in the other two phones not a huge deal on the surface as Apple generally makes pretty good LCDs but it's also worth noting it's a lower resolution as well 1792 by 828 so a little bit above 720p on a 6.1 inch display so it's not going to be the sharpest screen in the world it's still over 300 pixels per inch but you can't even watch 1080p HD videos on this screen which is a bit of a bummer so definitely keep that in mind and then the other difference with the display is the bezels all the way around are just slightly thicker and this has to do with the fact that you can bend an LCD display like you can with an OLED and those other iPhones have a display going right up to basically the edge to the corner because you can tuck the drivers in the edge and the OLED right up to the corners that's what they did with the iPhone 10 with iPhone 10 are and this LCD you have what they're calling a liquid Retina display which basically means they tried their best but you can't quite get to touching the edge with this kind of screen so you'll you'll notice every 10 R has a slightly thicker bezel a little bit of a chin it's noticeable for me sone who's been using an iPhone 10 for a while but it's actually still way better obviously than the huge forehead and chin we had on iphone 8 the screen is still true tone it still has touched awake but it's now lacking 3d touch so no force pressing things anymore on iphone 10 r but to be honest they kind of built around that with a long press in areas where 3d touch might be missed like the control center and truthfully i won't really miss it i barely used 3d touch ever anyway but now you know another major difference iPhone 10 R has a single camera as you can see instead of the dual camera setup so this single camera is the same as the primary one on the 10s it's the newest 12 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and F 1.8 aperture new image processing all that and it still has actually that software enabled portrait mode as well including the adjustment of the bokeh effect and everything so you're really not missing out on much of anything in the camera department at all just literally the telephoto lens which is impressive and then other minor things the iPhone 10 R is ip67 rated not ip68 but the real difference the head-turner that you've definitely noticed by now is all these new colors iPhone 10 R comes in six new colors red blue coral yellow white and black and I'm gonna you know what I'm gonna go through each one of these with like a sort of a mini review because that's what we do here right okay so let's start with the coral it says this sort of a peachy pastel color maybe more of a salmon depending on how the light hits it and then all these iPhone 10 ours have aluminum frames instead of stainless steel so they do color the frames too and this salmon has a sort of like this pale orange frame to it it's all right I'm gonna go six out of ten white is sort of like your de-facto standard so it actually is brighter and actually white compared to the silver that we have on the iPhone 10 so it's actually different and then the sides are still silver but they're also pretty bright not really a whole ton of contrast on this phone since everything is so bright here but hey if you like to keep it clean this is the clean look I'm gonna go six point five out of ten then there's the blue this is nice this is this is like a sky baby blue type of look and the rails are even more pale blue but they go together since they both sort of feel like a desaturated in a way bonus points if you were a lot of blue jeans I think this is this is giving the iPhone 5c vibes I'm gonna go 8 out of 10 then black you already know I got a soft spot for mat black and this one is right up that alley super clean stealthy dark mode all those things even the bands kind of sort of look like Batman's art pieces only downside is this one is definitely going to show the most fingerprints so I'm going to eat out of ten again then yellow this one has like a taxi vibe to it I don't know there's not a whole lot of yellow items in my life but if they were I'm sure this would be more saturated yellow than all of them and this wouldn't be so bad but the aluminum sides of this one are really pale like almost different color yellow it's kind of weird it just sort of reminds me of the worst version of the iPhone 5c I wasn't into that not my style sorry yellow four out of ten and unless but not least product red damn this is nice this is like a deep rich Ferrari red and we're actually getting it on day one instead of waiting six months and it has that black front and the colored camera ring looks some good on pretty much all these phones but I'd say looks the best here and the aluminum frame matches I'd say the most closely of any other colors aside from the white this one is a winner easily my favorite color option nine point five out of ten but there you have it that is iPhone 10 are it's like that it's a funky frankenstein iphone with some things from iphone 8 some things from iphone 10 it kind of technically qualifies in that way as a new design and you can even kind of see some of the color of the aluminum frame up on the front so a wallpaper that matches it does make a real difference basically you can look at this phone as sort of the new iPhone 8 this is the ideal upgrade for someone on an iPhone 8 or older right now not an iPhone 10 it's gonna start at 749 for 64 gigs definitely not cheap but still much cheaper than the iPhone 10s and it's gonna come out about a month after the 10s in October so stay tuned for the full review when I do get my hands on these things but until the next one thanks for watching or IP to the home button get you guys the next one peace
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  • Ach Ashri

    Now i am getting it(in my dreams) LoL........ 😂😂

  • Richard _

    Ok the iphone X"R" is UGLY. Moreover, knocking off the 1080P. Joke of the year, lol no wait, that Apple for you in 2018

  • MrPoppasmurf79

    It's like having a specd out gaming pc and using a cheap display. No thanks.


    First Apple removed the headphone jack Then the home button and Touch ID Now they throw away 1080p .


    I think this will surely reach out to the most of the customers worldwide for a budget price..

  • kri 14

    I'm from the blackgeek video @Blackgeek

  • barely blinkboy21

    I can't find anything gud to say about this phone... So Imma talk about its different colours for half the video

  • George Garner

    I guess you people don't know that 720 and 1080 means very little on a screen that small

  • George Garner

    I guess you people don't know that 720 and 1080 means very little on a screen that small

  • Onix Navarro

    I'm kind of feeling that blue colour, but that red though. Sweet.

  • Bernd Staes

    2018 and you need to pay $750 for a 720p screen. Wow! Its mind blowing that anyone would buy this. Would this be any other company it would be laught at for asking more them $200 for this ridicule phone.

  • Ana -X

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  • root9065

    0:53 The R stands for "Retarded" Marques... because you cannot watch 1080p videos on a $750 smartphone in 2018, as you've mentioned.

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    Apple users are the biggest wannabees and Dickriders on this planet trying to look cool with a shit corny money grabbing phone which will turn to shit in the next update... The biggest update on this piece of shit is the colors..... Apple users take my money Apple..... Dickheads...

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  • It's Dave Lifits

    Liquid retina means that you have the best colour reproduction of all iphones

  • Maximiliano Luera

    Tbh just get an iPhone 8 Plus, better screen and better camera, 3D Touch, still IP67, and with the bigger form factor the big bezels aren’t as bad as people tend to make it seem. I really love mine.

  • Rubina Khalifa

    Mr steve job...wish u were alive...Look what's happening in your company...There is no more new mind blowing tech after you....Only selling the old stocks with some modifications 😂😂😂...

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    Only good thing about this phone is Color.... Nothing special, R stands for Rubbish, XR stands for Xtra Rubbish, XS stands for Xtra Shit.... Which year apple fans are living... ? MOVE ON...U r clearly another stupid arrogant iPhone fan.... Buy that for Ur blue Jean, or play batman ... Lol , it's like a stupid girl trying to buy a car based on looks and Color....

  • Important Nonsense

    Might think about getting it cause I like big screens and a 1200 phone doesn’t suit my needs, I think I might get the XR in Red, Black, or White :/

  • My Tam Media

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