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I've never seen my twin brother so scared..

  • Published on: 2018-08-10
  • yes there any do you not like me something that what happened come on tell me what's going on as you guys tell when Miami we're on this beautiful vacation trying to try to enjoy like our time here but something always happened what happened I'm putting us two people that act the house and did the other stuff to our house show me what happened show me in like weird text no ma'am sit down Morgan look two four zero seven seven one five five two six I know what you did you're coming for you I see you I've been watching you I know what you're thinking that was I mean I am no idea it's so weird what do you mean watching us right now like we're how can you be watching us maybe it's just Ted soon I don't know if you're texting back I mean there's a person right there but I don't know they wait watch yeah what should we say to them should I scream record it yeah for evidence say true put this on youtube like doesn't matter she really call the cops because I was like kind of been you know saying that like they should bet they're watching us and stuff well the number is two four oh seven seven one five five to six or if it's you we don't matter you out there just based on their skin of course you know fourth we're going to find you who is he picking out not picking up let's just go back inside and text them okay say how high you're bluffing ha ha ha ha you are bluffing I don't know I don't know I text them and see what they say I don't know what to do like I've never been in this situation before how does someone even have your number oh I don't know maybe it's a fan like I don't know should I say hi you're bluffing shame oh that's helping right now they are its IP should block them I mean what difference would it make you'll just be able to touch you to another number that you and their well this is so like sketchy well they just said I come here come where come where that's it come where come here wait come on where-where's you say we're just say we're who I'm gonna say who are you like what the heck what's going on man I don't know hey you can't be home no that's back already already yeah I don't know I can't be having these problems while we're on vacation bro I know yeah if you were they say they're typing find out well that doesn't make any sense yeah what the head I'm gonna say where are you yeah I see you but who we're hanging up let's meet yeah what do you mean everything wrong like what's going on with you testing now I don't know I think we should just maybe I found a room number because I think that staying at the hotel they're here yeah what are they following us now what what wanna meet me by the hotel poor mug is your market okay guys did you get the key card to go up or no not I fix it I'm okay but we're good to keep quiet okay sure yeah we can't come back up let's go again I'll get the key card dog will just come down and help us what we're going to find these people come on I love sir that's my message then you go through what's the full floor no no it's just gene and sure ground that way yeah this or the lobby for L really yeah come on you got finance people just creepy where are we even going down safely no texting us well so many people find that underly is that easy to but someone that'll textures like how it was a finding that swimming people at the point now how is just enough I'm gonna text him and asked like where are you we're here we're here where are you we gotta find them I will miss all the up there second back what is he saying it's not supposed to be filming in here but we need to find out who lit it no hello no I am nowheres Yeah right I'm getting scared but I'm getting juice I'm wearing a red shirt you said you got him no shirt no maybe no one's going away sure I don't waste time of your face time I do but I don't know bro this is really hard there he's just playing games with us right now oh come on what is this it's connecting yo yeah where you have what the pool where you ask oh he's out I'm just so like not cool like what are you doing you say you playing too many games you don't want to act our house so yeah yo we're here oh yeah where are you at come on stop playing games what do you say you just text me you put the camera down say put the camera down [Music] okay I don't know I said no I'm not what's up I'll take it for you bro we gotta find it but you're either one texting us yeah there's just good for the hotel room bro I don't want to risk it let's just go back home I'll get this you shouldn't delete the message [Music] [Music] yeah I don't know what will happen we come back we come back no come back way come on back okay let's see who it is to see what it's come on hey come come on it's what's a tribe yeah come towards the pool up for the pool okay so Marcus what do you think man who is it what do you think it is I don't know warmly I said we're here we yeah what's going on man like I don't get it what do you think is going on bro huh I'm going to go back to the you stay with market what do we do look look he's weighing going turn around where where is he I don't know [Music] I got you guys what are you sorry guys don't forget to like you subscribe and come see us on for the post every Tuesday Thursday inside oh my goodness jelly fish you're got a scared bro it wouldn't work what were you using I was using a business you mean what business phone you got a business phone now [Music] [Music] you
  • Runtime: 10:03
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  • Mary Taingahue

    It's the hacker he agreed you to go out said so he can put clowns in your house go back to your hous🤔🤨

  • TrendyZelly Chicago

    It is the game master cuz on Matt and Rebecca this is happening to them and one of there vids the game master had a puzzle that said dobore twins next

  • Yohanna Barrios

    He dose'nt tell knowone were is he.he hackes people and play games .

  • Eliud Garcia

    I want you guys to a way to get out at 2 I want you guys I was real good when my sister was grilled we are sisters I want you cry I want you guys to do a video about you and your brother praying your brother

  • YAN sylvester


  • julian Carlos

    Hackers said that you are next you might be hacked soon or right now

  • Rashel Garcia

    It’s the game master 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Zarah Merino

    I knew it was him that’s what you get guys I’m just kidding LOL

  • Nathalia Sandoval

    I really love ❤️ you I don't know why people talk shit about y'all dobre army better than that people

  • Hninn Yay

    Is it his first pranking you guys or not

  • ari ramirez

    Don’t answer that is dangerous block him or her 😕

  • helen webber

    Hi my name is Jodi and I am a huge fan of you and I was wondering if you could do me a massive favour can you please tour in Scotland/Glasgow/rutherglen because I've love you so much please answer me back anyway thanks so much love you bye 😘😘😘🤙🤙

  • Unicorn lover

    Ya it might be game master he will delit your videos from Matt and Rebecca

  • Caline Nehmeh

    Hi, I know who that person who sent you the message.he is the game master, he has been going around doing this for a lot of u tuber's

  • Ernest  Burns

    You guys are getting hacked your channel is going to be deleted by project zorgo

  • Mary Rose Musico

    marcus is the coolest brother ever, he's always helping lucas and stuff

  • Sadie roberts

    All the haters back off at them just let them do they want to do they did no harm to yous love ya luces and marces


    I can now Get the alex to give me your number HAHAHAHAHAHA THEY DIDN'T BLUR THE ALEX'S NUMBER LOL! And again I liked my own comment OUCH. -________-

  • EJ Chadoud

    It’s the game master because on Rebecca’s channel it said on a puzzle Dobre next

  • Kyla Glover

    hi I love your videos can I please have your phone number

  • Paola Rivera

    Is it’s just me or does he sound like one of his brothers

  • Sofie Rose

    Who ever did that stop being a creep 🚫🚫🚫🛑🛑🛑love you Marcus and lucus 😘😘😇😇😍😍💋💋❤️❤️💖💖💜💜🍉🍉🍎🍎

  • Savannah Fry

    The hacker is after you guys be careful PLEASE trust me I am your biggest fan and PLEASE be careful

  • The Blanchard Things

    o.m.g. STOP LEAVING HATE COMMENTS! what do you care, what im saying anyways, but you should never show you're opinion unless it is something to be good

  • Meena Panchal

    Whare do you live i am going to call at that no every one try

  • faatimah zahrah rahiman