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$1 Street Food Around The World


  • Mica Santos

    thought yall would feature ph street food, you could eat tons under 1 usd

  • Deidara Akatsuki

    in my country (Mongolia) you can buy 5 big dumplings called "Buuz" Бууз in the normal way to write it and also get a fried rice with a omlet on top for 1 dollar

  • ini kafetiam

    You should come to Malaysia.... we have "Pisang Goreng" and Keropok Lekor"👍👍👍

  • Kit Kat

    In the Philippines u can get 2 hotdogs for a $1 😮

  • Nina hereee

    Am I the only one who's disturbed about the Indian guy who used his bare hands(that may not be clean ) to touch the food and used the same hands to touch the money...

  • Vibol bot

    In cambodia 1 Dollar you can get 40 gumballs 😂

  • eduardo martinez

    Spanish 1 euro food it's not called porro, it's porra :). Btw 1 euro is so much for just 1 porra, you can have that for 0.5 euro.

  • Rapa Mole

    Kkkk ela quer uma porra bem quentinha e.e

  • Lonely Jake

    Some street food from Brasil and France will be cool

  • Memey Inkling

    In Vietnam, you can get phô for a dollar. (Yes, I’m Vietnamese)

  • mason tobert

    in ohio you can get mcchickens any soft drink any size Sausage McMuffin

  • Magnetic Waffle

    bro, couldn't he have gone to different locations of McDonald's all over the world? much easier

  • Shadow Wolf

    Davo Philippines would be cool to see.-.I know, Its weird that I'm not from Manila but that's fine with me

  • FarNightHD

    3:26 Jajajaja un "porro" igual soy yo pero eso desde siempre se ha llamado porra xD

  • jeeha khan

    can you please do gol gappa aka pani puri from pakistan?it is a crispy layer with chick peas and spice fillings!

  • Mji

    In my country 1 dollar can give you 5 chicken nuggets

  • Nekito

    I WOULD NOT EAT THAT LAST ONE not saying the taste is bad or the hygiene was bad but because of the oil

  • Afra Rayhana

    that indie one i relly like to try it's look delicius😚😲😮

  • Jack


  • Joe M

    In Egypt u can buy one cigarette of weed for 1.50 dollar

  • Red Blitz


  • pañordo xd

    Vení a argentina papá te resivi mis con Panchitos

  • AA6

    street food at philipines plssss

  • Binci

    1$ in Norway = half a package of chewing gum

  • Axnake

    А где рашка, вы чо расисты?

  • Itsuki Kusakabe

    There’s really no $1 food where I am, everything is so expensive.

  • Ed Pietjouw

    I absolutly Love Churros and Porras and so on😋😍

  • Dinkout

    In Vietnam u can buy a breakfast with 1 dollar

  • Somebody RANDOM

    In Vietnam you can get many type of food with 1 dollar thank to street food.

  • Reflection Cycle

    I’m Canada u can try a maple stick it’s frozen syrup in a popsicle stick

  • Alexis Phillippi

    I have a project about Mexico City and here's a fact that is so amazing! Fact:Did you know that Mexican people were the first ones to make chocolate?😱

  • Klaudia Jurcsek

    In serbia for a dollar you can get tons of street food i mean a lot! BUREK,GYROS AND MORE FOR A DOLLA

  • Jstne Lmgo

    Here in the philippines u can buy a 1 lollipop For only 1 peso($0.019)

  • MLGKayd3n

    In Singapore you can get 1 spicy or not chicken wing c: