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$1 Street Food Around The World


  • Deathx Kinslayer

    Only the last one was a bit gross, it was just a plate of sauce and a bun soaked in butter, the rest looked tasty tho

  • Jonathan Hatton

    good lucky trying to find street food in the UK that cheap, or even any street food for that matter its not the same as other countries. You can get a pre-made sandwich for 1 pound but its basic like ham only or tuna mayo but its only in the supermarkets or big chains.

  • Retard The Retard

    Went every where for street food. *D I D N T G O T O T H A I L A N D* Seriously that's a major screw up. Really, Where's the grasshoppers at?

  • OTFox

    ketchup or mustard? *YeS pLeaSe*

  • Vijay Ballal

    OMG I'm from India and I have actually tried pav bhaji in Mumbai. (Only people from India can understand what I'm saying) Ekdam Chakachak!

  • Suzie laurent

    You should come to morocco,there’s some awesome food for way less than a 1$

  • CroPi

    En España los porros de verdad son mas caros

  • Patricia Noctor

    Lo de España son churros no porras lo que pasa que en Madrid no tienen nidea. Tu pides unos churros en Sevilla y te los hacen de verdad, no precongelados, y te los dan con chocolate caliente

  • Crazy Fun

    Street food of Thailand and Pakistan please

  • Luknė  Levickaitė

    In Lithuania that would probably cost 5 euros im talking abaut *JUST* *THE* *KETCHUP*

  • MemetosEFX

    1$ in the philippines can guarantee a 1.5 liter coke, any one piece meat, fries and ramen. With 12 cents to spare

  • MemetosEFX

    In philippines we have the same currency as mexico. And with 1$ you can spend 4 hours on a gaming computer we have this gaming internet cafes which can be played in public.

  • Wassim Graal

    In morroco 1 dollar can get you 2 to 3 street food. And healthy delicious

  • mei puji

    Go to semarang,indonesia and ask for: Gado gado,pecel kangkung,rujak,tahu gimbal,seblak(it's from bandung actually but now it's everywhere),es gempol,ayam geprek,es kuwud,and many more i can't remember now haha

  • Carolina Fierro

    A dollar is about 18-20 pesos, just for the record, it was almost 10 years since it was 12

  • Hasbi Munir

    in Indonesia you will get Java Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng Mawut, Nasi Goreng Sosis, Nasi Goreng Telur Dadar), Fried Noodle, Kebab Turki, Batagor, Warung Tegal. all you can get it there. Indonesia is so famous with traditional food.

  • i peach potato

    you must try the street foods in philippines its really delicious💖

  • Марин Андрей

    В начале ролика продавец горячих собак поправляет булку той-же рукой что и берет деньги.

  • Mo Mo

    in vietnam various kind of streetfoods are just a dollar and they are very good

  • Yoshy

    In the phils. You can so many things with a dollar

  • Jian Feliciano

    go to Phillipines because I'm a fillipino duh the name is fishball ok plsssssss I wanna see it 😵

  • Rahmi Zarifah

    to INDONESIA!!!, you can buy so much and delicius food with one dollar in there!

  • Chloe Dominique Averilla

    We're is philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 we love our street food

  • Papiteto S

    Pav bhaji is just Rs. 20/- in India..not 100

  • Gowri Shankar

    3.35 finally you came India U can finish your lunch and dinner with 1$

  • SpeC Clan


  • Bbygal Ankita

    Mumbai india❤️ Indian🇮🇳 Love from india🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️🌹

  • Fatema R.

    Hey Jhope ate that Porro with Tae right?

  • Elasp

    You bought the porra in a wrong place. Normally If you go to some restaurants called "Churrerías" that are specially for that with 1€ you can buy at least one porra and two churros but normally it can be a pair of porras.

  • Dings Dong

    Mexico has the best 12 pesos it a little bit 30 bucks can get you over 500 pesos the reason it's so cheap it's because it's so poor in Mexico I lived there and they need to make money so they sell it for 12 pesos is allot if you think about it for them.

  • Hoàng Trinh Phạm

    Not in this video, but in Vietnam, you can buy almost streetfood with ~ $1 =)))) And surely these food are taste.

  • RoofTopRomeo

    Where's Nepal?? We can get 12 pieces of momos (dumplings) drowned in spicy sauce for under a buck.. with a 250 ml coke bottle on the side.

  • Connor Hearington

    china wins. also wheres the guy who sells one dollar hot dog in new york