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Is This The Next Big Chip Flavor? (Taste Test)

  • Published on: 2018-10-08
  • Giff duck Karla tea welcome to good mythical more you were donating $1000 to mothers to mother so we can support their mission to eliminate pediatric AIDS and improve the health of women children and adolescents in sub-saharan Africa through its mentor mother model mothers to mothers and powers mothers living with HIV through employment education and access to crucial resources and opportunities please join us in giving at m2 m dot org thank you for being your mythical best yeah come on hands in we're gonna invent some new potato chip flavors but first you know what it's mail day [Music] Wow daddy sometimes we're in sync hello Jin what's new what's new Oh any new tattoos or anything we should know about no I've been wearing again a new okay I'll do it great yeah let's get that set up I'm starting to think about getting the tattoo that's the first step to getting attached but I want where would you get it's just the whole arm down the neck I like that I like how it really it really accentuates the jawline when the whole neck is just a tattoo just get stubble tattooed right here oh well well I but I do have what I don't need that so then I would have to shave in order to seem like I didn't shave exactly I'm gonna get a beard tattooed under my beard that was oh when I shave I still got a beard and what would you are you you want to run anything by us or you just want to try some potato chips I just want to try some potato chips I mean I don't really have anything planned right bring in that first bowl there so basically josh has been experimenting with creating a new chip flavor which is the exact opposite of salt and vinegar so this first we got a couple yeah we have two options that are both technically opposites this first one is pepper and honey okay so salt opposite pepper no it looks it they look like a little bit wet with honey mmm taste me find out Jen you wanna you wanna they're sticking together which also makes me think that you drizzle honey on top of some chips yeah because they're more to her than that a little bit not much hmm ain't bad oh there's a really good flavor mm-hmm I've not tasted a trip like this yeah I mean very sweet it's deliver your mouth though the peppery to the peppery hits you afterward oh yeah but it's a strong pepper uh-huh yeah dig around in there surprise yourself oh look at that formation so could you get honey infused into the front in the back frying process because it would caramelize too fast and burn so I actually tried to dehydrate these to try and draw them away out of the honey and to create almost like a shattering caramel but apparently I failed so I fire myself no don't fire yourself well I already good there's a great treat no I really I like it but you I don't think you could sell them in a bag yeah the bag would just be like you would pull one chip out like I just did and everything would come out okay well we can think we couldn't fix that flavor is great all right bring in the next one no let's bring in the mail for you little we we do have a second one really old snail I'm sure it at a dramatic moment in the middle of the letter I'm starting to be a control freak no no it's great dear Retton lamb i'll also decide where your tattoo goes great I was thinking about getting a tattoo our whole family loves gmn you have brought us many laughs during a very very difficult few years okay my husband Jess and I have three kids Bowden Leah and Samuel hello Bowden Leah and Samuel and we live in Aurora Colorado we get to see the mountains every day the cadence with which you're real nervous letters them thanks to you guys I'm reading it like a collar on it oK you've ever been to Colorado a lot of space there just like how you're hanging the letter they got lots of time they're always looking up they're always impressed with beauty so sometimes they'll just start a sentence and then finish it and you're just get caught up in there thanks to you guys we have a new birthday tradition at our house for each person's birthday we do a taste test challenge the person gets the birthday person they stutter a lot to the birthday person choose what food we will taste we have done these challenges with fried chicken wings potato chips and french fries pizza burgers and lollipops are on the tap for the next few birthdays oh well I got it they got a keg of it yeah of course they do I wanted to send you a box of my handmade sensory aids oh wow that was good timing some of our three kids have actually I think they might have needed to rephrase that I want to okay keep going two of our three kids have sensory challenges and that led to me starting a business of making items to help other kids and now adults as well with self-regulation calming and focus alluded in this package are several types of fidget bracelets that I designed also I'm sending a variety of my fidget for your crew to play a little a with along with other items I've made hope you all enjoy these gifts thanks for being a bright spot in our so happy on the pear day every day keep up the great work sincerely Christy rector and family are you christie director and family now can you say you can you you can fidget with that you know and it's quiet that's the that's the type of fidgeting that teachers approve of I feel like quiet quiet fidgeting pretty cool thank you guys for the letter all right so we're gonna fit with these while we also try the next potato chip right I think you're supposed to put on the bracelet and with it when it's all right no no you're supposed to go like this I can't okay so this next one is sugar and olive oil no I mean the dis sugar being an opposite of salt although it being an opposite of getting my hair vinegar so again we should get some sweetness we don't have the the clinginess of these oh okay you are onto something with these my friend and sugar and olive oil is something that people would pick up you see that sugar and olive oil what I need more sugar in my life oh wait weights coming I do did you fry the chips in olive oil I didn't know chips fry really poorly in olive oil has a low smoke point so I actually like you Interfax drizzle so you should get like that little bitter slightly fruitiness on the backend of the sugar it is very subtle there's a lot of sugar and I'm too much some would say yeah I would say it's so sweet I just don't I don't have a sweet tooth I mean I like this because it's honey's I'm thinking about mass production guys honey is a sweetness that I like sugar can be overwhelming I don't I don't know approach a chip to get a sugar experience I'm talking about how it how we're gonna have bags of these on shelves across the world this ain't gonna work unless we find a way well make honey into a powder what you can do just have like a separate honey pack and that people pour it on their chips before they eat it honey Pat Jim every every every bag of Tampax get the limited-edition GMM silver logo team now at Mithra boots store and check out the info on the product page to learn how you could win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the mythical studio
  • Runtime: 09:24
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    I wonder if they could somehow harden the honey so that it was basically a candy coating? And then itd have just a little drizzle over the top of the chip

  • Venus

    Make a thin honey syrup solution with honey and warm water, use a spray bottle to lightly coat chips, sprinkle with pepper, and bake for a few minutes to dry. It should be less sticky

  • rainbow hearty

    You are wrong about Coloradans. Also we are RAD not ROD. ColoRADo not ColoRODo. Thank you

  • Meg Maples

    You can powder honey for chips. One of the most popular chip flavors in Australia is Honey Soy Chicken. My first experience with it I was really skeptical but it tastes sort of like a honey teriyaki chicken on your chip! Just go out and get some dehydrated honey, sprinkle that on with the pepper and BAM! Mass produced chips!

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    Is there a YouTube channel where Josh shows how he cooks all the stuff?

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    I've literally been submitting pepper and honey chips to lays for the past 3 years lol

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    there is plenty of sticky stuff that we eat lol toss them in a tin can like caramel popcorn. I know there is powdered honey, but the liquid honey I think would taste better ;)

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