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The Mind of Jake Paul - Teaser Trailer


  • Bianca B

    I miss you shane can’t wait for your new video

  • Grandma

    i want more creepy vids tbh. getting boreddddd

  • Humaira Namaji

    Why Jake Paul there are no emotion in his videos unlike Jeffree he was so interesting can you do someone like James Charles or something

  • Sarah Cellitti

    I couldnt be less interested with a trash white boy. Call this “the mind of privileged scum” instead.

  • Pushpa Chopade

    I don't care who it is about we just get to see the queen that's all it matters

  • Cats Play

    Does anyone else think that this might not make it to Youtube?

  • Lynne Scott

    You are the only person who Uploads good content with no content...

  • SmhGee X


  • Sam White

    I can’t wait for this series but.. I must say that the next person should be *@EugeniaCooney.* *Her story could change perspectives and lives on a whole different level, for herself and for others.*

  • brvssel animations

    Shane. It's brings me to tears to have to say this. But if you didn't already know Kero The Wolf is a zoophile. I really think you should adress this ASAP. Because he actually has had intercourse with his puppies and roadkill.

  • Serana Casey

    Don’t worry Shane nobody will hate u after this jake Paul is stupid he won’t under stand u are way more Successful than him

  • CallMeMoose

    I know you probably won't see this but, do you ever write captions or consider it for your def viewers?

  • PCB !

    I have to admit Shane I love you but what is happening to ur channel

  • Maja Van

    Ohhh helll yeah this comes out on my birthday

  • Wafurr

    https://youtu.be/xa28JlS3yho _y’all remember the old Shane_

  • m a r í a

    *five more fucking days till jake's career is finally Iver*

  • The Random maker

    9/25/18 or 25/9/18 is the best/worst day ever here’s why we’ll I’m going on a school break, my parcel is arriving from eBay, this is coming out!!! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY MY MILK IS EXPIRING 😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😔😟😖😣☹️🙁😕😫😩😢😭😱😨😰😥😓😪

  • HayleeAndElena

    I am not someone who watches Jake, but I watch Shane's videos every night.. I'll watch the series in support of Shane:)

  • Enchanted Wednesday

    You were having a break down in a post..So I’m guessing it’s not going well..?love you Shane!

  • Nati Montes

    trailer 2 weeks earlier? stop this, you are not pixar, we need youtube content to be quick 😭

  • Goth black

    I just wish Shane go back to being the fun channel that brings happiness to my life and let escape my life for 10-20min , don't get me wrong, this tea spilling and truth revealing thing is cool but I don't feel the same as watching these casual vlogs he used to do. I'm more going to Ryland channel to see Shane being Shane xD lol

  • Anastasia Wild

    Wtf. I can't live until I find out the series is really about. Please post something about this soooonnn.

  • Mohammed Abbas

    Sis you can try it but I am not about to start liking Jake Paul anytime soon. Still gonna watch and rewatch the fuck out of this series.

  • Rachel

    I’ve split my tea.. all over my shirt, sweat pants, everything. Yet I still need this video more than anything hahha Shane hurry up what tha hall?!?!

  • shayzee time

    0:35 what??? Are you sure that jake Paul has a brain?? Cuz I really don't think so

  • Shayoshow

    I felt cringy regret watching even the trailer w that parasite in it but anything fa ya shane. Xxxxxxo

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  • puddy cat

    is the series actually about how he blocked jacks films of twitter?

  • Dylan Anenberg

    Shane I used to watch your videos back in the day way before you came out. My girlfriend talked me into watching your new stuff and your content cracked me the fuck up. She was even mad at me one day so I put on one of your videos and once she started laughing everything came back to where it should be. Your videos literally made my wife want to cuddle when she was not feeling me. Thank you for being you. If you can shout out my girl somewhere that would mean the world to me. Her name is Esmeralda or Esme for short.

  • HyeFrom Space:4

    Mr.Shane Dawson I know This Has Died Down a Tiny Bit But I want to talk about the Problem Between Kero the Wolf....The Guy you Interviewed On your series Weird Side Of YouTube I was wondering If you could share It....If you don’t know what’s Going on Kero Is a Zoophile(Person who takes Interest In fucking Live or Dead Animals) which is Illegal And There was a Post on Twitter that shows the proof and then Kero says He had gotten “Hacked” and In the proof it showed him (GRAPHIC WARNING IF YOU LOVE DEERS DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS POINT) He sent a video to somebody Showing him....Fucking a dead deer And it would be nice to Kinda spread the word If you can....Cause this is a real bad impact on the furry fandom and since your a Big YouTuber I wanted to ask you if you could clear up This situation Basically saying “We Dont welcomes people like Kero” or “Us furries Don’t approve of this” and this should and hopefully Clear up the Problem Cause Us furries already have a bad Reputation Especially with The CSI episode but again The is only a recommendation For your next video after your jake Paul Video

  • Cat Palace

    Not going to lie, I barely knew anything about Jake Paul until I searched him up because of this video. He seems... very unlikable -_- Shane, I am scared but we all believe in you!!!

  • cool boba

    The mind of jake paul the mind of a sociopath

  • SHylaNd

    I just realised that Shane had hit 17M subscribers :O

  • stone cold

    can someone just beat up the pauls with a bat.

  • Aroha Abraham

    Hey Shane after I thought that you should do a video about Joana Caddia She's really funny but doesn't get much and she has real potential

  • Tony

    Idk if I'm ready to watch cancer personified (I'm talking about Jake) but since is Shane I'll watch and see what happens.

  • Pink Flamingo

    1:00 "He's gonna be mad when he finds out what the series is actually about."

  • Alisen Harrell

    Im done u have not posted in like 2 months ur turning into twaimzzzzzz

  • Jordan Weekly

    You need to do a series on Gabbie Hanna she has so much shit going on in her life and it’d be a great series as well as therapeutic for her (I imagine)

  • RadiatorSkull

    Didn’t they find child porn on the Paul dad’s computer?

  • Pjksaini

    I would love to see a series like this on Freelee

  • Poppyseed Green

    Shane please reply I said on ur musically to your not fat ur Beautiful

  • Jasilyn Jupiter


  • TheDarka

    I Watched This Video like 20 times now xD

  • D P

    He’s going to expose him

  • Kristen Patterson


  • Nova Chandra

    Shane.. Go in. I thought you were too soft on Tana. Both Pauls are sociopaths.

  • - -

    He’s doing fucking tEASER TRAILERS NOW???

  • strawberrypulse

    HAHA SHANE KNOWS ABOUT KERO. Seriously tho the "weird side of YouTube furries " is down. Shane privated the video. Honestly I hope Shane makes a statement about this (if anybody doesn't know what I'm talking about just ask and I'll tell you)

  • Lukas the Corgi

    Sorry Shane this has nothing to do with this video but thank you thank you thank you thank you for taking down that video with Kero and means so much to me and so much to the fandom!!! Honestly I do love all your videos and just I love what you do! Just thank you so much Shane!! I cant explain how much I appreciate it and I'm sure no one else in the fandom can truly thank you enough. Again sorry it's not related to this video just wanted to thank you once I saw it taken down!

  • Lena Cox

    I am actually crying about the ending,,,,,what is my life 😂 I'm so excited though skksksks

  • Caedyn Stewart

    Shane Dawson or jake Paul Like Shane Dawson Comment jake Paul Just wanna know cause my cousin says jake is better and I think Shane is better want your opinion