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73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue

  • Published on: 2018-09-13
  • and here we are lady gaga how are you today I'm great how are you I'm very excited to be here and how do you prefer I call you lady Lady gaga call me lady okay lady what's something unreal that's happened this month the trailer for a stars born was released okay and what's something you're proud to say is now behind you you know all the negative stuff that happens in your 20s it's a colorful patio how do you start your day I start my day with a nice workout and then I take a shower or a long hot bath lady how many times have you been on the cover of Vogue two times three times I have no idea you should ask bug that question what have you read in the press about yourself that made you laugh odd that I'm from Yonkers and not Manhattan what's the strangest rumor you've ever heard about yourself that I have a penis and that's the one thing you've read that is a hundred percent correct it is a hundred percent correct that I love authentic people is it true you watch horror movies to relax true what is this British and often strike for you well I find inspiration in all sorts of places in the minute that I see it I grab it and I run for the piano or I run for my typewriter so difficult to write music at this moment no it's not it's actually been fantastic writing music do you have to be in love to write a good love song I would say that it is good to be in love to write a love song or have to have been in love at one point but it's also interesting there's a lot of music in history that was written by people that have never been in love do the same rules apply for sad songs no I think I think that there's no rules when it comes to making music what's your most dystonic memory from New York City the most nostalgic memory going to bars with my friends hi can you describe New York City and three adjectives gritty fun and bright what was the best year in that city the best year for me 2007 when I was what was the best night you've ever had there I couldn't name just one I had too many great nights what's the best memory you have about Elton John my best memory is with Elton are when I'm hanging out with him and my god children and David his husband is it true you wear a head every day I do not wear a hat every single day I did during the album cycle of joy in what is the best I've I see ever received from Tony Bennett through Duke Ellington number one never give up number two remember never not listen to number one very wise words what would you like to be remembered for I would like to be remembered for the message behind Born This Way I would like to be remembered for believing that people are equal I would like to be remembered for being courageous and different was there ever a moment where you really felt like you made it when I heard just dance on the radio for the first time in Canada do you feel like there's pressure for you to constantly be on I don't know I don't really know what being on means lady can you show me a hidden talent no what's your biggest pet peeve when people ask me what my hidden talents are I'll show you when I'm ready okay fair enough and where are my manners Harry I'm standing here not giving you this gift thank you that's so kind your Bowie fan right yeah I love David Bowie right just gonna go back over here thank you so much that's so nice you're welcome now what's the place in the world that always makes you feel safe the Lower East Side in Manhattan what's your greatest inspiration people is there something you would still like to do there's so much I would still like to do I just want to keep on dreaming what set the superbowl apart for you as a performance it was a milestone performance for me I felt it really marked the decade of the first ten years of my career and it felt like the fans performed the Super Bowl not me it was really for them now beyond a Super Bowl what's a performance or a dream gig that you love to do I'm dreaming up playing in bed yes and I haven't done that yet but I will be this coming winter what other duet would you love to do one day besides Tony Moore Tony Moore Elton and Stevie Wonder is it true you will Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket I do own one thriller jacket how do you spend your downtime when you're on the road I like hanging out with my girlfriends what's your favorite song to cover oh I love to cover so many different songs many from the Great American Songbook and also classics from now so right now I just recently covered your song by Elton John I love that what's the song that you would love to cover I have sang it live but I have never recorded what a difference a day makes it's a great song okay you're at karaoke what are you gonna pick I'm Joe Bocelli and Celine Dion the prayer do you prefer a crowd of 300 people or 30,000 both what would you say is the number-one look you've had in your career the number one look in my career I would say at the MTV Music Awards when I wore Alexander McQueen from his very last collection before he died how much does a persona actually affect the musicality I don't really know what people mean by persona when they bring that up with me I just change as I make art so the music affects my personality and vice versa what is the first thing that you're drawn to in a look I don't know I have a very immediate emotional reaction to fashion what excites you the most about fashion I like that fashion can both be a form of expression and a form of hiding how do you describe your personal style my personal style is Gaga who is the most fashionable fictional character Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's what's your go-to look right at this moment Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast is nothing can you reveal from me one of your beauty secrets soon strong lip or strong on both strong lip and strong eye I usually unwind I unwind listening to jazz and what is Bradley Cooper like in person Bradley Cooper is an incredible actor incredible director and absolutely incredible friend all the way around I'm so excited for people to see his talent what do you want your fans to take away from a star is born I want them to take away the beautiful love story the undertones of family dynamic with alcoholism and codependency and also that the movie is a very very strong expression of what it means to become a star and that she myself Allie does not really become one until the last frame of the movie lady do you consider yourself a feminist yes what does feminism mean to you I think feminism is the fight for women's rights for equality and also to protect women as much as possible within rape culture what message do you want to send here young female fans to my young female fans I would say your body belongs to you your mind belongs to you your emotions belong to you and just always be true to yourself and exercise what you want to be all the time and if you don't feel comfortable doing something then don't do it stay true to who you are do you think the way Society of you as women is changing I think it is changing I think that society is having a more protective view of women in some ways but I think on the political side we still have a long way to go is it true you can write a song in ten minutes true well it's also true and that we're fast approaching the end of this interview so how about we finish this off with some rapid-fire answers what do you think that sounds great so where do you what it gives for you waiting you didn't have to you bought me roses they're from my garden that's very nice of you thank you you're very welcome okay what do you want to be in nine years in nine years I'd like to be right here what real person in history would you love to portray on film Cleopatra well sure you hooked on right now this what I appreciate that favorite book letters to a young poet Rainer Maria Rilke favorite movie musical Guys and Dolls what bar should everyone go to in New York City welcome to the Johnson place to view art everywhere what's the best concert you've been to Radiohead where both your parents really Italian yes favorite film you've seen this month a star is born' favorite film growing up The Wizard of Oz what's the favorite thing you love to do with all your friends go to bars with boys was there ever a time you felt nervous performing every time right before what are three things you cannot live without family friends and freedom what music does a music icon play at a dinner party I play jazz and the last question I have for you lady have you ever performed secretly on a street corner of course and that concludes our interview thank you so much thank you bye
  • Runtime: 09:06
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    Her voice will last longer if she quit smoking. How was she supposed to answer the Bradley question? She had no other answer than he's a great guy.

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    This is so obviously scripted. I am a huge fan but her answers are not as spontaneous sounding as the other 73 Questions. Kinda dry IMO.

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    In the last interview I saw her in she say's "call me gaga, dont call me lady, that would be like just totally weird". In this one she says call me gaga..... no doubt she is a talent but really oddly contrived and affected

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    She is amazingly different in such a good way I will always look up to her and her personality 💛

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    I think she's chic and elegant. I love that she's relaxed and honest

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    Love lady gaga but These 73 questions make me so uncomfortable... the quick rehearsed answers the weird walking away and keeping busy act. The weird over voice of the questions! Its creepy

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