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Rita Ora - Let You Love Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)


  • Anne The Blob

    I honestly disagree when people say this years VS show sucked.. i loved it!!

  • Cat Figueroa

    Rita, I love ya girl ya beautiful! How many of you seen Adam Levine in the audience yelling for his wife ?? She is beautiful even after having a baby!

  • Dranime3842

    Singing was good and the models are peng but most the stuff they middling look nasty as f.

  • Athan Burnett

    You should have let the other women their cause I saw more focussed on them but it your fault

  • spookyskies oo

    Is it only me or doesn't she look like she bouta tear up towards the end?

  • Aditi 16

    Rita looks prettier than all the models there!



  • Eriku W.

    Barbara's weightlifting pose though lol

  • Concept Creator

    she can truly sing! love these kinds of songs from her!!! On a side note... I will never get these fashion shows...

  • Lukas

    2:59 me trying to act like I work out

  • れもん

    Who’s the girl at 2:23!? She’s sooo stunning!!!!!

  • ms ada

    1:50... She hit the shoki dance

  • Amber Choo

    2:44 Dylan looks cute waiting for Barbara to walk down and she low key blew him a heart at 2:48 . Its blurred but its visible

  • HuyềnVKook 957

    Hát live đỉnh quá chị ơi🥰🥰có người việt ở đây k ạ 😅😅

  • SpecialtyA Gamer

    I've been watching Shawn's, Halsey's and Rita's performance all week! I can't stop!

  • Alice Plamedie

    Sis did a whole shoki on big big vs stage 😭💖💖💖💖💖

  • Ryuji Omote

    Rita Ora - Let You Love Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show) https://youtu.be/qAuHpmM6_2c


    Barbara Palvin has such a great body, like she literally is BODY GOALS!

  • Gwen Decat

    Props to the lady taking care of the models before they walk and telling Stella to watch her steps ... !

  • Nena Chula

    They are so gorgeous but my god some of them need to eat they are so skinny "Jesus"🤪 Rita so sexy you go mama😍😍😘

  • A D

    Fuck Bella hadid

  • Luke Hadley

    Can we just take a look how rita looked at the model at 1:04 😍😍😍 was hoping for a kiss at 1:22 😍😍😍

  • Jolly Infidel

    A glorified karaoke dancing chimp who is actually void of any musical credentials. Music for people who don't understand music.

  • Alejo Aramayo

    Les guste o no, Ming es la asiática más simpática y gusta mucho, sale del molde con respecto a las otras modelos, por lo general Sui y Liu sonrien y son adorables sí. Pero Ming tiene un encanto diferente y es carismática. La quiero mucho más tiempo en VS

  • Ottoman

    Rita has Ruined every song written for her for the last 10 uears. Garbage cunt with even more basic fans

  • Dot Sy

    Rita's outfit was better than the whole show

  • Amata koulinski

    This is why I believe women should not be objectified. They’re just wearing 95% nothing 😂 Annoyed by bullshit feminism?? #metoo

  • Jay Petrova

    Stop letting Stella open sections!! She’s awful!

  • Malcolm Washer

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  • M B

    Rita is so pretty omg

  • werk bish

    only artist who sounds exactly like her songs when singing live

  • werk bish

    rita has popped off this year, sis is thriving

  • Latika Mistry

    I'm not even lying my brother girlfriend has rita oras number and if you lot don't believe me even ask rita urself

  • Sizam Wielki

    Awesome video 👍 😁 👍 Your subscriber 🙋 like for You 47 . . . Thousands . . . 👆 back me also my Friend something 🙏 Greetings EveryONE 🙆

  • bananapie

    barbara's face and body make bella looks so ordinary

  • bananapie

    rita looks like a fat pig next to all the models

  • bananapie

    lowest views out of all segments..just goes to say how irrelevant she is

  • SJ Bañares

    *Barbara Palvin* is so damn gorgeous and wait she looks like Cara Delevigne ❤️😍 I adore her now. More of Barbara please VSFS!

  • ave horeld

    The first model looks haggard and malnourished the legs look gross

  • Jaysen B

    Is it me, or does Rita look big these super models, But she is is cool she is always happy as hell!

  • mymidgetbae

    Beautiful segment but too many cuts. Can't even enjoy the moment a model walks

  • Ella Ziegler

    love how they caught the angles when Barbara came out. THAT GURLLL just like she own the runway!!!