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J. Cole "Album Of The Year (Freestyle)" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)


  • MrEverest06

    "plus I'm good at math like I'm Asian, hate to use stereotype but that's light compare to what ***** get from Caucasian " As an Asian man living in america, I might have to agree lol African American got it much worse

  • Fige Bornu

    HEAR ME OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqhQ4oSIfmo&feature=youtu.be

  • Luis Diaz

    I don't know but this beat sounds like a canserbero's beat, the name of the song is ES EPICO-CANSERBERO

  • Keep Guessing


  • Adrian De La Cruz

    People say kamikaze better then KOD , and I love Eminem but nah KOD is better , kamikaze may be better in terms of rhymes and bars but KOD has substance , he talking bout real shit, Eminem took almost the whole album dissing on the Yungin rappers

  • Y G

    This why J cole one of the 🐐’s makes soulful music but could switch it up and start spittin anytime he want his freestyles are fire fav rapper of all time 💯💯 most def

  • Gerardo Ortega

    Aside from the Nas beat...there are some reference to his (Nas) songs if you really pay attention to Cole's rhymes.

  • Amelia Nwuzor

    × ALLNEWSVIDEOSSHOPPINGIMAGESMAPSBOOKSFLIGHTSPERSONALSEARCH TOOLS Album of the Year - Freestyle Song by J. Cole OVERVIEW LYRICS 1 of 2 2 of 2 Yeah My mind state feel like the crime in the summertime Higher than average Lot of cabbage Thank God I never abide by the established Guidelines that keep niggas inside of fabrics Commissioned by the state, I skate by the masters Like "Yoo-hoo" with a new-new ridin' passenger Shout out Oak Cliff, I'm 'bout to fly to Dallas Decade from now I might just buy the Mavericks What up, Mark Cuban? I am only part human, half-man, half-amazing Plus I'm good at math like I'm Asian Hate to use stereotypes, but that's light compared to what a nigga get from Caucasians No race-baitin'—treat the beat like Playstation Reporting to you live from the International Space Station I probably vacation on Mars The flow is out of this world and so is the bars Blow the facade right off of your squad Lil' rappers, I love you, but you ain't shit 'til you got offers in Prague Look that shit up A book, nigga, pick that shit up Expand your vocab I'm giving out toe tags for no cash All summer long plus three seasons after Please CC a rapper, tell him meet me It's absolutely imperative that my heat speak to rappers The problem with this game is this weak sea of rappers I'm the answer on the low, I'm a cheat sheet for rappers I came up 'round AC to DC adapters Plug talk, what I'm really sayin' is a shame but my niggas move 'caine like HBCU Kappas Whole town full of CC Sabathias You think niggas gettin' fat pitchin' crack? Not really This is not the eighties, don't be silly Now we push pills and sell heroin to Billy Now Billy momma want the judge to pardon his addiction How many black addicts that got caught up in the system With no sob stories on your prime time television, I can smell a blatant contradiction Man, listen Don't want to fuck up my vibe Let's end it on a positive note, come see me live KOD, album of the year, undebatably My cadence be the greatest we've seen since the late MC whose name was The Notorious Dreamville stacked like the Warriors Winning back to back Next up to bat is my nigga Bas After that Jiddy-J.I.D That's that New York City kid plus ATL Me, I'm from the 'Ville but I know them towns well Before I had a deal I was givin' niggas hell Now I'm givin' niggas deals and they givin' niggas hell

  • Joh n

    You say denzel is underrated but Album of the year - 10mil views Immortal - 1 mil views ATM - 52mil No Role Models - 54mil Kevin's Heart - 50mil Who's underrated now? He deserves more than billions he is worth it

  • Shane Thompson

    This nigga cole built like one of the worms from men in black

  • dragular

    when this dropped i pressed the fire alarm at school...my friend: why u do that? me: nigga j cole made me do it

  • Siyabonga Mbonani

    Only realised today that the line about moving cane like HBCU cappers, made its first appearance Born Sinner. If you listen to Ain't that some shit you'll find this exact line bro!

  • melvin wade

    Cole my favorite rapper he always speaking the truth nobody else in this generation can do what he does

  • innocent chitowa

    +263 Africa, Zimbabwe,Harare ,Emarald hill .🔥💯 Daaaaay 1, dollar and a dream.Dreamville al day ery day! Ron wat up?

  • Sgt Unadvised

    Finally! No chicks No Flashing Money No Drugs good thing Guys like Cole, Logic, Ken Lammar, and Emmiem are only in lyrical rap trying to save the rap industry

  • israeli beast

    Every time I here you're songs my life just getting better man

  • R3VRAY

    https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCV-jNfg6fBs4m7fkbFHuAAA check me out promise i wont disappoint 🔥

  • Just James

    If you like this type of music, please give me a chance. I'm trying to build a fan base. If you don't like my music, I welcome any constructive criticism. Thank you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJEXhyIPTAk

  • Jerry Hunter

    OVERFUCKING RATED!!!!! This shit is not anywhere near as ill as TWOFIFTEEN !!!! Only a dick sucking millennial would name his album THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR because they just want to be a legend sooooo fucking bad that they NEVER just let it com naturally.

  • Xavier Wise


  • Joh n

    Wow that chicagos look so good on him

  • Jane Doe

    My patience is running thin my Love.

  • D A N K

    Remember when all his lyric coordinated Well he still lyricly smar

  • Hritik Didi

    No girls, no fancy cars, no fancy clothes or chains ⛓ just plain simple real j cole

  • Ur Boi

    I can’t tell if he’s humble or just has bad fashion

  • Shikhar

    ...the original song with the beat: Focused on you - Eric Bellinger feat. 2 Chainz I got y'all...

  • Shyne Banks

    Y'all fuckn wit this then Y'all Need to Tune into ReeseMula Hate In My heart 🖤🔥🤐

  • Mathew Brady

    I know this beat I forgot where was it used please tell me if you know

  • DeSean

    I can't stand people puttin (Freestyle) when something is obviously written lol so retarded

  • Mar Martinez


  • Abe


  • Jose Martins

    I hope that whole album sound just like this! Please lord