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The World of Jake Paul

  • Published on: 2018-10-08
  • that's something you should not feel weak about feeling that because that is like know something that would tear up a person it didn't tear you up because you will probably like raised to like be strong be strong be strong be strong but I think that might be fortunate recession down because like that's Erica had like come into my life to like teach me how to like love and like and like I like trust again and yeah it's been a lot to deal with yeah he's trying to see if Jake Paul's a sociopath and I personally don't think that Jake Paul's a sociopath do you think that Jake Paul is a sociopath [Music] don't you think there are a lot of people functioning normally in life then if one in 25 people have antisocial personality disorder anyway I'm a human being but I'm also associate half you need to recognize those those tendencies because if we don't we start getting into toxic relationships I see this promoting the fact that Jake Paul's a sociopath tell us something we don't know bitch we know Jake Paul's crazy as fuck what in the unseasoned chicken is going on here I could totally understand why he would be freaking out why he would double guess everybody he knows in his life we've had 90 minutes was been done of Jamie I want I want Jay Paul doing a eight part series about someone where they don't show up till it so fat is not the best idea ever I'm ready for it it's be more about Jake calling I want to get inside this cell last night you know what you guys wanted t I'm gonna bring you the whole damn channel fuckin loss I had a panic attack I was going to die so there's that tomorrow is going to be what I really interview him and he comes to my house and like talk about everything so I feel like today I need to just get you know hang out with him see what his days like see what his house is like see what he likes to do when he's not filming a video what is his life my guess is what I need to figure out and I know people are going to want me to go in there and be like super aggressive and like right off the bat that's got my million questions and kind of be like you're an asshole and confront him or something and I get it cuz like it's t but I think I need to connect with him and maybe even have fun widget I know I can't believe I'm saying that but I want to have fun I want to enjoy spending time with Jake Paul I can't believe it I can't believe we're going to the team ten pounds I can't believe it's happening that's not living and the pressure is like really intense because I like really want to know everything um I don't know how to feel it answers all the questions like that you have about do they care do they even know we yeah let's go over some of this now well first way to figure out our plan yeah what if we're there and you right away you're like oh do we just keep going I think just to remember that like such as like a very very small percentage of them even have any violent end we don't really need a lot of them just want to like dominate a certain area so like Titans of business and Oh leaders of religion okay so you're gonna pretend to be the producer okay should you be wearing like I don't know if the question is I asked like I say you don't have to ask him like the questions I posed to you but those will kind of give us an idea if they crave being really like crispy engaging in risky behavior what and they tend to be this was interesting they tend to be the ones that like they tell us like oh you always follow the rules come on just have a good time like you're so uptight like they're the ones that want to make and that's not every person that does that but like that's a good example of them trying to get us to do something that normally would be like it was interesting that even though they say that sociopaths don't care about other people they do have some kind of level of like understanding of emotionality they like try to pander to you to make you feel bad for them because pity is a very powerful emotion to the conscious weight [Laughter] oh my god okay all right let's do this I've waited and then Andrew and then we [Music] so maybe it doesn't crack that's a good thing if he does cry maybe this wasn't pink they can go on there like you look shocked I'm sorry I never would say that word but you do so nervous I'm sweaty I actually enjoy this part because it's like we don't know we're just gonna figure out what issues he's passing or what he's like what a day the life of that lifestyle is to see like what is you can always learn something from from someone one thing that I've tried to like you get better at is listening to people each individual is an expert at something so try and learn a little piece of knowledge from that yeah just want to get out my my first listen okay yeah yes there is a game this car whoa this one here yeah okay all right thank you hello yeah we're at the gate [Music] oh this is fucking crazy nice to meet you Oh like the first time we're like [Music] what that's my dad's good old Greg Paul it's it's actually like an RV though I'm gonna give you a quick tour the boss give me an update it's like you can like yeah there's like a there's like a bed in there and like he like drives around and like he just sleeps in there my dad's a weirdo yeah this is great it's crazy right how okay I have a lot of questions I have questions for you know let's let's cover second hi crazy nice to be United that's because you're normally the one doing this to people like me yeah because I'm normal with the camera I've never like I don't even like talk no they like you we yes though it looks like the hops of manna layers yeah all the little kids kids come here and like the other house matter Legos freak out the end they're like oh it's like me on stage in there yes like millions are got traps and Joseph is a rat and his cheese on the other side I don't think I've seen them do that today yeah I didn't come in either I plan that earlier yes yeah I'm gonna play again so an NFL player wants to fight me I know yeah he's gonna play maybe you can teach me something choke me out [Music] actually we'll make it you delivered hooligans or at least hit line-caught mark to one unity I think we should make this into a nice living room [Music] we're dropping like a rock wall or like a basketball court we need weight if you if you made this whole thing of foam hit and then you gotta fucking like Tarzan swing I'm saying but I don't know where to put the box we to zipline wait why I'm a bad influence we zip line from up there yeah in there like a playable bouncy castle in here if we did that we did that she's a tough some level she tried you have bougie sides sorry but it's like it's like you know a spin on goose yeah it is where you're not allowed to say that we know I mean I could say Gucci sue me bro [Music] someone get the spray paint he's here Justin Robert is still here we stand I know my mom's hot I'm the 15 you know in the world Drake follows me on Instagram what is it I have my own apartment in Miami and in LA I have been doing the most intensive research more than a lot of things that will save the most of her tomorrow I feel like I know you way and you don't know me so it's weird but I feel like I know you so I'm excited to like now you sound like Erica message there was like really accurately yeah so I just like T avatar which is weird and then I think still I regret it don't like is that creepy no I was like I think it was super spot-on accurate and like yeah she she like definitely helped me a lot and like hasn't helped me like grow up I guess I'm 21 yeah who's this dog Athena this is Anthony's dog okay I don't know okay what's next okay we do this way Jim is here [Music] yeah the only time you be joining t10 I want the food Oh God oh yes they're broke we broke them although look at look at how look at the tracks on the ground like do you do shit like that just not on camera - yeah just like for fun that's all I do like it's weird cause like right now I haven't taken like a vacation or like a break from work like four years fuck yeah right now like I'm on like a vacation how long yeah just cuz like I felt like I didn't deserve a vacation or like or like need a vacation but like I think I earned it yeah no matter what somebody thinks about you or your videos or whatever I think it's everybody can agree like how much work it is especially when you were doing every day for like what a year yeah two years yeah having to come up with the craziest shit every day and you trick anyone I like try to top yourself and like make it like better and like it's uh it's like a it's like a challenge you know I think that's like we're a lot of like the madness and like craziness comes in and like cuz it just never ends and you just want to keep on like growing and growing and growing I mean that's how I feel with like even doing these types of videos where it's like I did you know panic on and then Jeffrey what's the next thing what's reality Logan pool oh my god we have the same time - sorry you haven't done [Music] well [Music] oh my god wait is that a water slide what is that we want to build like a high - you should build some kind of crazy-ass waters yeah like right here that goes like from the house oh why am i giving you the worst I'm making it worse so this is part of the like off-road track 18 yeah it's like a it's like a golf cart on steroids and we didn't drive it you want yeah but that's what I love to do like I love its rental in and like going fast and like cars like motors and stuff are you ever scared to be there huh mmm not really uh I don't know I just don't think about it have you ever been hurt like from one of these pranks or stones or videos or just in real life not really no I've been doing like dumb shit since I was like a kid like that's what you do for fun in Ohio oh yeah there's nothing I'm good that's what I was thinking like when I was going through all your old videos and I saw like videos of you and Logan lighting shit on fire not that lighting you know cool on fire or whatever in LA is a good idea it's not but I was like oh they redid this yeah they were young in Ohio it's different this weapon yeah you can have a bonfire in Ohio like it just Jennifer yeah you think it's if I don't want to say that I didn't even realize that what we like like we've always been playing with fire like you're right yeah literally yeah you want it so can you guys show me here oh yeah oh yeah [Applause] Wow [Music] okay so a lot of people I've heard from you know sources it's actually real yeah so does that piss you off does it make you angry because you're like I'm actually fucking real no it doesn't piss me off because we know yeah that's all that like really matters and it used to be like it started it's fake I don't think it was ever fake but that's we got married like the first thing I do on YouTube so obviously people are gonna like have that you've been around since the very beginning so you seem like everything everything yep believing people coming the first people there in the first people like everyone who lived yeah what is your overall consensus of like has there been any person leaving where you're like like did it feel like that like they used you in the table um I'm not gonna say names but the first group of people I would say probably we're got really greedy I'd say like everyone who's left is just like has used us yeah because they think they could go on and do something better and then it's like I don't think they realize that they like use us but when these people come into team ten I give them everything like managers agents house food money places to live like Fame cameramen editors brand deals like everything I give it to them and then they forget where they came from after a couple months and they're like oh I I could do this on my own like why is team ten taking a percentage of my like I want to do something else because they don't want to really work as hard as I need you to stay there what is Cape Town now because I was trying to catch up and I was so confused and there's like two rapper children I yeah it's it's a confusing like I don't even I don't even know it like if you guys did a tour right with the new squad yeah yeah it's like super confused that is super confused by oh wait what's Jake called - I have had a second account but I gave it to my friend because when chance left team ten he likes stole their account because that chance Anthony had an account together the night chance left team ten and I switched the password to my sorority account and so Anthony was like left without like anything and so I just gave him my second account as I has a couple million subscribers wait people that is stole there you go yeah no I know I don't know never I talk about that kind of stuff if you just like try to argue like it's just gonna make you you're just gonna go back and forth and no one's gonna believe you or like your side of the story do you like clothes and shoes like what's like wait what do you say that I honestly I save a lot of it but I like like cars cars I have like ten probably yeah but I don't know I like to say I like to save money or should I put like whiskers on it be like tonic god I'm gonna move the cheese and nobody plays cheese's wait what [Music] [Music] the Adrenaline's like a truck for me like I love adrenaline I love I'm gonna turn the joke [Music] it's not every night you can probably go this is nothing [Music] [Laughter] [Music] like he'll wake up in the back row like shit today [Music] [Applause] but looks like a movie theater / music studio so this is where you vote yes just like here and there I call it like your to music yeah but like are we sitting down now I was really curious because I feel like I always took it as a joke like kind of self-aware and kind of a parody like you know like with the driving around the expensive cars and throwing money and like I'm the best PewDiePie's next like in my head I was like oh it's like funny it's like yeah a little bit it was like I didn't know anybody like I was just having fun when we were making the song because I think people like missed like miss judge like my personality it was like how can I do my best attempt at like being like a rapper and like making a rap song and people took it as like wow this like stupid kids like actually trying to rap literally we were just in the studio and like there was a group of friends and we were just like having so much fun and like ready it was like how could we like brag and like flex and like just be idiots and talk shit like rappers do all I could do get working so hard sweating like crazy you care she sits on it I do so it's not like you as a person like as a person you're not or are you like coffee BRAC I think I think it I definitely was like growing up but I don't think I am anymore at least is that something that you feel like the last two years and controversies and all that stuff did that kind of make you remember that like oh everything could go away if I fuck up and like I should be more home allegedly not do Crazy's the craziest shit ever ya know a hundred percent like you learn from your mistakes and I think like looking back there was definitely moments where I was like cocky and like but to me he was always like in a fun and playful way and I think growing up like I was always like super competitive and like played sports how it is like where I'm from it's like oh like I'm the best running back I'm the best linebacker like I'm the fastest and like I'm gonna prove it to everybody and like whatever we did we wanted to be the best dad that's like the vibe of like where I'm from and I think that carried over a little bit yeah and like YouTube and like becoming successful but before I just didn't give a shit like I just did whatever it wasn't even I did whatever I wanted like I just like was moving a million miles per hour and now it's just like finding the balance because you have to learn that there's like consequences for a certain shit that you do especially like when millions of people are watching yeah um I think it's a Geo we can also go back to like at the beginning when you guys are out outside you were talking about how you enjoy going fast and like it exciting yeah yeah forever what do you want to meet you what's like your main driving thing like why do you do this honestly to me like I love to just create and like build and like watch things grow whether it's like creating a video I like watching it back even since I was like 12 years old and making videos like I was like my own biggest fan like I'd love to like watch them back and like see how I could have done it better alright now say professor just a professor no no no say we're like post it and like see what people think about it and then like make an even better video and so like I always just like to challenge myself and see how hard I can push myself and I'm from a small town I got lived in like a bubble and like everyone said like grow up go to college you get married get a job like it was the same shit and so I like broke out of that mold and everyone said like hey Jake you're gonna fail you're not gonna do anything and so like it almost motivates me to like prove them wrong at the same time but also like throughout this process I realize that like I want to show other kids from like small towns that they can become as big as you want like if you if you work for it and like truly are passionate about about what you're doing and I also like that like just make people around me proud like I like to make my parents proud and so like I'm always thinking about them like when I'm working so yeah it's kind of like a combination of a lot of things like that that motivating were your parents like supportive in the beginning of you doing YouTube yeah there they were super supportive they didn't really like understand it I mean I don't anything I understood what I was getting myself into just cuz like mom's a nurse and my dad is like a realtor and so it's kind of scary but they knew like we were just come out here and like work hard and make the best of it your mom still lives you know yeah and then your dad is here yeah well my dad's like back and forth Oh their divorce yeah my mom's remarried interesting so I would go like a week with my mom and then like a week with my dad growing up how long I think I was like B so your dad lives separate from your mom and you'd have to go back and forth like how much like I don't know a week with my mom and then a weed with my dad I'm just back and forth that's a lot yeah you're two rooms yeah so you had all with different things did you kind of travel like whipping suitcase like yeah but yeah I actually did it like I asked like pack up my clothes like every week to go to the other house there was like two different worlds too like my mom's house I could like go hang out with friends like do whatever I want and then I go to my dad's house and just like work like what do you mean like he would like buy houses and then like like shitty houses and then me and my brother and him would like go like every night and like just work for hours like fixing them this is like so and then he would like sell it for more money this is weird what you did that - yeah I this is I knew I had so many things in common with you see this weird like gut feeling it's so big yeah my parents divorced when I was 8 my dad was a contractor well I would on the weekends have to help him with the house is a fucking hated it but like I had to do it yeah he was I mean I don't know your dad earn to know much about your dad my dad was like pretty intense and it like yeah it kind of forced me to be creative and like put all my energy in that and all my like pain and all my shit into like something creative which is literally something very similar that's weird that's crazy oh um all right well I'll save more of this intense shit for later but what's she okay this has been good can't eat what should we do like what's something fun that you do like this is your vacation what's like good something you wanna do on a day off we're talking about going to Walmart and get intense and like making like like a campground in the backyard or eating got like we can go fast we have a Lamborghini I've been going hey TVs anything okay I don't know like if you are here right now I'd probably be like on dirt bikes and shit okay do that yeah I mean let's see you do it okay I'm just gonna go find myself like only one of the things [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay where's the team tent helmet what do you do do you tricks or even ride yeah where do you do [Music] okay let's go yeah [Music] [Music] okay I'm forcing you to do it okay wait so what is this it's like a dune buggy there's a fire saying we're sharing Kate you in case you catch on fire you wanna drive [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] alright thanks for riding it it gets flowers in the bathroom you're staying in the foot yeah wait why would even you trust me do you trust me I trust you Shh we trust each other I've I'm not like you have to trust me you're just filming everything go ahead on the off record on the cortisone Oh [Music] welcome to Ohio don't worry I'm a good driver [Applause] [Music] [Music] welcome back radix and I don't want you but I did that you better answer every question why did you do that a lot yeah I took my Jeep actually on that same course really it's really fun you don't get scared of that you know you can't be scared of anything ever you live here [Music] [Laughter] [Music] Hey [Music] what do you do we were just happy she there's some stuff that like when you put in this right because things that take the state is release everything makes they kind of everything makes sense and now I feel like that I can't say that keep our gonna be like the ex-girlfriends [Music] like dark shit yeah I don't know how you deal with your situation I didn't really get it I got a little bit of it but this is um this is this is a mess the views its family relationships I don't want to piss off anybody in his family I don't want to cause a big controversy a fucking drama with the ex-girlfriends and all ourselves yeah what I also feel like a lot of it is that stuff yeah all the beef and stuff what kind of percent real that's crazy I was like it was very like I wanted to kill him where did the dad go I don't even think I got him on camera there's a floor buffer over Jake's room was where we haven't been that's hard to to let go it's like that's some of that stuff like could you picture being around someone after something like that happened to you never right so katie is not my producer certain situations make sense whereas other narratives just don't and so I think that if he's open to it you can give him the ability to share there's not just like a certain energy like I'm sure that you kind of sense I've seen it it's just the energy shifts it's just it's not a good situation Elissa is like she said that I threw her down the stairs like [Music] it's just in the past but I also kind of shit [Music] [Music] you shot me down [Music] you
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