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The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

  • Published on: 2018-12-05
  • [Music] name's Kathy more Chiyo Lee see your mother very busy always even as we speak I'm sending an email loopback action steps energy sent now he may be busy but I hate getting ripped off so I'm getting scammed I want to know oh wow you were the first person to ever openly accept my presence and I'm gonna do squats while you talk okay well ever notice how stores like these intentionally make mattress shopping as confusing as possible this bottle has incest news coils heat sensitive memory foam and pillow top underwire and I'll let you take it home today for just $39.99 a month with no interest and no money down we leave the down to the comforter guys and that's not a blanket statement huh but it's all a big bed of Lies designed to rip you off hey that's illegal yeah it is to protect us from you see big mattress has been stuffed with shifty scam artists since the beginning back in the 1800s manufacturers would stuff mattresses with literally anything so the government forced them to label what was inside but then those devious mattress stores would just remove the tag so in 1958 the government made that practice illegal so that's what those tags are for nowadays you can rest assured that your mattress is garbage free but the mattress industry is still full of it come on down to the mattress store they've got so many scams your head will explode scale number one manufacturers will take the exact same mattress and sell it under different names in different stores so it's impossible for you to compare prices at Macy's it's called a Simmons Beautyrest recharge Ally at Sears it's called a beauty rest recharge debit with luxury at u.s. mattress com it's called a Beautyrest recharge lyric luxury and everywhere it's the exact same mattress if I can't compare prices how am I supposed to haggle oh good stressing me out give me that one scam number two manufacturers makeup special mattress features to jack up the price even when they do nothing to help you sleep this mattress has fluff stuff inner Springs outer Springs and flexo-coil hmm look at the sparkle what is flex it will do it adds $300 in the price scam number three retailers profit off of your confusion by regularly marking up prices 50% or more and here's the dirtiest little secret hiding under the mattress this industry spends a lot of time making its products seem different but the truth is the majority of mattresses are produced owned and sold by the same companies more than 60% of mattresses sold in America are made by the same two manufacturers with materials from the same suppliers then they're often sold in mattress stores owned by the same company oh my choice didn't seem that embarrassing wait I can order a mattress from one of those internet companies I heard about it on my favorite podcast welcome back to part 64 of our investigation into a crime that's none of our business but first let's talk about Casper I needed to buy a new mattress but I was too busy playing amateur detective with real people's lives with Casper I just clicked they shipped and it showed up straight to my door in a neat little package could Casper be disrupting the mattress industry oh definitely not those online companies are just as sneaky as the stores too late I already ordered one like my ex on our first date [Music] actually online mattresses aren't always cheaper you can find plenty of memory foam mattresses in the store for the same price and they're often made by the very same subcontractors the brick-and-mortar guys use and since you're shopping online you can't try before you buy so once again comparison shopping is basically impossible yeah nice try mr. smarty pajama pants I checked a bunch of review sites first oh that's no guarantee at all online review sites are infested with conflicts of interest and mattress reviews are some of the worst most mattress reviewers get kickbacks from sales generated from their sites incentivizing positive reviews this mattress gives me all the fields 10 out of 10 weeks whoo someone purchased via my link babe you're so cute when you're working for me you are in bed together oh that was very good Kathy but it's true Casper has even bought out an entire review sites you know what let's make this official putting all that together if you do a Google search for mattress reviews you might just be seeing advertisements from the companies themselves [Music] so what I have to do I go to get a new mattress honestly there aren't really any better options no matter what you do shopping for a mattress is just a big old nightmare [Music]
  • Runtime: 05:33
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  • quieness

    This applies to almost any product ever honestly xD

  • Hexalys Walker

    Anybody got any idea where the Purple matress stands in all of this?

  • Noah's Cesspool

    calm down ppl buy a mattress like once a decade. and the people who buy mattresses more than that can probably afford the prices

  • DreamTech Oz

    I've been sleeping in the same hammock for the past 4 years. It cost me $40 (AUD)

  • Gusty

    buy a blanket and throw it on the floor. apparently its better for your spine than using a mattress anyway

  • Raeda Masri

    I knew about the different naming so you cant price match

  • Quinn Field

    How about just accept the scam because there’s no other f***ing better option.

  • SuperKlizzard

    I've slept on a large piece of cushion foam from the craft store with a lawn chair cushion on top. Did fine for me. No need for a heavy mattress.

  • InJeffable

    I actually had a good experience with my recent mattress shopping. I went to a Mattress Firm three times. The first time, an employee showed me around the store and had me try out different mattresses. I went home to think things over. When I went back, I decided to get the Original Purple Mattress. Two guys delivered the mattress and a new platform to my third floor apartment and hauled away my old mattress and box spring (for a reasonable fee). After a few weeks, I decided the Purple wasn't working out for me. I went back Mattress Firm, at which time they had me try out different mattresses to see what might be a better fit for me. I decided on a Kingsdown Passions mattress. And even though it was priced $100 higher than the Purple, they knocked that $100 off so that I would have an even exchange. A few days later, two guys brought the Kingsdown mattress up to my apartment and took away the Purple one -- at no extra delivery/pickup charge. It was a nice experience all the way around. I'm sorry that some people have had bad mattress shopping experiences, but that just wasn't the case with me.

  • M Martin

    Buying Adam Ruins Everything videos from YouTube is one BIG scam! Yes, I have an advertisement to buy his DVDs, ;)

  • Meron Handsome

    Love the show, do you have your own channel? Ik you post it on college humor and trutv but I am curious as to whether you have a channel just for your show

  • MLGGUY420

    I hope Adam makes an episode called, Adam ruins the video game industry or Adam ruins Fortnite!


    I did my own research on layering densities of foam and made my own mattress for 1/4 the cost using supplies from the foam factory.

  • D. S.

    Adam states you can not test a mattress that you buy online first and that's false. almost every company offers a try before you buy option... Like most of his videos, some of the stuff is true but they gloss over things that are false and don't expect you to question it just in the attempt for content. shame on me for actually clicking on this video.

  • Vegarot Fusion

    Sometimes they've been known to fall off the back of a truck. This one time Vinnie found a whole truck. Anyways if your looking for a cheap mattress talk to his cousin Joey he runs the old storage units tell him Nicky sent ya.

  • JR

    Yeah it's bad...so just Sleep on two of them...double up two of them lol

  • Michael S

    Sleep Number is great. It's actually completely different from a normal mattress.

  • Izzy


  • Tiffany Zhu

    so this is why there are so many mattress stores

  • Radical Hunter

    To be fair most mattress buyers can't be helped, when you suggest a softer mattress for a lighter person they tutt and try the one made for folks over 16st/101kgs. Its really not that difficult, you pick the one which follows your backs shape when you lie on it, if there's a gap or serious pressing move on to the next. also the memory mattresses you see on social media are complete garbage. No support and just awful to lie on.

  • Geedi Mohammed

    What matra needs downpaiment. I bought my queen sized from ikea in Netherlands for 110 euro 5 years ago. Still use it who in their right minds bies a 2000 dollar matrass

  • Killin With Ki11Roy

    It's sad that no one can take anything from this show at face value after that SJW one they did.

  • Dimitar Tomov

    @ Adam I hope you finally learned - Government regulations do not solve problems. Maybe now that you are aware, you can explain that to @ CollegeHumor team

  • Justin Main

    After a while it doesn't matter where you sleep, your back is gonna start hurting whether you like it or not. It's called getting old.

  • Milo McMahon

    Remember when Adam used to debunk things for a reason? And give us potential solutions?

  • Ruby V

    Just do what I do and go to Costco!! Decent mattress for decent price

  • Sherif Louis

    what about the 90 day trial that online mattresses usually give consumers?

  • Owen Kittredge

    Got a waterbed in 1974 and still have one. Easy to move much lower cost than conventional mattress and frame

  • M C

    I bought my matress for 800$ and the next year was able to get the same exact one for my mom for 400$ I would feel like I have been scammed, however they are the best sleep I have ever had and I suppose the average is having spent 600$ on each, pretty worthwhile.

  • Jason Allcreator

    So... my online mattress that was $100 was really $300? How did they get the other $200? Cause it wasn't from me.

  • Deanna Garcia

    Yeah I had to mattress shop and can agree with all that stuff. I just looked at what I could afford and what we were willing to pay.

  • Jay Dezi

    To be fair to Casper, they do offer a 100 day trial period where you can get your money back if you don't like it. (according to my nosy podcasts) But yes definitely harder than comparing mattresses at a store

  • muraqpuq

    What about Adam ruins the legend that "Eskimos" have plenty of words for snow? :)

  • John Lemus

    I guess I'm lucky that there are a handful of mom and pop mattress manufacturers where I live.

  • speedboy6776

    Why are half the people in this show gay? Never felt like I had homosexuality forced down my throat so hard until I started watching this show.

  • Roberturt

    You'll spend 1/3 of your life asleep, invest in yourself.

  • Matthew Stephens

    Just sounds like we need more people with mattress factories and other stuff. Like other peopkr with medical centers. Wait. All that takes money.

  • Aliics

    Ha! Beds are for losers! I just sleep on the job! I'm a forklift driver, please don't tell anyone.

  • Kni

    or just buy a plank of wood and sleep on that.

  • Wkaf

    I support all of this liberalism, and don't get me wrong, but this is just not humour

  • Eddie Rc

    5:29 When you get done with all your chores and your mom say she got something good else.

  • Tasav

    So standard marketing and industry practice? Nothing new learned here

  • tom ster

    i bought my three matress sets used online on craiglist free from people who bought these ridiculous over priced pieces of junk.

  • Michelle Laroche

    I really like my internet mattress quite a bit. With plenty of return time, I don’t feel like I have been duped...

  • Greg Camp

    Time for a dose of this clowns latest Wikipedia binge of misinformation.

  • selly king

    You that white chick in the beginning is from insatiable

  • ba sillah

    She is a real life skinny barbie. She must miss out on a lot of meals to be that skinny.

  • Queen is Love, Queen is Life.

    It’s easy. Find the cheapest and least fancy mattresses, lay down on them, pick the comfortable one. Speak in a heavy, unidentifiable accent so that if the seller tries to confuse or sway your opinion, you can just pretend you don’t understand them and redirect them towards the cheap ones.

  • Tony

    How thick do you have to be to finally realize this? Flooring industry is the same way geniuses.

  • The White Death

    After this, I threw my matress out of my house and started sleeping on the floor.

  • I Like Turtles

    Its called a 20 ft rope and some 2 by 4s. The reason why getting married is called "tying the knot" is because mattresses from the 16th - 20th centuries were a piece of rope and some burlap stuffed with hay. On a couples wedding night, the knot holding the bed together would be untied, so you would have to "Tie the knot" so you didn't crash into the ground.

  • jingles bellez

    But what about purple mattresses. They have a 100 day guarantee and it doesn’t look like a normal mattress

  • Quix Silver

    Broke: everyone else Woke: this lady, opening invited learning everyone’s bullshit

  • foxylee

    I don't get the problem at all. Why are people spending so much money on mattresses? I have a framed mattress bed from Ikea, set me back 200 dollers. It's absolutely great.

  • Ossi

    Adam, your hair is scaring me. Now I know it is not your fault that your hair is like that I have a friend with similar hair and I know it just happens sometimes but you really need to seek help, also if you use a mattress you are clearly under the Reptoids mind control I only need a a pillow, then again pillows might be used by the Greys as a form of hormones injector as I'm growing boobs, and no I only buy McDonald's twice a day so that can't be it. Also getting fat from McDonald's is a government conspiracy to take away my diet coke. Regards Ossi

  • marcos morales

    Or go to a flee market that's what we did and it's not bad and it was a cheap

  • D M

    I've been sleeping on the floor since I was 18 and I'm 25 now. No back problems, I sleep like a rock, and I will never go back to mattresses

  • What In Tarnation

    people buy mattresses once every decade so if a mattress is $1,000 you only spent $100 dollars a year on something you use for 8 hours a day, even though it could be cheaper theres so many expenses like coffee which people spend more than 1,000 a month on that need to be addressed, so I dont mind the price tbh

  • Siberian Orange

    Not always a fan of these. They tend to be pretty biased and trust facts... But this one was spot on! Great job

  • Jared Knight

    I appreciate that dig at those stupid "true crime" podcasts.

  • karlwashere123

    Sam's Club. The Sealy Posturepedic pillow top is only 399 and they only want $99 for the box spring. At that price you can buy a new mattress every four or five years.

  • Ben

    I loved trying mattresses. The 12,000 mattress was as comfortable as a 2500 mattress. In the end, its about what you are willing to spend, and whether you can actually be comfortable enough on whatever that is.

  • Some Random dude

    God damet I wish this was sponsored by purple I did hear they are good ... And I really! Want one!!

  • romxxii

    3.2K dislikes? There are that many mattress salesmen who watch College Humor?