Росбанк дебетовая карта «Сверхкарта+» [cards][sale] Росбанк дебетовая карта «Сверхкарта+: расходы приносят доходы» [cards][sale]


  • Published on: 2018-09-10
  • what's flavor to get well I am on a diet so airhead taco dr0 is refreshing every 7-eleven ever boy I need to pee-pee seven feet my penis is crying huh sir sure I need to use your restroom immediately employees only fill it out oh well stun Oh sir mercy ha ha birth date unknown boss so much pee done ha Peters coming now I need yours restroom whoa oh it's too late I've paid you're hired ha now you have to clean that up Oh every 2 a.m. drunken shopping ever give me all your money dude I'm so sorry but unfortunately she already took it all see you tomorrow night Neal yep drive safe however I can recommend some of the more expensive items of the store for you to steal let me just hold on that for you oh yeah the safety on bro all right if you go all the way to the back this allergy medication and then grab a twizzler two for the road come on man you can grab more big gulps all right what's this line for you'll know what July 11 free slurpie Day you guys been waiting in this line only 26 hours but aren't they usually like 65 cents yeah yeah I'll never forget 7-eleven and always ask for ID especially if they're hot because then you can see their full name and their address any other questions yes one why are we cold 7-eleven actually it's fine wait what time is it goes by so fast anyway you're gonna have to clean this up wait what the clock says 7-eleven make a wish brain freeze brain freeze [Music] how long has he been like this I don't know he was here before I opened yeah how long is that hotdogs been spinning there do you remember the Civil War Gerald look at this pathetic excuse for a sandwich like oh my god no has anyone ever you one of those that survived because those look expired and depressed yeah like who even made this in the morning I wake my rooster I then start to make the fresh bread next I like to try and think of who might eat the sandwich and I say a prayer for them I prepare the meat and garnish with all my heart inability and I then finished by cutting the sandwich into triangles with my special shears I make sandwiches every day all day I am the sandwich realtalk Japanese 7-eleven dope Wow okay really creative on bring our own cuff day yeah yeah dude hey kid where'd you get that toilet I yanked it out of the bathroom how old are you seven okay every 7-eleven ever have I seen you somewhere before Colin ere now I never seen it oh no man you do it as we whoa whoa thank you guys so much watch this video and if you're not yet subscribed to it if you haven't seen every makeup tutorial ever guess what that box on the left is to click it and you can go watch it but if you want to watch every Taco Bell ever click that video on the right lower than one of the left til one on the right don't favor shame better people click the video on the right it's frankly you
  • Runtime: 05:14
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  • Elf

    This is just cringe. Some of these jokes had potential, like pointing out the price of slushees, but you try too hard with the “ive been waiting here for 24 hours” or whatever. I know you’re trying to do satire but it’s like a child trying to tell a joke.

  • Eden Illahi

    I think its called 7 11 Is like 11 hours a day Of every week or nah

  • Brinken

    0:53 Shayne looks like the live action Shaggy from the Scooby Doo movies

  • Ryan Moore

    I love how almost all the jokes are about slurpees cos they're the only reason anyone every goes to 711

  • Isaac CHEUNG

    It’s called 7 Eleven because it supposed to be open from 7 to 11. However most 7 Elevens shoukd be called 10 Six.

  • Mamie Slusher


  • Charlie Abou Serhal

    Police:Where do u live? Me:With my parents Police:Where your parents live? Me:With me Police:Where u all live? Me:Together Police:Where is your house? Me:Next to my neighbor Police:Where is your neighbor house? Me:If i tell you, you wont believe me Police:Tell me Me:Next to my house

  • Wesley Woodson

    The "I need to be pee" segment is the only part of the video I thought was funny.

  • Malky Walky

    Hey kid where did you get that toilet “I yanked it out of the bathroom” how old are you? “7” LMAO SHANES VOICE

  • Caleb Humphrey

    Why is ian working the register it should be some 40 year old Arab with a turban

  • vSandii

    why is the black guy the robber? aww m8

  • msfinn11

    2:33 me literally every time it’s 4:20.

  • NA

    Wow smosh turned to shit

  • Rman Nayr


  • Tigaa

    When It was 7:11 it took 11 seconds to become 7:12

  • maja

    i wondered why this was so bad and then i saw the channel name and all my questions were answered

  • Arwen Perez

    did the grandma almost make anyone else cryyyyyyyyyy? ......... asking for a frieeeend........totally

  • iiJ4da

    Do every family reunion ever 😂

  • Gabriel Franco

    I have type 1 diabetes and that isnt funny because i can die of heart disease

  • Saiya6CIT

    I dont mind sponsored content if you keep being funny

  • Ironphoenix

    She says taco nacho zero but goes starburst spinach

  • iDoruk

    I Don't really think that a slushy and a hotdog go well together.

  • Asad Farhan

    Reminds me of a 90's commercial with better quality

  • RedThunder

    At 0:15 seconds there’s two airhead taco nacho zeros next to each other

  • Matthew TDAM


  • Bell Cranel

    I think I THINK you guys are running out of ideas I'm not sure

  • Thorpedo Gaming

    Bruh free slurpee DAY ‘We’ve been wanting for 26 HOURS!’ OOOOOOMMMMAAAAAAAA GOOOOOD

  • Marta Nuñez

    This should on spanish soon i want it its so funny💞

  • SarcastTM

    only time i ever went to a 7eleven was to buy a minecraft premium card lol

  • Trinical

    I have never been to seven eleven lol

  • Obarg1

    The pee one killed me and made my stomach **hurt**

  • Owen McVey

    Say so much pee in that voice and you sound like a game of thrones character

  • Bradshaw

    We don't even have a 7/11 here in Tennessee.

  • Ryan Gabbert

    Sad to see that kids these days don't get to witness the original good smosh