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8 Best DIY Food Hacks You Need to Know How To Do Challenge!

  • Published on: 2018-10-06
  • - Yo, we got watermelon! You want some? - Yeah, of course. - How'd you make it orange? - Orange, wait, you want an orange? - An orange! - make it orange, not get me an orange. how to peel a watermelon. So right now, let's go. For this kitchen hack, the secret is you don't need one watermelon, you need - And so here's what we're going to do. So we're going to place one of them off to the side right now. And now, we have to peel the melon. If you do this at home and if you're using a knife, you must be very careful. - Wait, what? I've never seen hair on a watermelon. - Look at this. - [Devon] What? - [Collins] So here we go. So, it's gonna some shaving cream on it. - Bro! - Don't touch, hey, hey, hey, stop, stop! Devon. - What? - Shave the melon. (Collins yells) - What? the top layer of it, but I think that he did it the wrong way, per usual. Let's go! - Wait, what? Whoa, whoa. - [Devon] Hey now! - No dude, it broke in half! - [Devon] Dude, you broke it. - We're going to use this right over here and we're just gonna relax him. Now that he's relaxed into a very subdued and quiet state, it's time to wake him up. - Oh, oh poor watermelon. - Dude. Dude. Dude. They're always like, (grunts) but when you relax them they're like ahhh. - [Watermelon] Ahhh. to move on to the next step. Step one is to cut it in half. - Just like this. - (tongue clicking) Oh, oh, oh! (Grunts) Three, two, one. Yes! - Waiting on slowpoke Devon over here. - go into hyper-speed right now. Activate it. (upbeat carinval music) - And done. - Alright, hyper-speed is out. Here's the big reveal. Ta-dah! For this round, you challenged us to make orange jack-o-lanterns. Dude, all jack-o-lanterns are orange bro. - No, see this time we're literally making them out of oranges. Alright well, right now, let's go! - Jack-o-lanterns are supposed to be round, not oval shaped, bro. So, this is it here. (Grunting) Okay, there we go, perfect, done. And next up, we gotta add some little magic genie juice on this thing, bro. (magic music) - Alright, the genie juice is on it. - Alright well, while you're doing that, and then take out the inside with a spoon. - Oh! So, here we go. - It's empty now so the next step is - Alright, the designs are on and now it's time to carve 'em out. First eye done. Final step is to add the candle. - These jack-o-lanterns turned out so cool and bro, yours looks absolutely insane. So here's the big reveal. Are you ready? Here we go. If you can do that, comment down below Keyper squad right now. - Bro! My jack-o-lantern-- - Wait, is yours throwing up? So this round you challenged us to make a whole bunch of aquatic snacks. - Collins, what are you wearing? - Bro, I'm a dolphin. Or should I say (dolphin calls) - Uh, wow. - Dude, you're not even swimming, you're trawling and clapping. Do some dives. What? Okay. - Next up, we got the bananas. So there we go, perfect. I got my one banana. So here we go. Holy llama, holy llama, uh, uh. - And now, for the final blessing process! There we go! (Trilling) - Guys, if you do this, be very careful. - I'm crying a little bit. and then you move it off to the side 'cause we're going to use it later. We're gonna chop down the center of it. Boom, nailed it. Yo, it's like (dolphin calls) So next up, - Yes! We're gotta add the little eye holes; a little, little area right over here. but the top of the (gasps) (laughs) It looks like a little eye. swim in the great blue ocean of the world. You make little triangles on it like that. We're gonna pull up the little fin. Look at him, he's like yo, what's up? How you doin' bro? - Alright, now we add a grape to it. - Look it's so cute and now all we have to do is make the ocean habitat in which it lives and this part is super easy. We made a whole bunch of dolphin friends. We actually made a whole super pod. So now, we gotta make the ocean. So we're gonna take out this little tree 'cause there ain't no trees in the ocean. Yeet! Alright, so we just need some-- - Yeet! - It's very rare that you out-yeet me, but today you have out-yeeted me. Congratulations, Devon. - You're welcome. (trumpet playing) - Fleet! Doesn't even work. I think mine is all mixed up enough so I'm just gonna start populating it with my dolphin breed or squad. Squad, no pod? Pod. Let's get this little dude in here. but naw fam, star-crossed lovers. who made a better pod of dolphins. Mine's a super pod, his is a regular pod. but right now we are on to the next round. but with eggs. - Oh, oh jeez. - we're gonna do a-- - Here we go, another one. - You got it! - Alright Collins, now it's time to test your net catching skills. Okay, there we go, you got another one. - Oh! Now it's time to crack open some eggs. - [Devon] How does this even work? - What? - (screams) Mind blown! We got a stealth cactus. Oh, wait, wait, wait. Whoops, sorry. - Now this contraption is incredible. The goal is you place it on top here, Three, two, one. - Oh, no way! No, it just made a little mark on it. Three, two, one. - Mine worked. - What? - What! - Like look at this little hat. What, I'm stylin' now! Next up is the very challenging task of into these pancake art bottles. - But luckily, we have this egg holder slash funnel-looking thing. Alright, you ready for this? - Sure! - It's working! - Oh, man I filled it up too fast! - Oh, oh! - Okay, that was partly your fault. - So we got the egg whites, and now it's time for the egg yolks. - Hopefully you've learned, Collins. - Learned what? I was gonna straight freestyle this thing. If 50% of it makes it in, that's better than my normal average. (gasps) Yo! Haha! The moment has come. It is time to make the egg art. So first, we gotta Pam it up a little bit. You know, get a little bit of Pam on-- No, ooh, ooh. So, here we go. Step one, done! Gonna give him a little ooh! - This stuff does not cooperate. Now it's time for the eye. Oh, no! This is so difficult, bro! - Like work with me! - [Devon] Mine is not turning out, dude. - I can't work with this. - I got the touch for this thing! - Oh, I'm messing it up further! Alright, it's time for me to flip mine. - Oh, man! - You ready for this? - [Collins] Oh! - It doesn't even flip like a pancake! - Wait, so what is that? - It got folded in half. It was supposed to be a chicken, dude. - Here's the big flip. You ready? - first, three second like challenge! Are you ready? Here we go. Aye, I think you did that - You just took it out of the pan. - [Collins] Oh, oh no. Well this was a complete fail, but you get who made a better one? And right now, we are on to the next one. For this round you challenged us to turn So right now, the game is 86 to 89 love and let's just get lit! (laughing) Jesus, sorry! - It snapped on my finger! - I'm sorry. First step, you're gonna take an apple, drop it on your cutting board, and then we're gonna use these paddles. We use the dog squat of poppin-ness. - Oh, I didn't know. Next up we're gonna use a dinosaur head to split this thing in half and fun fact, - Only 6 times? - Yeah, that's it. - That's surprisingly little. - Yeah, a couple little dinisaurs. (yells) - Oh, dude, oh! Next up, cut up the strawberries. - Oh, yeah! - Just wanna put that out there. - Wait, you already started? What? - Like half way through. - That's crazy. I got a focus up real quick. - Almost done. - Wait, What? Here we go. Whoa. - The future is too crazy, bro. You don't even wanna know what happened. The dinisaurs came back. It was absolute may- - Next up we take two grapes, a toothpick, in the grape, just like this, and you attach it to the top as eyes. - So alright, here we go. Just gonna feed him some raisins. Nom, nom, nom, nom! Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom! - My dude has strawberry eyebrows. So you get to comment down below and let us know which monster is scarier. For this round you challenged us First step you gotta grab a pineapple. See Devon, we're making a pineapple parrot First step's first, you're-- - You have a dusty pineapple, bro. Be very careful with the knives and maybe ask someone else to help you. (high pitched beep) like right here. You now have the bird! You gotta carve this into the head. - So how do you do that? - Well you could either carve it or you can just take a beak like this, - Seems kind of like cheating bro. - Yeah, we're not gonna do that so fleet! Oops. - Yeah you are! - It's the plume-age. This is the feather of the bird. - No, it doesn't have that much plume-age. - I'm making a peacock, bro. A peacock parrot. Why can't we make a p-carrot? - what you do is you use scissors - Again, unless you're making a p-carrot. Man, this thing is not holding in place. Alright, there we go, nice. - Fun fact, Devon has a bonsai tree Alright, now here we go. - Can I just say, I had no idea how dusty pineapples were, bro. - Well I can help out cleaning it. - No, no, no, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! That would make it dirtier, bro! - What, this is super clean. - No, you have a dirty duster (groaning) It's just not working, man. (hammering) Alright, there we go, perfect. Let's just use a carrot pick. (hammering) - [Devon] A carrot pick? - Slinky solutions, let's slink. - Slinky solutions? - Yeah, that's gonna be the name of my company, Slinky Solutions. - Next step is shaping the head. - I'm just gonna have to go into the top of the pineapple here and just (groans) Here we go, the carrot's still in there. - Alright, mine is shaped now. It's time for me to carve it out. - Done! Alright so I had to use the pineapple (saxophone playing) - Wow dude, that's quite an impressive lung capacity you have there. - Yeah, and that's why they call me the clairvoyant clarineter. - It's a saxophone. - Actually, it's a snorkel. (whistle blowing) - Dude, yours looks crazy, bro! - Yeah, I don't know what happened there, but here's the big reveal! and right now, here's the big reveal. You ready? - [Devon] Yours is terrifying! - Well I added some extra eyes! So now it's also spider as well. So now it's called a sp-carrot. A spider, parrot, carrot. and right now we are on to the next one. This round is crazy! with special guests for this next one! - Wait, what? That's awesome, bro! I'm gonna miss you, bro! - Alright, see you later! Three, two, one. - Wait, why did he take my watermelon? - Yo, what's up guys! I just finished filming their live show and now they're here on the channel. You guys ready? - We're ready! - Exactly! Alright, so right now, let's go! - Move your fingers, move your fingers. - She looks super good at this. - Alright, so now my dude. Those are very important. I'm just kinda going for it at this point. Dude, I'm going for the win, bro! These guys are pros! What? - Snap, crackle! - Yo, yo, yo, oh! - How? I really gotta step my game up, man. This is not good. - Festoon? Is that a cooking term? - He looks so sad! (laughs) - What's happening with you? - You know, just (laughs) - Have you ever done this before? (laughs) - No, I have never the craft. Okay, well that's good. I guess we'll just pour it back in now. - I'm going to take a couple of teeth out. - Yours vomited! - So now you fill it back in. - Look at that. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out! - Yo, this thing is not turning out. There's no way that I can win. Hey bro, can you hear me? - (yells) Go for Dev. - Already on it. (intense music) - Bro, do you have it? - Almost there. - Dude, hurry up! - Dude, these things take time! It's ready. - Alright, so I guess they're working on Here we go, three, two, one, bam! Alright, cool! - Calling time out. - This is what we ended up with so, you guys get to comment down below, who made a better watermelon shark. - Thank you guys so much for being here! - Thank you! So here we go, three, two, one. - What just happened here? (upbeat music) in the cactus cup for a second. - Did you break the cactus cup? Pick it up from, oh! - Hey, you grab a pineapple, bro. - Oh no, we got a little bit of uh oh, - Oh no. - There we go, get that one out. So here we go, we're gonna get-- - What, flies off of what? Remove one of these little pieces here and place it on the top and then... - You dropped it! What was that for? - So I had to see how it's gonna react Why does a pirate wanna join the X-Men? 'Cause he wants to become a mutiny. And if you want wanna get your own merch, click the top link in the description or you go to ShopCollinsKey.com right now You have five seconds, here we go! Love you! Bye!
  • Runtime: 16:02
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