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Guess Who's A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on: 2018-09-11
  • tell each other you love each other I [Music] have no idea you said a guessing game so I'm guessing something why not I don't know couples not really but all right let's go are like two people gonna be by with each other or Oh God I feel overwhelmed I don't know why I am not really just trying to look at you I feel like these two are a couple I don't know why probably not what's your name concentrate what's your name drinkable you guys know each other yeah they are not together okay I feel like these two I don't know why they both have blue shirts so they just seem like they they know each other I don't know you guys just was both cool anyway balance each other out and like a really good segue you don't usually hold hands like this it's kind of weird okay I feel good now okay you too maybe yes miles each other you love each other I don't know yep let's just go with that him and her I don't know they looked at each other she looked like that way and I don't know maybe he was looking at someone else over there but like the general direction her so yeah slow dance together they're close they're really close I wouldn't do that with just a stranger those two you love each other okay every time it gets weird but that's [Music] Oh God that sucks that actually makes a lot of sense now that I see everyone why didn't you I [Applause] don't know because there shall look at it I don't know I look very different from each other in like a that's not a bad way but you just seem so independent and you seem like you just chillin like yeah like so like different and then in a good way - so this is the couple like alright oh no he just kind of slightly looked at her and like I didn't see her face at all or she noticed it or whatever but like I saw it and I was like I was going to I was thinking about it for some reason I was like that could be racist please herring like black women yeah that's just messed up like I said maybe go through that but like maybe I should I was gonna pounce - I just did it no I just oh I should have gone with my gift like they all just seemed like really adorable together why not yeah unfortunately you know love is love and I think that's like something that everybody should like except this meeting you sorry oh yeah [Applause]
  • Runtime: 05:23
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  • Blonde Ambition

    I'm an early 30s Seattle resident, how can I apply to be a guest on your series?

  • Norsemen Danes

    Oh but asian on asian isnt racist this SJW bullshit is annoying and also shows that races stay together

  • E N

    *When playing Despacito gets boring*

  • Abby and shelbi

    H He Hey Hey i Hey i j Hey i ju Hey i jus Hey i just Hey i just m Hey i just me Hey i just met Hey i just met y Hey i just met yo Hey i just met you Hey i just met you h Hey i just met you he Hey i just met you hey Hey i just met you hey w Hey i just met you hey wh Hey i just met you hey wha Hey i just met you hey what Hey i just met you hey what u Hey i just met you hey what up Hey i just met you hey what u Hey i just met you hey what Hey i just met you hey wha Hey i just met you hey wh Hey i just met you hey w Hey i just met you hey Hey i just met you he Hey i just met you h Hey i just met you Hey i just met yo Hey i just met y Hey i just met Hey i just me Hey i just m Hey i just Hey i jus Hey i ju Hey i j Hey i Hey He H Wow I literally wasted so much freaking time


    Ohh nooo! They weren't as diversed as Cut wished them to beee! Usually, people of same race are attracted to each other.

  • Wesley Gray

    This channel is pretty boss. It is putting motion to the whole "Can't judge a book by its color" type of thing.

  • DollsEye

    Id fail at this cause id just be blushing hardcore and I'd be repeating "I love you" nonstop. I can't hide when i love someone xD

  • Kaynic52

    The couple with glasses are such a cute couple!

  • :/

    How’s this trending on the music section?

  • The End

    Guess Who Got Punked... HOT OFF THE PRESS:  Project Veritas, Deep State Unmasked: State Dept on Hidden Cam "Resist Everything" "I Have Nothing to Lose"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXLuqQe8DqQ

  • J0rdax

    Holy shit the one with the hat was a girl? I thought that was a dude the entire time..... wtf is up with lesbians or gay people looking like the opposite sex.

  • Wassap Guys

    From the title before I pressed in I though they used the robot alexa

  • Bobby Singh

    Damn I thought the dike was gonna be like woman?! Ima man!!!


    Blacks with black tall women with tall man asain with asain white with whites..... Wow RASCIEST BASTARD S lol makes a lote more sense


    girl needs a fashion makeover, too many people wear basic colors...black and blue...

  • Amc1294

    Why are they reposting content they've already shown months ago?

  • Free Crawler

    Come on why can’t you put the black people together it’s ok. It’s cool. We understand.

  • Lyndell O

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  • ShyanneCamryn

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  • Kendra Vang

    Love this but sooooooooo cringy lmao 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Vloggeer

    Wait why is this on the music section of trending

  • Lexi & Rue

    I guessed in the beginning and I no joke at the end got 5/5 honest

  • High :lo

    Wait...I’m having deja-vu, is this a reuploud?

  • C P

    so basically date your twin

  • star

    damn girl are those jeans painted on? O.o

  • i'mthechosenone •

    it would be embarrassing if there were some gay people out there and she pairs them with opposite gender lol

  • Saul Santiago

    It was pretty obvious the back people "were not together"😐

  • mars

    imagine if there was a gay couple OML

  • Emmy Andre

    Enough pipe responsibility evidence sail session file investigate sexually dust nut calculate text.

  • Gillipsce LRG

    I don't know what it is but I find Alexa very attractive

  • Klara Moe

    Do a "match person with the instrument they play"

  • thicc boiiie

    this is so sad bcause im single , alexa play despacito

  • edgy milkshake

    assuming a black person is dating another black person ain't racist, its just an assumption

  • Akwolf06

    Two people with glasses lookin pretty nerdy THEY MUST BE A COUPLE

  • Spilky

    I was expecting a lesbian couple....

  • GoldenTV3

    But the real question is. Can Alexa play despacito?

  • Anthony Paul

    it’s a trick ....they’re all in one polyamorous love fest

  • Max Zet

    1:52 oh god that "each ootheeeer" makes me cringe.

  • Official - Deeva!

    Where tf is her shoulders tho😂😂😂 looks like she lost her shoulder there. 0:00

  • Hyena Sheep

    Glad i was not in it. I would have put 2 girls together... x'))

  • Aaliyah Marie

    The reason she thought it might be racist is likely because they’re both black. It’s a “stick with your race” thing. Used to be huge way back in the day. Did you know interracial couples weren’t even accepted by the majority of the country until the 90’s? Crazy, right?

  • eight Mouse

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  • Crystallyzer t

    It seems obvi once you know.. prior to the reveal I had no clue tho. Lol

  • Nacl and Pepper

    Didnt pair the 2 african americans together? Hello? Anyone home? Lol