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twenty one pilots: Levitate [Official Video]


  • Margoda D.

    Is Twenty One Pilots "satanic or illuminati" ? Most of good bans are. Please Answere my Question!

  • strikeunion

    Glad i saw them before they started doing arenas

  • nico loves tøp

    Can’t wait to see the beyond the video for levitate because we all know tyler got chased by Clifford ;)

  • NerdOfVideoGames

    I swear to god this entire album is a prequel to Blurryface and Blurryface is lowkey Tyler after he’s gone insane due to these “Bishops” keeping him locked up in “Dema” or whatever.

  • Iker Link

    what happened with top, what is that shit

  • Noah Ybarra

    PET CHEETAH IS AT 0:42 if you turn your brightness up! It’s located on the top of the vulture

  • Adam Tomkins

    The "chorus verse chorus verse" refers the song format (ABABCB) that almost all pop songs are written in. We know that Tyler doesn't always follow the format like in car radio.

  • TheARguy 007

    I am in seventh grade and I am learning to levitate ,whish me luck!

  • Raven Sanchez

    You know shits gonna go down when Josh has replaced his hat for a beanie.

  • DragonSwirl

    People keep saying rapping this one is harder than Heavydirtysoul...I disagree. Learned this in like 2 days. Still can't do Heavydirtysoul

  • Jenel ll-//

    How is it that EVERY SINGLE song you create is SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!

  • danie rd

    fifteen days left for trench but i need all that shit so much tyler leak it you coward !!!!

  • Gaming with stefany

    I love you Twenty-one pilots I have known you sense falling in love with you!!I wish I could meet you guys someday also in my school we have a talent show and ima be signing House of gold from you guys Twenty-one pilots

  • Vanessa

    Can i just say that this song is FRICKIN AWESOME GOD ITS SOOOO GOOD❤💖

  • Skid Nation

    wince song but... where is the old twenty one pilots? :(

  • Omen Ekka

    I'd rather be 80-year-old me than 20-year-old you. MGK got murdered.

  • Paridium BH

    Tyler walking through the mountains thinking "Oh my god more of these dumbass cliffs?"

  • Joline

    I got a bts ad to this video lol

  • Nina 5

    Please does anyone knows what means the raven?

  • buddy_ 6b

    Tyler, did you ever heard that you need to breath to be alive?

  • 4c3 S

    is it bad that I laughed a bit when tyler was dragged away like a kitten

  • Mojmír Bezák

    The Jumpsuit will warm My Blood so I can Levitate away from Nico and The Niners

  • CB

    I want to learn to rap this. I’m going to learn this it’s awesome. TØP

  • CB

    I hope Tyler’s okay. It seems like his mind is in adhd mode and it’s taking too much in. It’s like he broke.. did fame break him? I hope he’s not broken. Love this band it’s awesome! Rest your mind when you need to Tyler Joseph. Positive vibes 💙💙💙

  • the anime reviewer Kendall

    When you want to demonstrate an alternative band just say Twenty One Pilots cuz they are truly alternative and they are amazing at it October 5th who can't wait

  • CookieM912

    how does Tyler expect us to rap this fast its faster than heavy dirty soul!!XD

  • Belén Medina

    I just noticed that there is a voice over tyler's voice It's deeper and somehow darker

  • official audrayy

    Bruh i cannot fucking memorize this and the plus a whole ablum lmfao

  • Lucas Svitt

    love this music 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Caleb

    I can definitely hear Josh's voice in this @"mind'snotmade"

  • Taino Abuslin

    oh i know how to levitate above my feat and ever since the seventh grade i learned how to fire breath

  • Matt & James


  • Bread Stick

    Loving the condum adds before the video 👌🏽

  • Rachel Heuer

    It's getting harder ans harder to convince my mom I'm not in a cult. "IT'S NOT A PHASE MOM!"

  • boi 6511

    ⓗⓔⓨ ⓣⓗⓐⓣⓢ ⓟⓡⓔⓣⓣⓨ ⓖⓞⓞⓓ

  • Tristan Perez

    When tyler got taken by nico, why didnt josh and the other 2 guys help him out, they just looked confused, did nico mess with them so he can take tyler with no problem?

  • Vedant Vaghela

    Try watching it in this way 1. Nico and The Niners 2. Jumpsuit 3. Levitate #trench #twentyonepilots