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Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

  • Published on: 2018-08-05
  • Dear Diary, yesterday was so amazing!(Ultimate Custom Night) ♪He's here, he's there, he's everywhere!♪ ♪Who you gonna call?♪ ♪Psychic Friend FredBear!♪ (FNAF 4) This time you'll have to keep up with me! Oh... nevermind. (FNAF 4) Is the purple man the phone guy? (FNAF 3) ExOTic EXotIC ExoTIC BUtters (Sister Location) *alien shiz* TK;R;OTRHBJFBKFJOJHR *SCOTT SCREAMING CUZ OF ALL THE GAMES* *STATIC* HELLO INTERNET! WELCOME TO GAME THEORY! Where, before we close the book on our final FNAF theory, it's time to open the book on new back-to-school merch! (FNAF theory starts at 3:49) ♪ Up beat music ♪ (MOM GET THE CAMERA) Or, back to work post summer vacation merch... Anyway, you guys know that I take merch super seriously. But this time, I wanted to try something really different. You guys clearly like mysteries and theories, right? (o'course) Well, this is, as far as I know, the first ever YouTuber merch that gets totally meta. That's right! I've personally made a real-world mystery for you to solve alongside the rest of the theorist community, hidden inside of this round of merch. The first one isn't too hard. It's about a five-step treasure hunt. But it's something I'd like to do moving forward with all future merch pushes, so, you know, if this one gets you warmed up, future ones are gonna get real serious. Oh, and of course, there's a real-life reward to the first 100 people who get to the end of this little treasure hunt. They're going to be in the same group as the people with the golden coins from last merch push, so, you know, rewards are coming. We're keeping track of this stuff... So, where could these clues be hiding? Let me show you what I got. This time, we worked with a factory for four months to have a specialty fabric made for our t-shirts. This isn't just your typical ink-some-stuff-on-a-shirt merch. It is all built into the fabric itself. It comes in Genocide Run or Pacifist Run Editions. Or you can be a total completionist and get both. Also, since it's back to school season, we made a new, heavier duty backpack. Like, this thing is solid. It is loaded with tons of pockets and places to store pretty much everything you own. It is rugged enough to hike up a mountain or, let's be serious, more likely to be loaded down with five AP textbooks and dragged between convention halls at Anime Expo. You can do all of those things too There are new socks to complete your outfits since, let's face it, you can never have enough neon green articles of clothing. A pop socket, which if you're not familiar with them is the single most useful phone device that you will ever own. If you hate dropping your phone on your face at night, well, now you don't have to! You wanna prop up that phone, to binge watch some FNAF theories? POP THAT SOCKET! You want an easier way to take photos, SOCKET TO ME! Get two and you wrap your headphone cord around it. Seriously, these things are the best! They're so darn simple and they are SO effective. And what 'back to school' collection would be complete without your own theorist moleskine notebook? Now, I know from meeting you all at conventions, that so many of you are either artists, writers, or theorists of your own looking for notebooks to house your ideas, so, this was something that I thought a lot of you would appreciate. It even comes complete with some pages ripped straight out of my own theory brainstorms. All of it works great, it looks great, but most importantly of all, it's gonna make you feel great. So get on it! Ace your back to school look right now by heading over to the merch site. It went live with this episode. Or you could always wait until the end of the episode where I can throw that link right into the video itself or you can always duel-wield the windows next to each other so you can do both at the same time. The only thing I gotta say is do it now because when we run out, this stuff is gone. Everything is limited edition and the last round of merch we had some stuff started to sell out in the first 24 hours. If you place an order this week you're guaranteed to get it before the end of the month, so go ahead, give it a look! I hope you like what you see, and I cannot wait to see you sporting some new Game Theory green. Now then, let's wrap up FNAF, shall we? Even though this is part two of the timeline, we've still got a lot to cover, so in the words of Phil DeFranco, "Let's just jump into it." When last we left things, we'd covered everything up through the second Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria location. Things like why the missing children's incident must be the first event of the timeline, the identity of Golden Freddy, why Circus Baby's Pizza World has to come earlier in the timeline than most people expect, and a quick review over how Michael Afton is the crying child from FNAF 4. But all of that left us with a big question. If Michael Afton is the crying child who gets himself bit, then how is he able to come back later in the timeline for games like Sister Location and Pizzeria Simulator? Well, this is where the books once again come in to give us the solution that no one would have predicted. You see, at the end of FNAF 4 we get the lines: "We are still your friends." "Do you still believe that?" "I will put you back together." We've never actually established who speaks those words. Ultimately, the best guess that we had was the Puppet. But here's the thing, it can't be the Puppet. Based on this, my final and best timeline of events, William hasn't killed Henry's daughter yet. The puppet isn't possessed yet. Instead, that line is more likely coming from William. It's him making a fateful promise to his dead son: "I will put you back together." The thing is, he takes that promise a lot more literally than any of us would have ever suspected. He is literally promising to physically put his son back together as a robot. And we know from the final FNAF novel "The Fourth Closet" that William in that story is obsessed with bringing life to these machines. And even more importantly, we know that in Scott's vision of this world, robots who think they're human and don't realize that they're robots is a real thing! A huge twist at the end of the final FNAF novel is that the main character Charlie, Henry's daughter, is actually revealed to be one of these sorts of robots. And not just a single robot, mind you. Charlie is one in a series of four robots. That's what the title of the book is referencing. She was kidnapped and killed by Afton as a three year old girl and in his grief of losing his over losing his daughter, Henry built four robotic versions of her, each one slightly older than the last, implanting each version with memories, so that she could grow up just like a normal kid. Quote, "Charlie would be a baby, then a little girl, and then a sulky teenager. Then at last she would be a woman. She would be finished, perfect." End quote. It's umm... It's weird. Definitely, and it opens up a whole heck of a lot of plot holes in the novel. But I honestly think that this might be what happens to Michael Afton in the games. Clearly, he dies during the bite of '83. The 'Survival Logbook' confirms this over and over and over again. That is locked in. But Michael is literally rebuilt by Afton. Put back together by William. The books allude to it, it fits with the timeline, and most importantly of all, it explains why he doesn't die after getting scooped in Sister Location. "I should be dead. But I'm not..." Why his memory is so foggy throughout the survival logbook, but most importantly of all, why he can only die... ... through fire Have you ever stopped to consider that? Michael Afton lives through getting himself scooped at the end of Sister Location but passes on, just like all the other animatronics in the end of FNAF 6 when the remnant in his body is burned away. Remember, based on our timeline, William Afton has already seen his daughter die in Circus Baby and has also probably seen that her spirit posseses the suit So he knows it's possible for a living spirit to be inside these robots. It actually might be why he sends Michael down to explore Sister Location in the first place! "Father.. it's me. Michael." "I did it." "I put her back together," "just like you asked me to." He knows that Michael's sister, his daughter, is still down there, so he is aware of what she is, and it might be his way of breaking the news to Michael. Hey there kiddo! There was uh... something I was meaning to tell you but uh... unfortunately, kinda... trapped in a wall right now..? So go down into that creepy cellar I have and pay a visit to your sister! She might prompt some really existential revelations And lastly, consider this! In the bonus cutscenes for Sister Location, Baby establishes that she knows that Michael can't die. "You won't die." "You won't die." "Won't - You won't - You won't die." "You won't die." So, she might just recognize that they're one and the same. This insane sounding theory, and trust me, I recognize that it sounds completely bonkers, may actually tie into the mystery of the FNAF 4 box. What's in it? It might actually be Michael Afton's body... Yeah. Remember how I just said that in "The Fourth Closet" the main character was actually the third in a series of four robots? Well, she almost gets herself killed at the end of book two, and is discovered midway through book three, locked in a box that sounds very similar to the one that appears in the end of FNAF 4 Quote: "John moved to a large green chest, the paint almost entirely worn off. There was no lock. John knelt beside it, found the handle, and heaved it open, then shuddered... "It's... It's Charlie," he said hoarsely. In the chest. She was locked in a box. That's insane, she was locked in a box! Who knows for how long - days, months?" End quote. I actually know how long she was trapped in the box. It was six months. So anyway, is this definitive proof of what's in the box and that Michael Afton is a robot? No! But it's definitely circumstantial evidence, and think about this: Remember that Scott kept the box locked because he was worried that the fan base wouldn't accept the answer to what was inside of it. Well... Can you blame him? If he kept a broken robot kid inside of the box that would probably upset a few people because at this point of the series it would literally come out of nowhere. Up to FNAF 4 this was just a story of a creepy haunted animatronic pizzeria. Nothing about robot kids or anything like that. The last stretch of this series just went into some weird directions. Anyway, with the bite of '83 Fredbear's Family Diner closes, leaving only Freddy Frazbear's second location - Junior's! A new larger location with upgraded security in the form of the toy animatronics. But after all the missing children from their last endeavor, Henry wanted to take an extra special precaution to further protect his daughter. He installed an upgraded surveillance system in the form of Security Puppet, specifically programmed to watch one child, his daughter. As an added nod to where Security Puppet fits into the timeline, Scott very clearly included the Puppet's signature gift box as part of the visuals in its mini game in FNAF 6. A box that only occurs in the FNAF 2 location. You can even see what looks to be wanted posters in the back alley, thereby establishing that a crime had been committed in this area previously. William Afton returns and, because he is a prime suspect in the missing children's incident, Is not allowed back in the pizzeria. That's why we see him turned away at the door to Junior's. As a result, he is forced to kill Henry's daughter outside, behind the facility. Her soul goes on to possess the Security Puppet. And she proceeds to give life to all the other lost souls still trapped in the original five animatronics. We know this based on the Save Them mini game, Where we see the Puppet searching for someone to help the dead children lying around the Pizzeria. The toy animatronics are standing on stage lifeless. But most tellingly of all, we see the original versions of Foxy, Chica, and Bonnie inactive in the parts and supply room. And yet Freddy is somehow able to freely move around. This shows us that some of the OG animatronics haven't been given gifts, given life yet. It's also worth noting that on rare instances, we get an Easter egg of Golden Freddy broken there on the floor, his ghostly self phasing into and out of existence. And that's not all! Get close to him, and for a brief moment you catch a glimpse of a white dot appearing in his eye. Golden Freddy has the spirit of Cassidy already in him. Except there are two problems. First, he's a spring lock suit. Unlike the others, he can't freely move around because he's not kept in animatronic mode. Despite the Puppet's best attempts, Cassidy will be forever trapped in a suit that is perpetually slumped over. But secondly, the yellow Golden Freddy suit is being kept, like we saw, in the FNAF 4 location. Hence why in FNAF 2 and then onward in the series he 's forced to remain as just a spirit. Afton continues to sneak into the Pizzeria disguised as a security guard, using his signature spring lock suit and crank to kill kids. This prompts the animatronics to get angry and attack anyone in a security guard uniform. As we see throughout the FNAF novels and as the Puppet reinforces in Ultimate Custom Night "The others are like animals. But I am very aware." So they're not rationally thinking. Which results in night-guard-turned-day-guard Jeremy Fitzgerald getting his frontal lobe bit in an event known as the bite of '87. And henceforth animatronics are no longer allowed to free-roam in the restaurant. In total, another five children die in the FNAF 2 location, again shown through the Save Them mini-game, before the place is shut down and the toy animatronics get scrapped. Since, let's be honest, they were all kind of crap at their job anyway. But more importantly, it's at this point that Afton realizes the power of children's souls. It's here where he first sees the animatronics moving freely, possessed by the spirits of the dead children and activated by the Puppet. And here through the end of the series, his mission changes. He's no longer just killing kids. He's now looking to actively harness that power for himself so he can be immortal. It's a goal that he expresses in "The Fourth Closet". Quote: "You killed them..." "They died in the suits." "Their bodies were bound inside, along with their souls." "The spirit follows the flesh, it would seem," "and also the pain." "If I wish to become my own immortal creation," "my body must lead my spirit to its eternal home." This affects all his future actions in the series. So when the withered animatronics get sent back to the FNAF 1 location for storage, and the possible re-opening of the pizzeria, William tracks 'em back to dismantle them and discover their power. This leads the the cut-scenes from FNAF 3 where William systematically lures the original animatronics to the back safe room one by one only to dismantle them. Before, these cut-scenes seemed super random. It just seemed like him trying to get rid of the animatronics for... reasons. But now, thanks to the novels, we actually know why he did it- to dissect the robots and experiment on them. And it's these experiments that end up producing the Funtime animatronics. One big lingering question mark of the series was the nature of the Funtime animatronics deep underground during Sister Location. How were they alive? Were they possessed by more dead kids? Well, we finally have our answer there courtesy of Candy Cadet, and The Fourth Closet. Now, back in FNAF 6, Candy Cadet's stories were a bit of a mystery. Each one had to do with five things becoming one thing. Five keys melted together, five orphans sown together to fit into one coffin, five kittens sacrificed and then combined to fit into one shoebox, It seemed like it was referring to Ennard, the amalgamation of all the other animatronic parts, but the math was always kind of wonky. Ennard consisted of Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy, and Funtime Foxy, which is just four animatronics. Maybe if you squinted at it, you would include the Bonnie puppet, but that seemed like a stretch, and as a result, we just weren't quite sure what was going on with those stories. Luckily, the release of "The Fourth Closet" has cleared this mystery up. Quote: "A single figure stood still amongst the chaos," "out of phase with the surroundings." "At first it seemed to be a man bent over a table," "but as Carlton's head throbbed" "with waves of confusion," "the man became a yellow rabbit," "not standing over a table, but over five children," "tied together as one..." "He knew exactly what he was looking at:" "the endoskeletons of the original" "Freddy's animatronics, welded and melted together," "immobile and featureless," "and still inhabited by the spirits of the children" "who had been murdered inside of them" "so many years ago." "Still filled with life, and motion, and thought -" "all trapped; all in terrible pain." End quote. So in the FNAF 3 cutscenes we see William dismantle the animatronics. From there he melts down their endoskeletons to discover the secret of their everlasting life. He then uses this molten spirit metal - Remnant - to infuse life into his new creations, The Funtime animatronics. Quote again: "The table's surface was glowing orange," "and the hot metal hissed." "William took a syringe from the woman's hand" "and thrust it into the squirming thing forcefully." "He drew the plunger up, holding the needle steady as" "the syringe filled with molten substance..." "He staggered back toward the bear." "The man again pried open the heavy chest plate" "of the standing, broken bear," "then carefully inserted the syringe he held" "directly into the chest cavity" "and began to press the plunger down." What this and the Candy Cadet's stories tell us is that the Funtimes weren't just possessed by new kids. They were created from the remnant of the original five fused together into one chaotic, confused spiritual mess. Like Ennard said from his original teaser for Sister Location, There's a piece of me in every BODY From those experiments, William is able to open "Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals," the underground facility from sister location. Using remnant, he brings life to animatronics specifically designed to lure and trap kids, so he can have more test subjects for his experiments He then rents the robots out for special events in other locations Why isn't there a Funtime Chica in Sister Location? Simply because she's rented out. We see this hidden in the source code of Scott's website around the time of Sister Location's release. Chica's Party World is a seperate location, a client of Afton Robotics. And as such, she's not being kept underground with the rest of 'em. That's why she's gone, only to then reappear in FNAF 6 and Custom Night. But there was one thing that William Afton didn't anticipate in all his plans: the spirits of the children wanting revenge. Now that they were freed from their animatronic prisons, they corner William in the saferoom of the first Freedy Fazbear's restaurant, forcing him to hide out in the golden Bonnie suit, which snaps shut, almost killing him, but not quite. It just transforms him into Springtrap. The restaurant seals the saferoom and everything inside to escape liability. "The previously mentioned safe rooms are being sealed at most locations, including this one." To me, this seems like the actions of Henry. Who else would seal a bloody, living body in a hidden room in a pizzeria? Henry seems like the best bet, but we can't know for sure. Regardless, Afton is locked back there until the year 2023, when Fazbear Fright opens. The phone dude discovesr the hidden room, and set's Afton, now Springtrap, loose once more. From there, we know, pretty much everything else. Springtrap haunts Fazbear Fright, only to have it burned down. It seems to me that this, again, was Henry's doing. The Ultimate Custom Night samurai custscenes symbolize their relationship. William Afton is the Fox, and Freddy is Henry, the bear of vengeance. The last line of dialogue in these Samurai cutscenes says it best. "I will pursue the fox I will find him in whatever land he has fled to It is my destiny, and it is his." Throughout the games, Henry is constantly trying to thwart William in escalating fasion. He starts by getting him kicked out of the FNAF 2 location. He then tries to get him arrested in the after math of the missing children's incident. He traps him, bleeding and springlocked in the walls of Freddy Fazbear's, and finally, he sets him on fire, not just once in Fazbear Fright, but a second time in Pizzeria Simulator. Meanwhile, the rebuilt Michael Afton, Michael version 2.0, searches for his dad to get some answers. He starts in Sister Location, meets Baby, but falls victim to the plot of the furious tangle of spirits held in the various Funtime animatronics. Together, they form Ennard and scoop Michael's body in an attempt to escape their prison. The scooping plan works, but Michael survives, because remember he's a robot. Baby seems to know this based on her repeated use of: *"You won't die" being repeated* More in need of answers than ever before, Michael promises his father: Michael: "I'm going to come find you." Which leads us, AT. LAST. To FNAF 6. Even though the puppet tried to free the spirits of the dead children in FNAF 3, it doesn't quite work. This is because the spirits were no longer complete. With parts of their souls now trapped in the Funtime animatronics. Which themselves are now in the form of Molten Freddy. This is why "Paragraph 4" is such a big deal throughout FNAF 6 Based on the Insanity ending blueprints, paragraph 4 stipulates that all creatures containing remnant must be in the pizzeria by the end of the week. So that when it burns, everyone goes with it. All remaining remnant must be purged in order for the souls to finally be set free. Michael accepts the role as night guard in the simulated pizzeria, Henry summons all of the animatronics there, burns it all to the ground, and finally releases everyone. Including, condemning William to hell. Well, he didn't release everyone. Golden Freddy, still a vengeful spirit, has a bone to pick with Willy. So she traps him in purgatory, forcing him to suffer for eternity in the hands of the monsters he created. And despite Old Man Consequences telling her to relax, she won't quit. Hence her soul, still being in Golden Freddy's twitching eyes as he fades out into the darkness and as the series hits it's final notes. I don't know about you, but between these last two videos, I think that's about as thorough as you could possibly want. So, there you have it. FNAF theorists, as deep of the deep dive as I can go. Trying to answer many questions as possible all on putting things into order that make sense, also for counting that as much the evidences as possible, is it a perfect timeline? No. But I don't think there would have an ending I think Mr. Hippo's custom voicelines point us in that direction. (Mr. Hippo from Custom Night) I suppose if someone wants to talk, then it's best not to announce that you're telling a story. Telling a story does come with its own pressures and expectations, I suppose. After all, if you're just talking to your friend, then there's no more expectations, than if you were talking in the wind! Words by themselves aren't expected to carry, aren't expected to stick. But if you know if you announce you're telling a story, well then there'd better be a point to it all, you know? (Matpat) And conversely, at some point, you just analyze down the story to the point of meaninglessness. In the end, whether this whole timeline is right or wrong, decoding FNAF's labyrinth of lore has been the single, most exciting and enjoyable challenge I have cover on this channel. Yeah! We've covered it. A lot. A bit more that I would've like quite honestly. But for good reason, few games give their stories this much lot. And even fewer games tell their stories in such a compelling mysterious way! I've said this for a while now. But FNAF is the perfect modern game. It's cheap if not free so anyone can play it. The mechanacis are simple, it's fun to watch other people play it. (Steph)... like it. (Matpat) WOW! Oh my salmon! (Back in now) and seeds in eastereggs that get other people talking online. 4 years later, and still, only a handful of Indie games and practical zero tripilate games have followed in his footsteps. Despite FNAF's massive success, and that perhaps is the single, greatest and saddest mystery of them all. If, this truly is the end, thanks Scott for an incredible ride and providing a game that just forever change my life and this channel. BUT HEY! That's just a theory, a GAME theory!!!!! Thank you for watching every single one of these videos. Woah! Now that the FNAF mystery solved, go out and solve my merch mystery.
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    I just realized something that kinda messes up the timeline. We know that FNaF 2 takes place in 1987, right? And in the FNaF 4 minigames, we see the toy animatronics next to the girl, which are repeatedly referenced as "new animatronics" by the newspapers and phone calls, and we know that those are the toys because of Scott's tip "Why is tiny Toy Chica missing her beak?" From here it kinda explains itself (an hour later and I'm still not done), and if you want to say that the FNaF 2 location is just open earlier than expected, There's also a solution to that. One of the top comments on the part one of this video is that the FNaF 2 location was only open 2 weeks. The week you work there, and the week the last guard worked there. My idea is that it doesn't have to be 2 weeks, but I'm pretty sure that it did open after 1983. Since the withered animatronics are there, and the phone call says the withered animatronics are from an old location. So I'm thinking that since the FNaF 3 phone calls are to a Freddy's location, and those phone calls are supposedly during 1983, with the withered animatronics being the Originals there. And that was 1 day before the bite when the classic suits were being put in the closet. And the now withered animatronics did exist there Btw I know that the FNaF 2 location didn't exist because in FNaF 3, Phone Guy referred to the Golden Freddy and Bonnie suits as "Classic Suits" (extra emphasis on the plural form of suit), meaning that Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy already existed. And since Springtrap wasn't at the FNaF 2 location, those calls couldn't have been at the FNaF 2 location, meaning that FNaF 2 couldn't have been at the same time as Fredbear's Family Diner, which kinda throws the timeline out the window, considering the "Bite of 83" kinda is one of the most important parts in the entire FNaF timeline . Make sense? Am I a dingus?

  • Swagpandaplays

    i dont think micheal is a robot i think its denay cause is willam afton one if he cant die

  • PlassWarrior

    Hey, i just noticed a weird detail that never made sense before this video: Ever noticed that, when Micheal says "im going to come find you" it kinda sounds like a robot being shut down while speeking or something? Maybe his voice chip or something was damaged by Ennard while he inhabited his body. Anyways, the way he said that always stood out to me. Also great video :)

  • Livdoeswhatever

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  • Jacob Hernandez

    So that means that the toy animatronics are the old/ withered animatronics that we’re melted by micheal and the phantoms are the future versions of the 2.0 toy animatronics and the toy animatronics are the 2.5 animatronics

  • Bobby Parkinson

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    I don't know mat. If we just assume that the crying child and Mike are two different persons the 200th episode seems plausible.did you just assume that it is canon ? cause it I saw that video I think you just assume it to be canon because it said it was owned by Mike what if it was owned by some person other than the crying child or Michael who Lost his memory or were modified by Afton during remnant transplantation or something like that.some religions say that the soul contains all of your memory,after all!!!!!

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    @The Game Theorists So I have a theory... This is his purgatory. I mean Ultimate Custom Night. I was looking at a compilation of the voices, and they all are talking about William Afton. I really think Ultimate Custom Night is when you’re playing as William in his purgatory. You may piece them together, but everything he has done is after him and they aim to kill him over and over. Just a thought, you guys are amazing

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