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Adults React To And MEET Tenacious D (Jack Black/Kyle Gass)

  • Published on: 2018-10-11
  • hey what's up we're tenacious d we're stoked to be here on adults react and we're gonna be surprising people with a surprise appearance after they watch some of our stuff we're stoked and psyched a long time ago me and my brother Kyle here tenacious d oh my god I love tenacious d no I just pre-ordered post-apocalyptic last night I did a song a lot of karaoke my mind was blown when I found out the business Dave girl and I were just saying what we could do with his voice is quite amazing okay takes me back thing that came to a head just so oh my god [Music] in the world I love it so much it's just so good the best part about this is you can see his face even when you're listening to the music [Music] also sick electric guitar riff on a listen to this album in high school like all the time if you love rock and I love comedy and to be able to execute that together right you gotta be a G same album yes my favorite in the hair I'm feeling it I also do this to carry a few and the music is so good man this game of thrones before Game of Thrones look you'd love this I was put on to tenacious d last year like I'm a newbie wonderboy is my favorite um kind of for abstract reasons like the passion and the music on it to me is like really high-quality the Pick of Destiny one of my favorite movies ever this was my childhood this is why I love this song so much my kids watch this movie they had me watch it and it's like low key one of my face dude you got meatloaf he looks just like Jack Black I don't know where they found this guy love it love it [Music] my oldest son has actually gone to a tenacious decon so I was like his first concert ever [Applause] Wow that's so funny coming from a very religious very conservative family I actually didn't really listen to rock music until I was like 10 10 or 11 years old I found the rock station and Metallica song was playing I thought oh my god is the coolest sound I've ever heard this is the sound in my head before we keep going we actually got early access to some of Tenacious D's new animated TV show shut up it's called post-apocalyptic they voice and animated it all themselves we've got some clips of that to show you now [Music] look up there it's dropping well look at that oh my god little two-headed dogie Oh Jackie forget back Microsoft Paint for animation I liked it got some cat dog lives there oh my gosh they're too much [Music] this is the final product here or Wow okay I love the animation if that's how it all is then that's brave and that's why I like it hello hello who goes there we are the clan of the cave bear women compare women we shall offer you the water from the purest Springs oh my gosh I feel like this is a very common fantasy for it's important males I'm feeling so and so I feel when I get in the shower oh my god [Music] [Music] who's broadcasting YouTube oh wow Wow yeah my kids won't be watching that all right I gotta watch this you know just gonna have to that's ridiculous and very graphic what would you say is your favorite song I think it may be trivia that one's just so good you're gently double-team dude the funk in that one oh my gosh that is so good can you speak to me about like what do you like so much about tenacious d you know honestly he kind of reminds me of someone that is that could be in your family like that sings and he does I feel he has a good voice he has a great face both of them together oh now I get to hear them again and things we do the headphones they're just so crude and they could just make it this is hilarious and at the same time in fact sometimes that's not right [Music] give us some smooches still some time you've got to see we'd better Solaris [Music] tributes no in way time ago me and my brother Kyle here we were hitchhiking down a long and lonesome road all of a sudden the shined a shiny diamond my god I feel like there's a genuine love for heavy metal and for like all the the big like that was a black sheep there they kind of embody some of the silly conversations we've all had thoughts oh man I'd like to place my hand upon you I love tenacious d Sitchin Musa not much to say when you're hired of the mucky-muck oh my god [Music] [Music] what am i doing I don't know you guys are amazing I'm totally fangirling like I didn't know what that meant until today I'm super stoked that you guys are coming up with these stuff I'm literally like tingling like numb I was not prepared at all it's also part it's a new show that we've got called the tingling tingling watching the movie and appreciating bezel boss and just so many of the great songs are on the moving being able to sit in between these two right now it's just I never I never would have thought for a second this would be happening my kids are a little bit older but still at the time when it came out they were teenagers and I was like low-key like what the hell are you guys doing and while you're practicing push-ups I heard the music and I fell in love with the music I love the Opera I love fucking rock and I love comedy for the perfect nexus for all your interests you you really ought to be next to this much and awesome just talent the stuff that your music has meant to me like I saw you guys perform live at Asia festival I believe oh really yeah years ago there was a giant dragon yeah yeah oh yeah I was an awesome how about how you kind of fit right into our band oh yeah we had to be happy if we both had caps I think I've got a bag of them quite a trio yeah can we get two caps in well who could be three Centuri cap I've got the salt and pepper he's got all salt and pepper yeah what made you guys want to come out and meet your fans today I just promoted our new project no that's not true what I love complements it fills this hole in my soul yeah I don't know where that came but also a big fan of the show you know who turned me on to it was was my son Sammy he said dude kids react adults react it's just like and and when I told him I think we're gonna be on adults react he was like what yes what inspired you guys to try to animate your own show well we could have total control over it and Jack's just amazing expressive artists and you know you can't do that that kind of sexually explicit stuff live when it's drawn it somehow softens it somehow that's just a funny cartoon in modern day art you don't need to be a Pixar you don't need to be a DreamWorks Animation to make a good cartoon you just need to make it funny and genuine and that's why in this and sexy when you know kind of was like Benin over yes I saw that oh yeah the thing that warmed Michaels the most was that you had pre-ordered our new album that was a pre-order does the karaoke slag when you do it can slay is of course it does so finally before we go as fans of tenacious d and as tenacious d meeting your fans what did it mean for you guys to be able to meet each other today I mean I don't know about you guys cuz I'm just whatever but this was everything to me I can't wait to go tell my mom I didn't dare to dream as big as this honestly like in real life it's amazing it's totally surreal but just have a sensual moment with a fan the energy is flowing through our bodies right now and just interchanging you still have that heart that has always drawn me to you guys you know that that raw talent like just being here with the fans I mean it's it's an awesome that you guys are still down to do this I do have a question for you guys yes Ted now that you're at this point in your career how many pushups can you do oh man that's a touchy subject I could be one effortlessly well I can do them but they're kind of granny style it needs a little help I use I use a hydraulic and we want to thank the fine brothers and all the people at FBE for having Tenacious D on the show it was a blast and check out our new webseries post-apocalyptic only on youtubes on the tenacious d Channel right Cage
  • Runtime: 12:56
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