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Adults React To And MEET Tenacious D (Jack Black/Kyle Gass)


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  • Vfdking


  • Stefan Jensen

    two gods from the world of comedy and music, and just down to earth amazing people. love your show, music, and the pick of destiny, man we need another movie :D <3

  • Kyle Coultas

    Thatd be the coolest thing on the planet THE D!!!!!!!!!

  • Saubhagya

    Best band. best audience. Best episode. Period.

  • Machinedead

    better than Oprah giving away a gazillion Ellen Degeneres'es

  • Josh Evitt

    I've been a fan of Jack Black since The Never-ending Story! 🤘

  • Justin Brown

    If I ever got to meet the D, that would be one of the greatest moments in my life

  • MyGenSucks

    This is the best FBE video in the world, the rest are just a tribute.

  • Cali Garza

    The D should make a deluxe cd/dvd of post apocalypto and have these cartoons as the dvd disc I would totally buy if it was like that 🤘🤘

  • Eelco J. van Kampen

    Love Tenacious D so much :) In "The Pick of Destiny", those cameos by Meatloaf and Dio….awesome stuff!

  • David Adler

    One of the first ever song I learned on guitar was Kickapoo. I love them so much 😭😭😭.

  • Jamila Smith

    I am so jealous, i love this band so much ever since i was a teenager. I would've loved to be there right now.

  • i speak the truth

    Of course then didn't play f**k her gently 😂😂😂🤣. Ok I was kind of wrong

  • oldskoolpaul

    What I like about jack black apart from being extremely talented is that his just a normal guy from what seems like humble beginnings, no pretentious B,S like most stars these days and just acts himself and projects the love. You go mate , rock on

  • Mr. Tortuga

    So amazing, what a surprise that must have been. Lucky lucky~

  • Hawkern

    He look´s just like Jack black idk where they found this dude lol its Meat Loaf a mf legend ! what a nerd !

  • Nick Martin

    Awesome! And as a request, could the next react be Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas? Kids, Teens, College Kids, Adults, Elders, just do it!

  • Matt Carter

    did anybody know they are making a sequel? its supposed to be called the bong of destiny

  • Matt Carter

    do you know what this comment is?................... This is just a tribute!

  • Toosoo

    Kyle grew a beard, man its been forever since I have seen him. When did he grow a beard? I mean I knew that Jack did, but not kyle GAH

  • Night Raven

    i wonder if it ever hurt meatloaf for tearing down those posters

  • RTM

    Kyle is old as hell now rip

  • ShadowHogg 666

    If I was there I'd scream freak out and probably cry but it'll be tears of excitement and joy

  • majorjipi

    Jake black and kyle are like the messie in this purifying anyone they touch

  • EY23

    What's g- eazy doing in the adult reacts?

  • Zombie

    I never felt so jealous of someone I never met in my life. I want hug em too.

  • DJ Minnie

    I am so envious of jealousy right now they are so lucky I love me some Jack Black and Tenacious D! That's pretty dope ♡

  • Ben Shavers

    Jack Black is frigging enormous! Seriously dude drop down a few.

  • Jay KO

    My fav FBE react episode ever

  • Pain Killer

    If I was there I would've totally asked if they've yet advanced on the making of Brütal Legend 2 !! (He and Tim Schafer already confirmed their intend to do so, but still)

  • AzriAhmad

    I actually wanna cry when the D met witj the reactors😂

  • TheOneOwner

    Im honestly not that big of a Tenacious D fan. But I happily admit that they do have talent for Music. I am a big fan of Jack Black in movies though and no matter what people say I think he was briliant in King Kong and he was the best in Jumanji Welcome to the jungle!

  • DexteroExplosion

    Their reactions when the D walked out were so amazing, it made me tear up.

  • A Ruggles

    React to Love It If We Made It by The 1975

  • Annie Wright

    I just cried imagining meeting Jack and kyle! i want jack to draw me a tattoo!

  • Saint Synth

    i love how jack black probably had to do like 100 takes of him walking and singing on set to meet them

  • Nemesis

    I’m gonna see them live in December 🤘🏼💀🤘🏼

  • John Horchler

    Where can I do this to meet Tenacious D🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • ZaDrAcK

    This is not the greatest comment in the world. This is just a tribute

  • brattycate

    Tenacious D is funny af and i love their music so much!!!

  • Alex Williams

    young jb in kickapoo is barry goldberg from the goldbergs

  • eXorcisTv

    I'd cry like a little girl if I were on their place.

  • Galog333

    When you havent done homework and your parents walk into your room 7:27

  • Mev

    Jack Black is the coolest dude alive

  • \m/ \m/

    pls react to new album by twenty one pilots „trench”

  • \m/ \m/

    https://youtu.be/UgKoP82SbgE watch this

  • Arhire Stefan

    This is my favorite clip on youtube. and i am completely serious.