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Cowboys vs. Texans Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2018

  • Published on: 2018-10-08
  • cloud9 good protection fires and it will be caught the spoilers black musket Thompson he first down and they will mark it for a 10 yard gain and a first down the better this offense is going to bank Elliott back in the game fake it to him and then two Jet's Wayne who has taken over as the number one tie nannies inside the 40 inside the 30 and finally written down [Applause] we can't because that is Rick McKinney picked the game-winner last week this is a 27 yarder and he just does make it blitz coming gets it away and it's caught that'll be a first down occasionally you need that quick release since items here [Music] his eyes downfield he can and he proves it here's he stays in bath before eh and bounces into savior wool yarn line now I'm showing blitz [Applause] and Watson in trouble but gets away in fangers that feeling that's punted to 36 yard line by DeAndre Hopkins tackled by Byron Jones what you talking about Hopkins he is he's as good as anybody in the league he really is how about Watson getting away for the pass rush as well I mean he really looked like he was going to be had on that one Antoine Woods had him in third and 11 Jones matched up watch who's gonna take off my John weeks will snap it the pair barons kick is no good a three tight end set here as they take over after the missed field goal fake to Elliot Rico gathers who makes his first catch the former basketball player that's Jadeveon Clowney hold the perfect and the kick is to free history of Sean Lee they knew they had to go out and find somebody and they watson has to back up pastime throws to the 50-yard line the third and three the play clock is down at four sponge thought Hopkins to the 10-yard line three happiness and that will take us to the end of the quarter after a gain of 34 yards Hawkins they okay [Applause] is going to begin [Applause] tax twenty seconds last one second and goal [Applause] Edwards is good in the secondary watch is going to take off get clobbered at the 1-yard one tire on Crawford coming over there toss [Applause] cuts down on detection [Applause] six out of seven 297 yards but Elliott has been over one yard for carries but this time he's able to get around the corner to pick up a first down Ron Smith blanks Y to the left is almost intercepted continued for peasley and if Joseph had held on by said Nick had bomber Pam on speed dial [Applause] thumbs and sliding to make the catchy birthday [Applause] well let's calm down here by Jordan Thomas wide left [Applause] [Music] [Applause] watching [Applause] he takes off it slammed that about and protection is good so is the coverage and now he's going to go all the way back the boy to stack and get it away and throws it away the yards away six minutes to go in the opening half with New England and the Giants third and four first got because it grows and my swing this dead watch this catch I thought this didn't no way this Paul is heading straight for the turf and he just scooped it all he's been traveling maybe it gets a breather the Smith is the ball carrier hard cap W we'll sneak it and the first bag at your side Prescott he's gonna throw a little high intercepted on the deflection Kareem Jackson on the passion tended for Austin pounds by Elliott [Applause] thought second - you sent five this get to him but he gets a it's caught by Buford knew off to the races had a great first half that's the way he looked rhetoric a hurt last November in a practice here great catch clipping for the daily for the tax Hopkins touchdown no as we stopped at the one-yard line they're going to say at the one-yard line the ever game they call it time Holloway what a great call Peter Watson good sack the way rush down Shane stop trying to get in knocked out of the two yard line what a stop by the Dallas Cowboys Jaylon Smith 34 [Applause] and Smith [Applause] I'm sure the first time the ball goes out the ball is out the boilers lose the ball the ones that ballast takes the ball down to the 16 yard line there he is [Music] most custom to fake the toast and cross it inside the Elliott [Applause] Ben Allen Hurns for the touchdown [Applause] Prescott good protection this time fires broken off intercept it Justin Reid comes up with the mall this is that too man so Jonathan Joseph did not have to worry about any TV coverage yes that ball hit the ground but he possessed it first [Applause] special occasion an incomplete pass [Applause] and complete to put it down and we are knotted with five minutes to play in the third quarter he's done nothing tonight second down and two Niko's an escort turns around the corner who's not caught a pass tonight six different receivers see outside doesn't stay in battle no concerned about staying in bounds well that's got costly one because Dallas had to use an earlier timeouts and now we have 19 minutes roughly left in the game in regulation they're down a one timeout his jump so upside gets back outside Prescott and go let the 39-yard line that was clowning Watson [Applause] he's able to pick up the firstnet Lescott avoids the sack gets it away going to the ground it's incomplete from the 48-yard one first down to the outside to color and down the left sideline in complete comes in birth defects over 31 because it's the first ever national affair in penalty against Byron Jones he's in his fourth year well Byron Jones has been absolutely brilliant he can do so [Applause] most that looks around fires back away a 19 yard field goal attempt the fairground and then is good - the retired guys on that white tailor Prescott's stumbles afar stays afloat looks downfield fires deep downfield Austin if you believe the greatest pass rusher in our time JJ Watt he gets away from him puts a hand down under pressure escapes again takes it and throws it as far as he can down the field as in this census first birthday and they have all three [Applause] 23 [Music] the videogame after the 45 yard line three-time Defensive Player of the Year the end-around Voyageur sack to the moment who comes in to start burning for is hold in at the 29-yard line second down and six [Applause] gets away fires a wobbly Benjamin to play that way though straight man and as a hatchet the 49 my coochie [Applause] Watson Tennessee throws this is Xavier woods and he'll go out of bounds with ten seconds the pressure gets it away that's almost intercepted oh my goodness Jackson had that thing going the distance watch Jackson just stay with this stay with this and make that home those wide receivers during a defensive foul final play you rush to Prescott dancing around he's gonna launch it Ron Smith is the running back the outside [Music] and keeping his balance behind Eliot to get stuff out just a little bit and the speedy Cunningham much more of a coverage guy shoots the gap and makes the play oh snap [Applause] please and he loses woody [Applause] Watson throws thought ashes Hopkins into devilish territory [Music] [Applause] catch and run first of all Gregory almost gets to Watson but watch this is taken [Applause] believe him Anthony we're down [Applause] poach it through and the Texans takes in over 68 minutes win two in a row for the first time since the 2016 season the hard way back-to-back the hard way the kings of overtime [Applause]
  • Runtime: 14:22
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  • Rosa Uribe

    Wait there was still time left giants vs bears they made a field goal the time was still running wtf

  • Mentor Tairi

    Cannot wait until we get Tavon Austin back in the lineup. Beasley, gallup, cooper, hurns and now the up and comer noah brown. Going to be a nightmare for defenses

  • Mentor Tairi

    This is a game Dallas should have won, thanks Garrett for not having a pair. Also losing this game and others got us amari cooper so im not mad

  • Julian Pope

    This was the best home game from a crowd/rivalry standpoint of the season.

  • H-Town Swangin-N-Bangin Andrew

    Yeah this was the game I was yelling at Watson a lot lol he took so many hits this game. Luckily he’s still on a hot streak right now. He’s amazing

  • Naaman Castillo

    Just cant wait to play ya again we aint the same as we where on this game

  • Darth Phaser

    Hey Cowboy fans.. You can chat with @DezBryant on twitter if you want to feel better.🤣 Go Texans! 6 in a row babehhh. Hou{6-3}

  • Mark Graff

    What a shame. Houston needed to pile on more points.

  • Kyle Dixon

    Of course Texans have to have a number 4 quarter back like Dallas

  • Evs


  • Doug Webb

    Zeke that screen to the right is his from deep or60 and down cause he takes it to the house. Always him.

  • ItzCrazyPlays

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that it’s the titans logo instead of the Texans logo

  • David Kaiser

    The NFL Lone Star State Battle! The Houston Texans need to play in Downtown Houston, TX!


    DeAndre Hopkins: 99 spin move

  • julian randolph


  • Lisa Clah

    Watson keeps running when they get to the 1 yard line even when they do not get the TD

  • Kirk Evans


  • Zach O.

    Minute 13:04 what are those Dallas Linebackers doing can someone explain? why not sack him?

  • skylapod

    wow that Texan mascot @ 13:48 was really into that game winning kick lol

  • Steve Abitante

    Watson Would have had 35 TDs last year if he didn't get hurt.

  • Richard Ortiz-rosado

    Jerry Jones loves company guys and Jason Garett is the biggest yes man in the organization... He's not going anywhere unless our team has a meltdown and finishes 2-14 or 3-13...

  • Eric Zhao

    7:50 why did it suddenly change to 83-yard field goal attempt?

  • True ænders

    Damn Cowboys we’re beat by a Black Dude, that’s some racist chit

  • Luke 1720

    Texans in the red zone 3 times in a row only got 2 field goals

  • ddstar

    terrible running by cowboys and no passing game. Threw two interceptions. Easily winnable game.

  • Issa Channel

    Jerry: Jason your fired Jason: Smiles big and walks off

  • macmanhot100

    This game made true Texans proud either way we all win 🏈🐎🏆

  • Peni _18

    59 should have been called for unnecessary bullying on Zek at 8:02

  • Greyham Lockett

    I live in New Zealand--Two items on my must see bucket list were : To see a NFL game live, to see Taylor Swift live in concert, and it just so happened that this weekend the planets were aligned.I got to see both on the same weekend.The atmosphere I must say was electric at both, I can't thank enough the supporters around me at this game or the hordes of wonderful people massed in the car park cooking BBQ's with open air screens and the many invites from complete strangers to partake.After flying for 13hrs to watch both I am deeply grateful for incredible hospitality from both venues.God bless you all.

  • Mike Joseph

    One playoff win in almost 30 years lmao why are cowgirls on primetime is beyond me 🤣

  • Brisn Doty

    that texans QB thinks hes cam newton .....hes not......

  • Dylan Dagenhart

    Did anyone notice they have the the Titian’s logo in the. Thumbnail

  • William burd

    Watson isn't gonna last very long the NFL if he keeps taking those hits ...

  • Jason Hamilton

    Zeke, you suck, I mean all those years playing little league football teams in collage finally caught up with you.

  • Carson is better than Dak

    Cowgirls fans think they're the best team in the NFL, they're not even Texas's best team lol! This game was fun to watch! Just the look on Dak's face was priceless!

  • Dalvin

    Why is there a titans logo in the thumbnail?

  • Supxhier

    The Cowboys are the most boring team in the NFL. Never in my life have they not had a star that inspired watching. Zeke? He’s great but not exciting to watch or listen to. Boring Cowboys.

  • Lor Dj

    Damn Texas o-line really terrible lol

  • The Shaolin

    3:18 I like how that mascot gets boxed out and that guy is like "let me get in here"

  • trang do

    Girls play football is great https://teechip.com/playlikeagirltop?retailProductCode=2428619B37F5E3-AA6434C97D21-GS0-TC2-LTB

  • AUJackson

    Why did Jason garret challenge that catch lol

  • Juan Coronado

    Dallas Cowboys what a bunch of UNDEACHEIVERS. losers they need to get their head out from their ears and coach Garret and his coaching staff needs to get rid of the hi school play book their using, Oh how long for coach Jymmy Johnnson

  • Luz Olivares

    Texans all the way!! This games was a Texas show down

  • John Weiss

    Garrett made the right call. The run game got stuffed the play before. You have a mediocre offense. The Texans weren't exactly lighting up the scoreboard. You get stuffed, the Texans only need a fg, indoors may I add. If the Cowboys had the Rams offense or KC then sure. This is just 20/20 hindsight. I have no problem with the call. Not a Texans or Cowboys fan. The media just loves to attack coaches and players for content narratives.

  • Htown allDAY

    Anybody else keep rewatching these highlights!!!!! #TexansNation

  • Rachel Knight Online

    For the wrestling fans in the comment section, doesn't it look like this guy's getting a codebreaker?