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Cardi B Wins Favorite Artist for Rap/Hip-Hop - AMAs 2018

  • Published on: 2018-10-10
  • guys its 2018 and it's been a huge year for rap and hip-hop and its influence and reach has never been greater the three artists nominated this year have dominated the charts across multiple genres and along the way they've become three of the biggest stars in the world oh my god my gosh I'm so nervous why am I so nervous thank you so much thank you to all my fans thank you to my team take it to my publicist take it to my music room take it to Atlantic Thank You QC thank you to my glam squad Thank You family thank you Jesus and I really want to thank my daughter and I just because she's my daughter but when I was pregnant I was just so influenced to be like yo I gotta do this I gotta show people wrong I gotta feed people wrong cuz they said I wasn't gonna make it after had a baby hit my husband a husband thank you so much everybody
  • Runtime: 01:25
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  • Craig Sunderland

    Can somebody tell me why these honky country artists are up there presenting a hip hop award????? Like is this a fairytale dream or what??!!! Lmfaoo AMAs was on drugs wit this one but S/O to Cardi & Nicki putting in phenomenal musical work this year!! 😊😊😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #blackfemaleexcellence #FemaleRapMovinStrong

  • choco dream

    The rap game committed suicide a long time ago👌

  • Stalwin Gibson

    Y'all stop talking about Nicki, i mean she has already won a lot of awards... btw, Cardi "fans" will move on and dump her once the new female rapper arrives... Soo please leave Nicki alone, matter of fact Nicki can rap faster than Cardi

  • Johnny Nepa

    If you connect 0:51 with 1:14 it kind of sounds like a song

  • kiddtaak

    Joyner Lucas way better than this thot

  • Lisa B

    Yeah! So happy for you CARDI !!! YOU DESERVE IT !!Nothing can stop what's destined to be...

  • Sabriin mohamud

    *Gongratulations Rap queen* 🌈🌈✨👸👸💓 *okurrrtt* ...

  • jafarym77

    Bebe Rexha is thick...that white girl got some ass... didn't know that until now...wow

  • Brianna Ellis

    Who else when she started singing said okurrrt she gets want she wants offset buys her Louis Vaton

  • Bl00dyBlue559

    How could you not love Cardi she's always so happy makes me happy, even when she's mad she's happy lol stay positive

  • cutey pie

    Nicki got kidded out of the lobby (fortnite fans wil get it )

  • MinecraftSamurai

    Cardi B actually sucks so bad why do people like her how did this sped win

  • Sabrina Pelekanou

    Why are people getting so personal and angry about her? Chillll there are always gonna be new artists coming and winning that doesn't mean the older OG artists still aren't great there is plenty of room for EVERY artist to have fans and be great. Let her be happy for her win she is new and enjoying her success just like every one of the OG artists did in their beginnings while people were coming at them that they were not as good as others before them. It is not that deep everyone can be fans of anyone without hating another come on

  • Jaykays 2012

    I Hope this video is trending because of Bebe Rexha😚

  • Noteman

    Nigs ruined the music industry. Fucking no talents. She’s an idiot.

  • La Musique

    CARDI B!!! Best performance, presentation, stage set-up, outfit, BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CARDI B!

  • ChucksterOLove

    Cardi B is a talentless turd and her music is pathetic. But, this country is filled with RETARDS, so it's easy to see why she is so popular... 🙄

  • 0202 pmurT

    Who’s this immigrant going to assault next?

  • Saigua FO

    Que bueno que se le quito el chichon jajaha

  • Queen

    No Rihanna no Nicki no lil Wayne no Drake = No entertainment 🤷‍♀️

  • Chicken Nuggets

    Whoop give the award to the person that got popular over stealing kodak's flow

  • Rare Animal

    Rap / Hip-Hop is fucking dead. Here's the proof.

  • That one guy

    Any SoundCloud rapper could of won that award over her

  • Nunya Bizness

    Don't make a tribute to Jeeeesus when your lifestyle and music are all straight from the pit off hell. Jesus is not a little good luck charm to be rubbed whenever u need him. You should bow your knee and repent from the evil and filth you create and spread in this world.

  • King Fe

    Cardi is hilarious 😂😂😂 home girl bust out singing “They thought I wasn’t gonna make itttt” lmfaoooo “Hey husband, mmmm” hahaha😂😂😂

  • YogiiJaay

    This is a joke right?? Honestly , this is exactly why Eminem released Kamikaze. Wheres Joyner? J. Cole? Hopsin? Im out yall, gonna turn on some NWA.

  • Noah Flinn

    Her voice , her smile , her personality !!! *everything is fake about her*

  • Noah Flinn

    Caridi B is compilation of all *CRINGE* in the world.

  • L.K.

    Well deserved. 🙌🙌🙌 Best right now.

  • Annie music LOVER

    Good for her. I hope nickis ok. Shes honestly queen and someone like Cardi wont change that for me

  • janel

    I don’t get why everyone keeps on comparing nicki and cardi. It’s so annoying. I like both of them. Cardi is funny and has nice music. Nicki has nice music I really like too.

  • Swole is The goal

    Real H.I.P H.O.P is dead, this is an example of a commercial rapper rising with all the fame yet lil talent but so recognized. This is what MC’s were working us about in the 80’s and it happened :/

  • Wilcutt Records

    Liberal fallen angels are such incredible people. What would poor countries be with these dorks..🙏

  • Billstaff12

    So glad a girl with kindergarten like rhymes made it

  • Empty

    Umm...Nicki? Where's your hate now?

  • jespin2006

    Really? Cardi B is the BEST Hip Hop could do this year?? SAD year for Hip Hop

  • Wolfy xD

    This just kinda proves that cardi is better plus the only thing Nikki really cares about how big her butt is.

  • Learn with Lyda Beginning English Speaking

    U speak like retard, act like retard, u win award. Nowadays u could be a shameless stripper or an ass clown and still win awards and have tons of idiots support u. Sending lots of messages to our youth.

  • YaBoi Thumper

    She is utter trash!!! Wow goes to show millennials don’t know what good music is. Let me rap about fucking money and sound like a cat being strangled to get a music award